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Monica is the Beenu Old God Divine

In the most recent video, Monica mentions that she's the Mind Smith, one of the powers given to the Beenu OGD ( Another one of the OGD's powers is Hellish Whispers, the card for which mentions the "duality of the timelines" (which Monica also refers to). Finally, the arrival method for the Beenu OGD was intended to be breaking the fourth wall by entering the universe through a painting, which Monica now has possession of. This Monica plotline is actually the introduction of the OGD, who was going to be meta anyway! She's also clearly a Puppet Master as the leader of an MLM, matching again with the cards.


  • The meta is often confusing

  • The meta is love
  • There is a problem with your theory Lemon.
  • Interesting... But I know the true identity of "JIMMY THE RAT".
    The Jimmy the rat you know isn't the real Jimmy, Jimmy died years ago at the hands of Monica Rupert.

    This is the real Jimmy...
    He was a family man that was fighting the status quo of rats, a true national hero.
    He died doing what he loved, getting cheese & being a rat...
    Here's even the live footage of his death at the hands of Monica Rupert. He sadly never even saw her coming...
    It even made his Son Jimmy Jr. commit Suicide upon learning the truth a month ago, right infront of his family no less...

    Don't you remember the old Campaign Commercials from last year guys? Remember how cryptic it was?
    Monica replaced Jimmy guys. This is your real rat Mayor Guys he's not even named Jimmy, his real name is Gary. He wasn't even originally a rat...

  • The bigger problem is purpose, the Bennu divine is a puppet master, they are meant to try and manipulate in secret, Monica is very much apparent and in charage, manipulating things directly.
  • Rob
    edited September 2021
    @Mortem I mean sure too obvious Old Gods who KNOWS the lore, how can it be a secret if you literally created the secret ya know?, but to like 99% of the people Monica is interacting with have no understanding of the lore. 

    Through RP respect I can just play the character and make it work while letting it be moldable for other peoples stories as well..

    In this early episode of TILII, I used the new video tech we had built + macros to create this scene for citRa that he didn't know was going to happen where Monica literally Mindsmith's his character and he accepted/adapted the lore haha. It wouldn't be weeks before he even knew it was old URealms stuff.
  • I will say, my current thought is actually not at the Beenu old god divine, though I suspect some involvement, instead, I am looking at the other one we made, I don't think Monica is them, but notice she is in charge of a MLM, a corporation, who probably have a large amount of money, she also seems involve with Jimmy the mouse, who...well honestly I am not sure Jimmy's relationship with donation's, but it seems to have one, she also seems to be interacting with us the Old god's, who have a lot of gold. This makes me think that she maybe made some deal with the Forn old god divine, giving them gold that they use to make new divine god powers using creation magic. Now the fact she randomly has a couple of the same powers as the Beenu old god divine is interesting, possibly some sort of trade went down? That part I am a little more unsure about, I am also curious about what the Forn old god divine will do now, as it seems we are doing a reset, as such the war of the Ageless might be different. 
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