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Lore theory, info dump.

I am Zelias Oblivion observer from the void.                         these are my notes.
 all the meta lore chaos into one coherent.                   story this is the post for you!

Bruce williakers is cursed to keep fighting a war everytime he dies.
That war ended and we created "friendship land?"
Bruce died of old age and still got reincarnated due to the curse.
Bruce had a son lance.
Bruce became billy the pirate.


Monica notes:

Monica Rubert wont be challenging to kill, is the richest elf. 

Doom clock deal to steal the nostalgia, giving her much more power.

Has the powers of the beenu old god, but never once did she say she was a beenu.
Chaos control

Is a vampire.
And i quote monica voice and all( when those damn zombies come I'm gonna have to grab my golden sword and deal with that shit for the tenth millionth time.)
Monica is bruce?

Has the curse mark of sin.

Stated her purpose/goal is to complete the song of dragons to ascend.

Also that she meet with the ((leader)) of the order of chaos whom told her how to complete the requirments, claiming its easy. but hasn't done it yet for some reason.

Monica claims to be Quintara lotus, also in elvish text it said Aeoraeius which is the name of the old god beenu. As she introduces herself.

I'm pretty sure she can't be both Quintara and Aeoraeius.


              The sins and order of chaos
The only charecters that should have marks i believe are the six who commited the sins.

Lola van drych
Galen sunsword
Maelstrom"transformed into a dragon/ sun dragon" 
Ghost blade"is a beenu, the last beenu."


>>>>>>>>>>>>>Godtier list 2.0<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Normal Divine (like thor made by dragon aspect)

Old god divine (audience creation)

Dragon aspects (born as dragons)

Sundragon divines (Those who complete the dragon song can ascend to this level)

True old god(Us)

[Rawb]  Special Tier Progenitor God.

                    Questions to answer:
Who really is monica rubert?

Who could she have made the doom clock deal with?

What happens when the doom clock runs out? (Release the content back into public domain)

What god tier is monica?

Who is the leader of the order of chaos?

Whats the bopen secret?
           ------------------The Story--------------------
(Its a little shakey rn but its my theory of everything which is a little bit of a WIP)

Rawb to Sir schmoopy

So we start with rawb who makes sir schmoopy his world got destroyed but he was cursed to a fate worse then death.

Sir schmoopy to bruce williakers

Sir schmoopy becomes bruce williakers fighting off the great war along aide his curse to keep reincarnating in the war everytime he dies.

Bruce willakers to Lord willakers

One of these times bruce williakers and his comrades won the war and proceded to live their life establishing a kingdom known as dong dank by some and friendship land by few, this is when he became known as Lord bruce.

Lord willakers to Chaos

Untill tragedy struck this kingdom the dragon blood that gave the lord immortality ran out and anarchy and choas broke out. eventually Lord bruce died of old age in this once peaceful land after he fought so hard to win the great war. Then he reincarnated just as his curse was intended back at the start of the great war.

 (I believe this is where the time lines becomes a duality of sorts...)

Timeline yin 
(Bruce becomes billy)
He in one timeline ditches his responsibility of fighting the zombies after the blow of losing all the peace he fought for and getting sent to start, he lost his sanity becoming captain billy.

Then billy becomes douglas

salazars companion as rawb has stated douglas is on of the few charecters possibly stronger then Aeoraeius but he wouldnt fight because douglas has already fought this war hundreds of times as bruce and would much rather have fun with salazar then do it again.

Salazar gets taken away from douglas causing and already very mentally dameged version of bruce more pain,

Aeoraeius ends up making a deal of sorts with someone we might not know of yet. The doom clock deal which allowed her to steal all the meta gaining access to the traits of every charecter essentially becoming a bruce herself. Maybe took in "the light" bruce in order to fix the timeline as she says she wants to fix the meta. But then why hasnt she ascended yet.

But this deal kills the charecter we know of as douglas and because he died, he reincarnates back into the story back again to befire the great war but this time.... he's tired of fighting the war and does the one thing he never did before he joins the zombies mental broken, soul tainted from countless reincarnations, and a goal... to finally finish the war once and for all. He needed a few things immortality that wouldnt fail so the curse and death itself would no longer be a weakness for him... but he also needed power, and how he did it is something only RAWB knows but im sure we'll find out one day. So i thought that douglas would become bopen but i figured thats not possible.

Timeline yang 
(Bruce becomes the light)
In the other timeline he stays and fights i believe this is where he once again establishes the dwarven kings we come to know in urealms live and the great war as we know in dwarves vs zombies is bruce vs bopen and in urealms live bopen is one of the main threats.
Bruce died in this but found a way to avoid the curse this time by passing his entire being onto another person thru passing on the great light of the paladins, so basically bruce became one with virgo sunsword then they became one with Gwyneth sunsword.

This is where we left of but the yin time line kinda finishes it.


  • Theres alot here to sort thru and alot of stuff im certainly missing. But tbh i dont think rawb has made a set story that were supposed to figure out. With his recent content i believe he's just been going with the flow and maybe wants us to create the story out it all and appreciate it from whatever conclusion and perspective you take it all in at.

  • And so enjoy your story, the one you picked over me,
    She will turn on you soon friend, just wait and you see.

    Something maelstrom said maybe he was refering to quintara or maybe monica or whomever aeoraeius is. Assuming their not meant to be the same person.
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