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How many comments have you made?

Hi Murlin here today I looked at the number of comments I've made and was actually astonished I have made 992 (when this post was made) comments now granted 30-40 of them would probably have just been little snipets or but I wanted to know the amount of comments everyone else has made since I think mine is a bit too high.


  • That seems a littler higher than what the average might be. I'm the forums a good bit and have 103 (104 now) comments and have started 7 discussions. But unless other people come forward with their data we can't know for sure if your stats are above average. :smileporc: 
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    24 (You get the picture. Counting them is kinda pointless as making a comment to talk about it will increase it over and over. Just keep having fun in the community, my man.)
  • Yeah, almost 1000 :oh: Im at about 164 now. With 9 Discussions made.

  • @Astora I'm just wondering the general amount there is no reward for having high comments (that I know of maybe there's a medal or something at 100000 but it's Rawb and Niso so probably not)
  • @Murlin22 I see, I see. A lot of your comments are from the Roleplay forum, it seems. I actually kinda wish there were more medals for forum related stuff like posting.
  • @Astora ;
    yeah I love rping in general so I take part In nearly every discussion on that forum that's probably why it's so high now I think about it
  • I have 541, now. A fair few are from the RP forum, but I think over half aren't from the RP section. This site has replaced reddit, for me, though.
  • @snarkyslytherin yeah I've moved here from Reddit now it's my home and I must say it's a very nice home
  • I only have 35, now 36, but I don't see a problem with that. I only want to comment if there's something I can actually add to the discussion, and this can't really replace reddit for me considering I used it for a lot more than just URealms-related things.
  • im at 120 now 121 with 1 discussion. 
  • Make sure you @ people, otherwise they won't see.
    I never liked discussing the news/stuff with anonymous people, so this more than fulfills my social media. @Ulthax
  • @snarkyslytherin For me, I use reddit for game news (League of Legends, Hearthstone etc) and don't really post much on the bigger reddits. I also mod a smaller subreddit that's a lot more hands-on than modding other reddits can be because of the nature of the subreddit.

    And yeah, I guess the reddit comment was a bit directed at you, but it was more just a general response.
  • 12 (now 13) comments, with 1 discussion made (in the Help Desk).
    I didn't really post much for the first week  :|
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    Also 12 (now 13) comments, with 1 discussion made (in Fan Art)
    I just don't post too much in general, unless I have something good to say. Maybe that'll change?
  • I only have 29 and one discussion. I need to get that up a bit don't I? I'm only at like 4 a day. 
  • 24 now and 3 discussions, crazy how many some people have
  • 131, the vast majority of them being from the RP forum. :)
  • Wait no 28.
  • DAMN IT!
  • I just contribute where i feel is necessary so im at 32 now :)
  • This is my 32nd, and that's actually higher than I thought it'd be. I'm normally a lurker on most sites but this forum just feels easier for me to comment on.
  • 11 cause I usually just lerk everywhere I go.  ~_~
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    I dunno  maybe 

  • Is there a counter for how many comments you've made or is everyone just great at remembering how many comments they've made?
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