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Thread RP voting

Welcome all who might be wandering onto the forum, I’m hosting a new Forum RP (In the Forums Roleplaying Games Category) for anyone interested in joining. Now if you are new, Forum RPs are text-based roleplay, that last for days, weeks, and maybe a few months. They are just some fun time wasters as your roleplay with others on the forums.

I’ve hosted a few of these, with a range of success, but for my next one, I’m polling everyone on which rp they would play. I have three rps thought up if anyone is interested in participating in. There is a poll at the bottom for you all to choose and vote for. But before voting, please read each Thread summary. This will start in a week or two as well, so y’all have time to think.

Court of The Wrathful Lord / Dragon Lord’s Court: (not decided on a name yet)
One of my most famous Threads was one about the players being in the Court of a King that have gone Mad. In that court the players had to not just worry about the Mad King’s insanity, but what other players were doing to gain power. It was chaotic and time for another court RP. But with it’s own twist, Instead of a Mad King, you are all facing a Warlord/Conquering who has control over a Den of Whelpings.

This Dragon Lord is trying to take over the world but has been halted, for now, so he is governing over his new land. Now the players are going to be members of his court and trying not to anger the Lord. He has a … bad temper, and many servants and advisors have been burned, eaten, or simply killed by him and his Whelpings. Will you be serving him loyalty or be planning to assassinate the lord, before he takes over the world and probably kill you for a small mistake.

This RP is going to have a lot of NPC, so the players can work together or spend time with NPCs, but note I would need a Co-GM. Lot of characters to track and play as, need some sort of help. And it will use a lot of Unity Lore, which is my confusing version of Urealms Lore. And we will use the current Urealms system on the forums.

The Town of Ironfal
Oh boy, a town rp. I’ve always wanted to make one and now here we are. A town rp is basically a rp where the players are the citizens of a city or town. You can do all sorts of things in the town. You can have a dramatic romance with another character, you can build your very own story, maybe you're in the government, and who knows, you can be a serial killer that collects the toes of your victims. The possibilities are endless in this town.

Now, this rp will just be a normal town rp, where nothing (too bad) ever happens here. No giant event that will ever turn the rp upside down. A twist like that will never happen, especially halfway through the rp.
(If you can’t see the Sarcasm, halfway through this rp, a big event will happen. So keep that in mind and maybe use it as a way to keep going.)

This rp won’t use as many NPCs, it’s the player's job to be the NPC’s of the town. I would allow a player to play up to 2 characters if they want to. We will use Unity Lore as well, but a bit less and fewer callbacks to other rps. Finally, we will use the Urealm Character creation system here as well.

Survival Island:
The newest idea I got, the players are shipwrecked on an island and have to survive. (Damn it’s like in the name or something) Anyway, think about this like any survival island game on steam. (The Forest, ARK Survival, or others) Each player has a certain amount of needs that need to meet as they explore the island. Food, Water, Selter, trying not to get stabbed, and etc. 

Now the thing that is really different about this rp, is the map. I made a map filled with stuff on it, using the Inkarnate map maker tool. I can also add buildings and things the players made, even remove trees and other things on the map as well. Now the whole map isn’t shown, y’all got to explore this place before escaping.

There are very few NPC’s at the start of this RP, it’s mostly players but that can change. The system we are using is different from Urealms, each player will have simple stats they can use to help their roll. There are magic and legendary techniques for fighters, but this island does something to everyone’s abilities. Magic or physical, it’s much harder to do anything like that on the island. 

The one with the most vote will be the next rp, please use the link below to vote. If you have any questions shoot me a message on this thread.


  • Survival Island sounds the most fun but Dragon's Court just sounds like it would be really interesting.

    Anything survival in RP though leads to fun times.
  • ( @Rob )
    Oh, thanks rob. yeah, survival island is more of a sandbox and exploring/discoing things on the map. While the Court would be more interesting, the Lord is basically the villain in the rp so it would be cool to see how the players get through it.
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    Heya pal! 
    just curious, are you limiting the number of players for this?

  • Personally I really like the idea for the town rp and the survival rp. Both have a lot of room for Character interactions/development. Either way though Im hyped for whichever is decided on ^^
  • ( @bl1ndn3rd )
    There isn't going to be a player limit, who ever wants to join can anytime. All these rp are meant to be open for any number of people.
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    I like the Court one the most, as the Mad King's Court was amazing, and Survival Island as well because I love the concept. Those are the ones I voted for.

    However, the Town one might be what's needed to revitalize the RP forums. Don't know if other people would agree or disagree though.
  • @bl1ndn3rd i feel like any of the three could help to revitalize the forum. As long as we give it our best. One thing is still think would really help the forum rp out would be having Character sheets on mobile again
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    I feel like doing The court for obvious reason mainly cause I still feel like Mad kings court was the best RP in the forums and I also vote for island RP because I feel like generally for me it might be the easiest one to get back to RPing on the forums again.
  • ( @Loreteck )
    Good to note, and it does see like the survival island rp is winning out with most people.
  • @WritingWyvern Oh dang Rp forums again, Well lets go with Survival Island for me, sounds pretty cool

  • I'd go for Ironfal myself, but only because I was a huge fan of the Cobblers style of storytelling where it was just about folks in a town and their own interactions - rather than big hero types.
  • edited December 2020
    Wow some of you guys are sill alive? How's the RP been?
  • ( @Knifu_Waifu )
    the RP been dead/dying, it's winter break so I got more time on hand. So I'm trying to do bring some more RP back to the forums.
  • Survival sounds cool, but well I'm the kinda guy who likes that kinda crafty buildy kinda thing.
  • @WritingWyvern oof that's rough, well being someone who has been out for awhile it's hard looking in at something that has alot of past lore in it and joining that..... but on the other hand alot of the people playing might prefer a continuation like that but good luck
  • edited December 2020
    For anyone wondering about the thread, I'm planning to start after the 8th, (my final Final for college). The rp is going to be The Survival Island, since that is the most popular, but I might do the others at a later date. See you all around.
  • The Rp is up in the Forum Roleplay Games section of the forums. Right now it's the Character Creation is up if you want to go over there and check it out.
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