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I'm back

Hello there my fellow urealmers! It's been a long while (about 4-6 months if I recall, but it's good to see you all again. I'm wondering if there any any discord where the urealms community is, since it looks like a lot of people still seem to be active on the forums.


  • Welcome back! In terms of discords, I've got 2 Urealms discords. The first is "Realms Unified" (Used to be called Urealms Unified) and it was (I think) the largest Urealms discord server as far as I know when it was active. Unfortunately its pretty much dead now, not much more than occasional chat in general and maybe a game a month. The other is a Urealms "pvp" server apply named "Urealms PvP". That server doesn't host proper campaigns, but rather CC then the players fight to the death in a min-max pvp arena fight. That server is actually very active atm and a lot of fun IMO but it may likely not be up your alley. Either way, I'll link 'em below just in case.

    Realms Unified:
    Urealms PvP:
  • It's been awhile since anyone in our Sneakymouse discord has really played URealms in awhile, but honestly if you showed interest I'm sure people in our community would be down to play. We been so deep into exploring other roleplay that not a lot of URealms has been going down but I been telling Andyboyonalert to host a game sometime so I can play as a player. I'm so exhausting from DMing, but man i'd like to play a few games and make some card changes before I start streaming megans New Realms project in the future.

    You can give yourself the URealms Pals roll and ping it if your trying to find some players!

  • Man, I haven't done anything with Urealms in 2 years and in reappeared in my Youtube recommend and I binged all of session 1,2 and 3 and then learned there one episode for season 4 and I decided to go back to the forums and I see that the community is still here and I want to be apart of it again.

    P.S. to Rawb, Can I still get a Order of Chaos tattoo and tweeting it to you still valid for entry?
  • @TheOptenGamer Of course, although most of the characters wouldn't bother listening to Order of Chaos members now!
  • Figured I'd drop in and say Welcome back!
  • Welcome back :) I'm always lurking the website still lol hope you find some games!
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