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(WIP) A short story.. The Long Night

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I've seen a lack of writing and things of that nature on this forum so I've decided to share what I have done to my story "The Long Night" for you all to critique and read, hope you enjoy it and don't worry if you like it ill be updating it with more content as I write! 
The story is about the sole dwarven survivor of one of Bopens infamous raids on coastal towns and cities, he's grown up hating all Ageless and even most of the dark magics. Trained at an early age by a witch in the forest he fights using an oaken staff crafted at the tip to look like a raven. He wears an arcane cloak that hides him in most shadows and lets him sneak a lot better than most.  Fosten Ashmaker is a legend, the ghost in the forest only seen by the ones marked for death or close to it. Though having a strong moral code he isn't a hero, he often sells his powers for coin or even kills if the price is right. the story will follow him through his adventures in avenging his parents, he'll go throughout the realm purging the world of darkness, alone or not.


Prolog; A short rest.

A howl in the night, almost loud enough to make one scared of wolves but still too far off to be more than the sound of the forest as you travel the long roads. It’s said that some sort of monster walks the roads at night with a Moonwolf; he walks with ease through the night with no fear of bandits or being prey. Supposedly he wears a cloak of pure darkness that hides him in the night and makes him a shadow in the day, he also wields an oaken staff with Ravens’ feathers and its tip is carved into the bird itself.

A sudden flash of light blinds the four gnomes, they all cry out and go to grab their weapons and cast spells in self-defence. A loud cackling erupts from behind them and a fifth gnome appears from the shadows. She’s dressed in red cloaks with blond hair. She smiles wide then emits a bright magic from her hands.

“Thought I told you no campfire stories.” she says raising an eyebrow to the red-eyed gnome, “like really do you want to scare off the new guys? King, this is why we can never keep our recruits…”

The red eyed gnome sighs and puts away his small dagger, “so what? If they’re scared then they won’t be of any use to us anyway. And besides that story is just a legend, no one’s ever actually seen the dwarf, Ellie.” He scoffs.

She sighs deeply rubbing her eyes in frustration then looks over to see the other three gnomes looking physically relieved, a flash of light in the darkness of the forest catches her eye then the sound of a soft hum could be heard as she goes still. “Well dwarf or not we haven’t been able to test these new guys,” she says quietly as she motions to the forest, “it’s show time, get on your feet and rob that unsuspecting fool.” 

The soft hum gets closer along with his rough voice as he sang out the tune.

“Your gold is now gone…. Your lives are now…”

The voice goes silent and the gleam of light disappears as a wolf howl is heard behind the gnomish bandits. Ellie sighs softly and looks at her partner in crime. “This is your fault, telling a story…” a sudden blast of hot air makes the girl turn and come face to muzzle with a large black wolf slowly stepping out of the forest as she glares at King. “About that damn dwarf and his wolf,” She goes still as she feels the wolves’ breath on her face as it stands over her, towering above her by a head. The wolf's bright white teeth, along with its dark purple eyes gleam in the campfire light as he pants and glances around at the small creatures whilst they gather their weapons. A bright purple magic makes the group of bandits temporarily forget about the wolf and look towards the source of the light, an outline of a tall dwarf casting a spell catches the leader gnomes’ eye.

“ Get down now!” she yells pulling the red eyed one to the ground as bolts of pure arcane magic shoots out of the forest crashing into the other three gnomes sending them flying back as a fourth hits a tree and the third narrowly shoots past her head hitting the wolf in his large furred chest. A second passed and she sighed softly as she stood back up and looked to the forest; she saw the slight movement of another wolf but didn’t hear any panting from behind her. She sighed softly then patted the other gnomes shoulder. “maybe we’ll leave that one alone..” she awkwardly sighed as looked towards her three new recruits at the fire as they slowly stood up then looked petrified as they looked towards their leader.

The soft humming returned but not in the forest, she turned quickly drawing her short bow then quickly losing the arrow narrowly missing the cloaked dwarf. The dwarf looks down at the gnomes then sighs softly as he slowly pulls a wanted poster from his belt. The gnomes look onto him in a catatonic state.

“It says here you two are wanted criminals, broke into a Sunsword encampment and well…” he chuckles softly then grins, “caused a bit of a commotion.”

The three gnomes suddenly charge at the dwarf while the blond-haired and red eyed ones backed away slowly. “No one threatens our bosses!” one screams as she swings two large axes at the dwarf's face, backs up then twirls his large oaken staff sending the gnome flying into the woods. The other two start casting spell after spell at him while he lazily dodges them. King grabs Ellie’s hand and runs into the forest. “Crap, I guess we’ll start this gang over again.” He says while running full force.

The two remaining gnomes fall to their knees then glare up at the dwarf. He sighs then walks over to them as he conjures an arcane bolt. “This wasn’t very interesting at all, no fight and all flight I guess.” He shrugs as he loses the bolts; they impale the small creatures in the hearts. A scream sounds from the forest as the third gnome runs out conjuring her own magic. Her form slowly grows into that of a large black bear, she growls lunging at the dwarf. She pushes him down to the ground with his staff holding back her large claws. He looks up at the bear with a look of pity then looks back at the dead gnomes. “You cared for them? That was your first mistake.” His cloaks glow purple in the shadows then his very body catches flame, the darkness burns at her hair and flesh but she only pushes harder making his staff creak then suddenly snap. Almost in slow motion his eyes closed then reopen glaring back into her eyes. They too are aflame with dark magic. A second of hesitation lead to the dwarfs’ foot coming up pushing her whole heavy bear body off of him and over his head flying into a tree. The bear cries out in pain then goes still as she has trouble keeping her eyes open. “Remember this Gnome, I left you here to die with your so called friends and what did your leaders do? Nothing, they fled like cowards while you took the fall for them.” She growls softly slowly closing her eyes. “I pray you live for we’ll need strong warriors like you in the long night.” He whispers then walks away. The last thing she sees before passing out is an arcane flower blooming next to her and feeling at peace.

Chapter one
Chapter one; A long night
As the light slowly made its way over the horizon I could see the small town below, just down the slopes of the hill and beyond the cover of the forest a small town sleeps quietly without the nightmares of my past nights travels. I sigh softly as I think of the small gnome girl I left with one of my healing flowers then stride ahead as I start singing softly. It was a song from my parents, one of the only things I still remember about them. A song about the skeleton king Bopen, he was an ageless that sailed the high seas, plundered and killed, where ever he went a trail of bodies was found. It only took me a half hour to finally get in view of the town's gates but as I got closer I could hear a Bard singing and playing the lute. He sang the same song I did, about Bopen, but with a happier tone, his voice rose high and his body moved to the music as he played. It was only when I got near that I noticed that under his Light Leather armour he had thick brown fur.
“A kobold in the dwarven city of Kathar, how interesting,” He said smirking softly as he watched the tall brown furred creature sing. He stops suddenly as he looked around in the shadows. “Shade, Where did you go…” he sighed softly. His mangy old Moonwolf must have run off again. His ears perked up suddenly at the sound of barking and the sounds of someone yelling.  He looked back to the gate where the kobold bard was, then broke out laughing as he saw his pet wolf, Shade, chasing the poor bard in circles. His chest grew in laughter as he walked slowly towards the Kobold. The bard looked up at me then growled loudly as he yelled out at me.
“Get your stupid hound off of me! He’s going to ruin my clothes!” he yelled and growled as he ran towards me then hid behind me. Shade, a black grey wolf looked up at me then peered over my shoulder at the Kobold. The wolf licks its teeth then sits down in front of me. “That wolf is bloodthirsty man…” he says in my ear. With a sudden pivot, I’m standing next to Shade and looking at the frightened Kobold. I look him over once more than nod as I give my wolf a pat on the head.
“I apologise for Shade he doesn’t see many friendly people nowadays but for your pain and… suffering,” he chuckles softly then rubs Shades head softly “if you show me the way to the closest Forge I’ll gladly buy you an ale or two.” He gestures to his broken staff in his backpack then sighs softly. “These parts are right full of bandits these days...” the kobold is taken aback a little but manages a weak nod as he starts walking.
“F-fine… but only since ale is involved.” He says gruffly as he mopingly leads me into the city. We get to the large wooden gate, it’s guarded by two scared dwarves that wave me through but interrogate the poor kobold for a moment before letting him in on a warning. The guards gave him a hard time since the two races never got along but I never really understood why. After they finally let him in we walk down the empty streets of Kathar. The kobold sees me looking around then sighs as he informs me about the recent attacks on nearby villages; some fungus has sprung up in the forest and is spewing dark spores into the air. Once on a tree, these spores devour it and replace the once great oak with a tall mushroom Ent. I nod as I continue peering through doors and windows into empty houses and storefronts; it was like a ghost town. After a long walk up a side street, I point out a large sign saying “Forged in Fire” and ask if that’s the place. The brown furred kobold nods then turns towards me.
“Some say he’s one of the greatest blacksmiths the realm has ever seen, he crafts staffs for a great Gnomish wizard and swords for the elven military. Some say he’s even been blessed by a dragon.” He says in a hushed tone as we slowly get closer. If he were this great then I’ll be unloading a large bag of coin for him.  He stops outside the door and looks over at me with destain. “Don’t mention his height...” I nod then knock loudly on the front door.
After a moment it slowly opens and a soft soothing voice calls out to us from the dimly lit interior. I, being intrigued, brush past the kobold and walk in. I blink a few times then look left and see a tall light grey kobold working on carving a staff on a stool and then look right to come face to face with a rather beautiful looking Blood Snake Queen, I gasp out of fright and a little surprise. “I I I um…. Snake…”
She giggles softly pulling me deeper into the workshop then coils her snake-like lower half down more so we're eye to eye. Her beautiful blue eyes peer deeply into my own dark purple ones. “Oh this one’s interesting Bossss, he’ a magic user and everything! Weren’t you looking for one of thoessss.” She giggles softly again then looks away, “sorry, my lisp issss…”
I look from the half elf half snake lady to the Kobold on the stool. He chuckles then smiles at me softly then goes back to work on the staff. “It’s perfectly ok miss… Is this the home of this great blacksmith? I heard he was short…” I ask inquisitively as I smile up at the snake lady. At this point, the other Kobold walks in then snickers as he closes the door.
“I see you met Trix, she’s a doll and a sight for sore eyes isn’t she?” he says as he pats my shoulder then gets in close to my ear. “No tricks my friend.”
The older grey Kobold looks over at us then sighs loudly getting all of our attention. “Vollin, how many times do I have to tell you to not tell people I’m a damn Gnome? That’s five this week.” The old man groans then uses the staff he was carving to stand up and walk over to us, he reaches out as I turn to him. I take his hand and shake it slightly. “My name is Kollin, my beautiful companion is, in fact, Trix and this mischievous Kobold is Vollin. Don’t mind him; he’s a bit of an idiot.” He says taking me by my shoulder and walking me to his table. On top is an assortment of gauntlets and wands.  I look back at Vollin and smirk as he makes a face at the old man’s back then goes and talks with Trix who was blushing the entire time. “So what are you looking for my friend, maybe a gauntlet for casting? Or are you more of a wand kinda guy?” he asks rising an eyebrow as he looks at me. The wands at the table intrigue me, as I pick one up I feel the love the craftsmen put into it but put it down as I feel a tightness in my chest. I shake my head then slowly slide my finger across one of the golden gauntlets. My finger burns slightly as the magic in the weapon seems to dislike me. “I’m more of an… Arcane mage… A witch if you will.” I say as I place my pack on the table and pull out my broken oak staff. He quickly takes it and glares at me as if feeling the pain from the once powerful staff. “Wh… What did you do! This… this staff…” his eyes look down at the broken wood and examine it. “A fight, one I should have taken more seriously. I am so sorry; it was my old masters so I do feel pain for it.” The old man takes it to the hearth and bends down with a groan as he looks into the flames. “Then let the magic go and I shall make you another, one more suited for swinging and crude things meant for metal.” He tosses the two pieces into the fire with a huff then stands as the flames turn bright purple.  They make waves like the ocean then go out suddenly with a whisper. My chest tightens again as I watched as my master's staff burned then turned to ash. I look back up at the old kobold with a saddened expression. “yes sir, thank you.” I pick up my pack from the table then untie a heavy coin bag from my belt. I place it on the stool then walk back to the door. “Vollin, I require a drink.” He looks back from his conversation with Trix and nods. “another time my lady.” He says then runs back to me and walks out leading me away from the building. My footsteps fall heavy as if weighed down by the sheer guilt of burning the staff. I bound my chest hard; Vollin looks back at me a question in his eyes. “What lives may never die,” I say loudly then look down at the ground as I feel the weight slowly lift. “What lives may never die? Just like my old man used to say, The Great Templar...” Vollin says softly to himself as he leads me to the closest pub. 
Chapter Two

Chapter Two; Vollin Van Tauschung

The dwarf slowly followed me through the deserted streets of Kathar, as we walked I could tell that he had something heavy on his mind. We got closer to The Burning Barn Pub, it was one of the only places open plus the owner actually likes me. As a kobold I was disliked by most dwarves, it doesn’t bother me as much now but I can still feel the eyes on the back of my neck whenever I’m walking around this town. I stopped outside and turned towards the dwarf with a grin, my long sharp teeth gleaming in the setting sun’s rays. “Now since you know my name why don’t you tell me yours eh? I can’t go around town with some guy I don’t even know.” I say cheekily thinking I’d get a snide or rude response as per the dwarven way but I only got a saddened look and a grunt.

“Fine… My names Fosten, Fosten Ashmaker, you?” he asks sullenly as he takes a lazy look around him. I noticed even before he did that his pet Moonwolf had run off into the alleyways once inside the city, seems like he didn’t.

“Well you know my first name, I’m Vollin. Vollin Van Tauschung. It’s an old name in the Templar Order…” I had never mentioned the Templar order to anyone before but for some reason it had slipped out, damn my silver tongue. He looked back at me with suspicion then a little smile spread across his lips.

“Tauschung… Well Vollin lets have a drink before the sun sets, before the long night eh?” he gestured to the door then took a smaller pouch of coins from his belt and tossed them to me, as I caught them and my eyes widened, it was surprisingly heavy. “I trust that you won’t let me drink too much.” He chuckles then walks in before me leaving me with the heavy sack of coins. I walk in after another moment and sigh as I smell the familiar smell of old wood, ale and roasting meat. Just before the door closes I catch a glimpse of the deep black fur of the Moonwolf as it sat in the shadows in an alleyway, its eyes gleamed as the door closed as if he was watching over us. A shiver ran up my spine as I turned towards the familiar sight of the tavern, wooden chairs and tables along with a bar with a very large muscular dwarf behind the counter. Fosten was already at the bar waiting for me, I attached the coin pouch to my belt then walked over. I tossed my smaller side bag beside his under our feet at the bar then sat beside him and grinned wolfishly as my bright red eyes looked at the barkeep.

“Two of the finest dwarven ale, Karlin, for me and my new friend Fosten,” I give him a wink as he nods and starts filling two large bone mugs full of the light coloured ale. I looked around quickly then turned back to Fosten as I smile wide, “your wolf is outside, by the way, he almost scared me… Creeping in the shadows like that. Bloody wolfs and their magic.” I growled lightly at the last part as I scratch at my dark fur.

He chuckled half-heartedly, still bearing some sort of burden, then did his own scan of the inn, kobolds and dwarves line the tables most separated by their race but there was a table with a group of elves sat at it. “That’s Shade for you, always following, always watching… And almost never helping.” He grins as the Barkeep places the mugs in front of us then nods at me. “He’s a bit of a useless pet but a good companion, always got me back if I need it.”

I nod slightly then take a sip of my drink as I think, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve been travelling alone for…” I take another sip as I look down at my bag, the long neck of my Lute poking out makes me reach for it and pluck a tune as I think, “It’s been quite a while since I had someone to walk with.” I say softly while I pluck the tune to Bopens Balled.

The dwarf looks at my lute with a little sadness then smiles as he pats my back roughly making me almost tip in my chair, his large hands steady me as he laughs, “Well why don’t we wonder together then? I could use someone to play for me…” He bites his lip slightly then looks away as he chews on it. “While I sing… I do love that song, my parents used to sing it to me.” He smiles sadly but grins as he takes another large gulp from his mug emptying it completely. The bartender notices this happen then refills his mug.

“Ahh, I knew you were a man of culture, the rest of these people would rather listen to The Six Dragons Dance or something more sombre like The Birth Magic…” I pluck the first three soft cords to Bopens Balled and look around as people watch me with curious looks. I slowly get up and pluck a few more cords.  I’m surprised when Fosten turns in his seat and starts singing along in his deep raspy voice.

“Hopen for the Bopen,
The pirates will sing,
Give us your treasure
Or death we will bring,
Hopen for the Bopen,
And plunder their shrine,
Their gold is now gone,
Their lives are now mine.”



The Inn erupts in cheers and clapping once the song ends, I turn and give a bow as I grin wolfishly, my white sharp teeth gleaming in the magical lanterns light. I turn towards Fosten and reach my hand out to him. I pull him up as he takes it and he stands up from his chair smiling softly looking around. “I think I’ll take you up on that deal Dwarf.”

“I don’t usually get much praise from people… being a bounty hunter and all, thank you Vollin I think we'll make a wonderful pair of minstrels.” His light up as he speaks, this is the happiest I’ve seen him, it’s nice. The loud scrapping of a wooden chair makes us turn, our eyes lock with a tall dark skinned elf. His unusually dark hair puts us off as he looks down at us from under his large grey and black sombrero. His long poncho hides his body but I can tell he’s seen a few fights.

“I didn’t know the great Fosten Ashmaker is a singer and a decent one at that.” He says softly, his highborn accent thick as he stares us down, “that is who you are, isn’t it? The Mountains Shadow, the Arcane Ghost? And here I thought the Sunswords would hold a title like that but…” his dark eyes shine with mischief and something darker.

I growl loudly as I step forward as I crack my fingers, “So what if it is? Is there some sort of bounty on his head? Or do the ‘Great Sunswords’ want him?” I ask sharply, I glance back at Fosten and see him reaching for his backpack slowly and discreetly as I have the Elves attention.

“Well yes and no.” He turns and walks over to a wanted bored, he takes down one that has the name ‘Arcane Ghost’ on it, he turns and coughs softly as he starts reading it. “A tall dwarf with grey-black hair and beard, he wields both a Ravens staff and powerful Arcane magics. Wanted for multiple accounts of Assault, kidnapping and grand theft Tarando (the elk companion) and the list goes on and on.”

I stifle a chuckle as I look back at Fosten, the do gooder I thought he was stripped away from him and left was someone almost as bad as me. I see he was slowly sliding a sharp blade from his bag, I gave him a wink then looked back at the elf, “and I’m sure most of the patrons in this inn have done much worse.” They laugh and mumble as most nod, “So it looks like you won't be taking anyone… at least not by yourself, so run along and get your other prissy elves.” I chuckle softly as most of the people in the bar stand up along with me.

The dark elf grinned then whistled loudly. Four more elves, clad in dark leather armour, got up from his table. The sound of a heavy wooden door opening draws my attention, I look behind us and see a Groundbold push through the door as it lazily looks around, “Oh I think we’ll be getting that bounty. BOYS!” he yells loudly, in the next instant the inn becomes an all-out brawl, some people run out but some stand with us fighting against the elves. Fosten and I square up with the dark-haired leader, he raises his hands which I can see now are covered in bandages most likely from other fights. Fosten steps forward cutting at his side with a stark silver blade, it looked of noble origin.  The dark elf grips his side then grits his teeth as he growls out at him, “You think you can kill me with a noble born knife, dwarf?”

Almost in an instant, he strikes Fostens wrist breaking it with a loud crunch. The dwarf yells out in pain and falls back cradling his wrist. I guess he’s a little weak without his staff to draw out his power. I thought to myself as I played a horrendous tune on my lute, used some magic to amplify it making everyone in the room clamp their hands over their ears. With everyone distracted I ran towards my bag, once beside it I shoved my entire arm into it as I looked for my weapon. Just as I grabbed a hold of it I felt the warm breath of the Groundbold on my neck, “now now, we’re related you know…” I said a little frightened as I bit my lip and whipped my custom Matchlock Rifle out of my bag hitting the large mount in the face, it backed away growling. I stood up quickly and aimed my gun at it as it growled and swiped at the air in front of me. Just as the stun I put on everyone dissipated I fired my gun and blew the beasts face off. The sight of its viscera made me sick to my stomach, I breathed deeply but the smell of blood made me retch onto the floor.

 “You son of a whore! You killed Boulder!” the dark elf yelled out as he started to glow with red hot anger, in a fit of rage he conjured a spear made of sand and threw it at me. It felt as if time had slowed down as the spear hurtled towards me. Something dark in the corner of my eye caught my attention as time slowed then stopped completely. The dark figure slowly walked towards me and held out a hand, it looked elven. From under his cloak, he spoke to me, his voice ethereal and dark. “You are going to die…. Young Kobold… but it is not your time yet,” the spear was only an inch away from penetrating my heart as the figure reached out and pushed it to the side, “your journey will not end today Vollin but you will die…”

 I blinked as I tried to comprehend what he just said but the words jumbled in my head. As I tried talking time started again and I cried out in great pain as the spear lodged itself into my arm, after impact the spear turns back to sand leaving a large pile at my feet. “What the hell was that…?” I mumbled as I looked from my blood soaked shoulder to the enraged elf. Just as I rose my Rifle In my own fit of anger the door slammed open and the sheriff walked in along with Fostens Moonwolf, Shade. The inn went silent and everyone stopped fighting as the dwarven sheriff slowly walked in, lasso in one hand along with a steel cow prod in the other. “Now what seems to be the problem here, boy?” he looked down at the wolf then smirked wide. He talked in a cowpoke twang it matched his cowboy hat and shoes. “Seems like we were having a little too much fun eh Vollin?” he asks as he walks straight up to me. I stutter and nod as he pulls out a small canteen and pours the contents over my shoulder; I scream out and fall to my knees, into the sand pile, as I hold my shoulder with a white knuckle grip. “Oh hush up, you’ll live.” He rolls his eyes as he walks towards Fosten and frowns, “I don’t think we’ve meet, I’m Sweet, Sweet Tee.” He grins wide as he dumps more of his canteen over Fostens wrist, he also screams out as the bones reform and cracks back into place. “Now then… let’s talk this out…” His grin turns dark as the inns' candles flicker, Chapter Three: A long Story “Shall we?”

Chapter Three 
(It's hidden in two spoilers... I don't know why...:( )

Chapter Three; It’s a long story. 


It’s a long story, that’s what I said every time. Every time they asked about them, my parents. I can almost remember them; my mother was a short lady with light brown hair. Her smile could warm the room though when she was mad she was more frightening then any dragon. My father would always be at the center of her anger, though she loved him dearly, he worked as a smith in out port town of Leoron (Leo-ron). He was one of the best smiths in the city and provided the local guards with their swords and spears, he even made a few magic resistant amours, yet he only made them a few times a year. Something about him always made me feel safe. Looking back it must have been his tall and tough stature. He always seemed to be breaking up some dispute while we were out. The memories I have always fill me with hope and happiness but it also fills me with hatred, but mostly fear. I can remember it so clearly, the sounds of screaming and the houses as they burned. The sounds of the clay roves cracking and falling along with the cries for help… then silence. My family home burned around me, I feel the scorching air burning my skin as I lay under my bed, my eyes glazed over in fear as I lay there staring as the blood seeped down through the bedding and onto my shaking body. The taste of copper filled my mouth as I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from crying or yelling as I watched a skeleton clad in armor walk out of my burning home. Once gone I slowly crawled out from under the bed, I dared not look back as I walked out into the chaos that was the streets. As I walked around the rubble and dead bodies I heard a loud thud and the crunching of my home falling into itself, it sent shivers down my spine. Shocked and left catatonic from the gruesome path I walked the noise of an approaching horsemen woke me from my state. As I turned back to see the source of the noise I was swept off my feet and onto the horse, the familiar feel of my father’s arms and body against mine soothed me somewhat and I regained my senses. My vision blurs as we ride through the firey streets of my home. The smoke from the burning buildings cause my eyes to water and I begin shivering uncontrollably against my father, I pull away from him and feel my blood soaked shirt stick to him. The thought of my mother’s lifeless body and her blood on my back makes my mind go blank with fear as my father ushers the horse towards the city gates. We finally stop just in front of the open gates, the countless bodies in front of it making it imposable for the horse to climb over. My father curses then lifts me down onto the ground then jumps off, himself. Once free of our weight the horse runs away into the city scared by the smoke and noises. Again my father slowly ushers me forward towards the gate while whispering sweet nothings about how I will be ok. My thoughts rattle around my head as if they were dice in a cup, hitting every wall roughly making me whimper then fall to my knees right before the gate. I begin laughing uncontrollably, violently, and crazily as my father looks down at me horrified. Then I stop and the sound of bones clanking towards us fills the air, along with another evil laughter, one that will haunt me for eternity, the sound of His laughter. “You think you can run away from me? Foster? How foolish and naïve of you. How long has it been old friend? Since you were my first mate? Since I was born again from them, hmm?” the voice was clear and shrill, like an old man but full of energy and hatred, “did you really think I wouldn’t come for you Foster? You know too much my friend, you’ve seen too much, you are a threat to me and my….” The voice stops suddenly and I can feel eyes on the back of my head, “a child? Did you really have a family with one of THEM? How pitiful, how sickening, how…. Delightful!” once again the laughter rings out over us, I turn slightly seeing my father holding his ground as a large golden armored skeleton looks down at him. A purple aura around him makes it hard to focus on any particular part of his bone body. I turn still on my knees looking at the two; they face one another almost in a duel of stares. “Not a word hmm? Pity, I was hoping for more, especially from you. Oh well might as well…” a golden sword flies through the air in a split second coming towards us then back to the menacing skeletons hand. “…end it.” The soft thump of my father’s head as it hits the ground in front of me makes me fall onto my ass and slowly crawl away from the lifeless purple eyes in fear. His body slowly slumps down and joins the head on the cobbles. My eyes drift up towards the advancing skeleton, his dark eye sockets looking at me with intensity. My mouth twitches as I crawl back against a pile of bloody corpses. My mouth forms a smile as I laugh hysterically, my mind cracking as If maddened by the events unfolding in front of me. The skeleton starts laughing along with me then turns away from me. “It was a shame about your father kid, he lied to you for your entire life about who he was and just for that simple lie this entire town was put to the torch, ey. It is a tragic story. Fitting for someone like yourself.” With a simple nod he left but before rounding a corner I noticed something from the corner of my eye. My father’s body twitching. It slowly stood patted itself off then grabbed the head and walked off as if nothing had happened. My laughter soon went silent as my voice slowly faded from overuse. My eyes fluttered as the adrenalin left my shaking body. The last thing I saw was a beautiful elf clad in purple robes picking me up and whispering my name. .


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    The main story will be on the first post, here I'll post the small backstories for the other sub-main characters in order of appearance in the story.
    The times of Vollin Van Tauschung
    I don’t remember much of my early childhood, all I do know is I was the son of a Templar. But my story doesn’t start with him; it starts with a girl and a very alluring offer. I was once a thief, a very good one at that. I would pretend to be a bard, singing my songs and playing the lute while in the shadows my friends were stealing all their possessions all while my boss was watching from afar for trouble. My boss or my lady, at least that’s what we called her, was a young strong Kobold, she ruled over our small time gang of thieves with an iron fist but she was not without her soft spots. Her deep blue eyes and dyed blond fur on top of her head made her stand out in a crowd but that’s just what she liked, to be noticed while a few others pick pocketed and stole from the rich Dwarves and Gnomes of the towns we visited. She had a charm about her, almost radiant like the light bounced off of her. Truth be told she didn’t make a good thief but she was one hell of a good talker, could almost get out of anything… Almost. Till the day we were caught, I barely escaped with my life as my fellow thieves were ridden down. I watched as they were stampeded and drove through with spears from atop Ramsters. I couldn’t bare it so I ran, I ran as fast and as far as I could. By the time it was dark I was passed out in the forest listening to my fellow Kobolds cries for help as I dreamed. I vowed to myself to be an honest man, to follow the law as much as I could. I became a real Bard; I sang and played for taverns on my travels in the realm. I almost forgot about my Templar background, noble and rigorous training for years but I was still one in heart, I was as much a Bard as I was a Templar so I played my songs for any and all to hear. Though when I met him… the dwarf… I knew my times of pretending were fading. I found someone to call friend again and a noble cause to fight for. One of vengeance and justice, one of light and peace, but blood waits for us.
    The story of Willin Voza Barringster, a death, a stand and a murder
    This story will not be a happy one; it won’t end with a smile. It will end in tears and blood. It takes place many years before I met up with Fosten or that kobold, Vollin. I had no intention of coming with them but I decided that I must. That day will always be burned into my memory, like a scar that will never heal. I remember it vividly; a sunny day with birds and animals roaming and filling in the noise of the empty countryside. I lived with my only son, Ather. After my wife died giving birth to him we stayed away from my family, the Barringster family. One filled with good people but with a dark past. A past made of dark turns and bad luck, one that I would rather my son did not see. He was a small boy, for an elf, he was always cheerful and sang as we walked home from the nearby villages after trading the furs and goods we gathered from our large estate. As a Barringster I had heaps of gold but nothing could replace the joy I felt when I saw my son smile. His bright blue eyes, unlike my own dark red ones, shone with an innocence intact and not yet destroyed by the cruel world. Not till the day He awoke. The great white dragon, Golestandt, the dragon aspect of dark magic’s, his followers, the Heralds of bones released him from his cage, a great mountain. What followed was a widespread destruction of towns, cities, and forests, one of those forests I lived in. I was under the house in a large basement where we stored out food and provisions when I heard a great roar. Then silence. Not a sound could be heard, not the wind, not a creak. I crept up the stairs and had to push debris out of the way, my heart leapt from my chest once I saw the land around my home is a dark purple flame, and one lone skeleton, walking around clacking his bones. I slowly made my way to it, my hands shaking as I walked. I knew what it was, whom it was, he was a mindless thrall. My eyes watered, my mind went black. He, my son, was standing in front of me, a skeleton, and a mindless husk of bones. I cried out as he looked at me with his empty sockets, his gaze left a dark mark on my mind. He slowly walked over to me, clacking his bones as he looked at me with his empty dark eye sockets. But I did not run, not after everything I lived through, for I was Ancient, a man who was born at the time of the hatching and did not fear death. He clacked at me as he grew near. I cried into my hands. A sharp anger rose in me, the same gods that gave me this curse took my only son, they made me immortal then stole the only reason I had to live, the anger drove me to madness, and it gave me something to live for. It gave me hope. My hands lit up in pure light, the sheer power burning at my skin as I aimed them at Ather. Bolts of pure light shot forth from my hands and shattered his skull into dust.
    “Be free from this curse my son!”
    I cried out. I fell to my knees as I looked onto my sons' bones then wept. As I wept I heard a faint ‘Goodbye Father’. I cried out in pain and anguish wanting only for death to take me. But I lived. After some time walking aimlessly around my burned home I realized something, the gods took him for a reason, to give me a purpose. I stood in front of the graves of my wife and son and proclaimed to them that I would be righteous and start a new in this cruel realm. I would serve light by cleansing the world of the filth Golestandt had wrought upon us, I would slay every Herald of Bones member and ageless I could find.
    The rest is self-explanatory; I gathered what I could and left my home with vengeance in my heart. I set out to do justice and maybe one day kill that bloody dragon. I stand now with my fellow adventures. They stand tall against the darkness of this realm alongside me. Our mission, we will bring the light to all those who hide in darkness, destroying the shadows which they inhabit.
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    Entry one
    “O’Malley? I haven’t heard from him in a while… he was always a little odd to me…”  the pork snorted then frowned sadly, “ He left a long time ago and never really came back… he was my brother but but…”
    The pork starts crying as he puts his large hands against his eyes as he wept. He slowly regains composer and looks up at me, being an elf reporter it was my job to find interesting and odd stories and one about a large black boar pork running off to join the Paladin order is a very odd one indeed. I looked up at him and sighed softly then nodded.
    “Yes yes, very sad indeed but can we continue?” I asked then immediately regretted as he started talking about random useless information, it was all this cave was our home and he left his family… if you can call them family. I stopped him and smiled as I got up and left leaving him with his barrel of fish he wanted in payment.
    “Really know how stupid can these halfwits be? This story sounds more made up as I research it…”
    I sighed then started on my way to O’Malley’s last known sighting, it really wasn’t hard to find him but it was very intimidating to walk up to a ten foot tall black boar clade in a full Paladin armour along with a heavy shield and Halberd.  I just wanted to get to know him better is all…..
    Entry two
    From some of the others I talked to he was rejected from the Paladin Order for asking too many questions.
    “What’s the point in praying to the light? He never answers. At least you can meet Quintara Lotus...”
    And so on… supposedly he is very intelligent and well-mannered for a Pork but lacks…. Social skills… I’ll continue my stalking now...
     For this character, he is only really talked about and maybe battled but he is personally a legend for legends. 
    A riddle wrapped in an enigma.
     A short story for Riddle the secretive badass sellsword
    His colourful robes brushed past as he walked into the dimly lit room, he glanced around eying the Elven guards. He sat down with a soft thud then looked up at the Sunsword with a slight smirk, “Galen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you last, I was surprised to hear about the murder that took place, but sadly I did not do it. You should know I only kill for a contract, no gold in something so brutal as to kill a man whilst he took a piss..” the dwarf chuckled then glanced around at the guards again, “plus you should know if I really did kill him I would let you interrogate me, I would have killed every last one of you to be free. Well… maybe not you.” He chuckled again then looked down at his hands sadly. “I can tell you this; he did have a pretty price on his head.”
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