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I was with quite a bit of these projects quietly for the most part from the start. Now these days much has changed and time is fleeting. I have not the time to be around like I used to be, nor do I have anything to enjoy nearly as much as I did these projects in their prime. Perhaps one day that can change, but I do hope everyone can love the things they have while they can.


  • Nostalgia is so annoying like that isn't it my man! It's been the bane of my entire career fighting against it which is why I just stopped fighting it!
  • @Rob You just get in the head space some times and it's more so a solemn surpirse at time's passing. Also, I saw that the old playlists are hidden and it seems a show may be recorded. It peaks the interest; in particular casting and I hope it is a turn to focus on the fun if nothing else. Despite disagreement with action, direction, or events of various projects over time I do hope it's simply fun to make. God Speed, Embrace the Roots, and Enjoy the Rush again. I will certainly check into it a bit again and hopen  >_< to hear what's been preserved (Where, and Perhaps How Long), and what may have changed lore wise.

    I will say this as well. Lore was quite goofy for awhile and season 1 will have a place in my heart for being there to see some of the lore built from simple campaign interactions. Loved that organic world building when it was all being figured out and watching season 2 refine the perfect mixture of organic growth with pre written events.

    It's a wee long, but yeah. Hopefully you can enjoy it again, and have learned along the way how you can make these things work for yourself. 
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