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Hello, I’m currently working on a fun TTRPG system to play with my friends and trying to figure out how I want to handle hit points. I was just wondering if someone could give me a rundown on how hit points/stamina was calculated in Urealms. 


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    Stamina result is based off numbers in the blue circle and pointer in the corner of cards.  Adding up the numbers on the corner of cards (with few exceptions for items/abilities that you or your party may get). typically Race adds the biggest bonus to be your base health, then class and you can get a minor bonus or penalty from cornerstone and attribute, finally Armor and Shield gives some more. it's rare you'll wind up with a HP that isn't just adding up the number on the cards as there's only a handful cards that do so. 

    where the game really shines is the math of it once the game starts. all damage being in base 5 makes it fast and easy to add up damage and the times you can wind up with just 1 HP left thanks to taking a 25 damage fireball when you have 26 health left gives a lot of tension and hype at the table. I'm not sure if the hype of surviving with just 1 HP was why Rob chose to have the Staminia values not brought in line with the base 5 rule but it is a massive benefit for the feel of the game
  • @noxumbre thank you for letting me know!
  • Like nox said, rules of 5s is amazing for math and making numbers feel bigger and more powerful with also making the math requirements much much lower.

    Truth is tho, stamina and damage is still just training wheels for what this platform could allow. As a gamemaster, if you feel an attack doesn't make sense to just deal damage. Add a death roll in to the picture.
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