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Merry Christmas, Urealmers!

I don't have gifts for you I'm afraid, but I wish I did. This will have to suffice.

As I sit here in my little apartment in the middle of the frozen wasteland that is southern Ontario, I can't help but think about all the madness that's gone on this year. It's been weird, to be sure, especially for someone like me who's life has changed in a lot of ways - And I'm not just talking about the sudden onset of facial accessories regulated breathing patterns I have to observe.

But this year, I rediscovered a love of mine that I have leapt into with all the enthusiasm I can muster - That of this tabletop-esque role playing game we all know as Urealms. Hell, had someone told me a year ago that I would have as many people looking to me as a game master as I do now, I'd have said they were out of their bloody minds.

But now that we're here - I feel like I just need to say it - It's been a fantastic journey playing this old game again. I want to see it grow - Not just our own group, but the entire Urealms community, so this message goes out to both. I'm going to keep making campaigns for everyone to enjoy - I'm going to keep working on maps, writing new stories, and running games, no matter how often they go off the rails, and how spectacularly they blow up in my face. Because there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

So to all of you here on the site, and back on my server, I say this; Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Jolly Holidays, and I look forwards to playing with you all in the future.


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