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So many of you still visit this site, so I thought I'd update you guys on some URealms stuff!



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    @Rob, what do you think is the best campaign you made, or are most proud of? Were there any campaigns you were disappointed in or find poor in retrospect (besides Gobos of Pats)? If you could go back and change something about a past campaign, what would it be?
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    I would love to see more exploration of the Dragon Aspects and some of the new races that were mentioned but never really shown in show, the beenu subplot was one of my personal favorites.

    Also one thing I wonder is what was going to happen with Maelstrom after he became a dragon

    Edit And IDK if it was said anywhere but what was the result of the last Divine Decision and what would the results be
  • @Knifu_Waifu The lore of all the dragon aspects will 100% be in the world. One of my goals with the project is to really build it out in a way so players can "find out about something" and then go see it/do it. So if you hear there are Dragon Aspects and want to meet them all, I want that I be something possible because knowing what we know, when they get really fun encounters like looking for Goldstandt when someone says theres a rumour he's a prisoner of the silvermine mountains. The meta of that is a lot of fun for people who knew the show when they go exploring it with their friends and slowly put together the mountain is the dragon.
  • @Nolan My favorite campaign by far was Azveltara Z because the ending was the pre-recorded tournament so it was the first time I could sit back and watch the show with the audience. That campaign was so ambitious and while there are so many things that went wrong or could of done better with more effort or power behind it, I so enjoyed being able to watch urealms with the fans of urealms. To be honest that was the highest point for URealms for me because it had the entire cast in it too
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    @Rob Funny enough, that's actually my least favorite campaign! (no offense meant to you). I liked the effort put into it, and it was good seeing the whole cast, but I wish it could have been more structured since it didn't feel like there was much of a plot. The violence was also quite excessive, I would've preferred that to be dialed back a bit.

    My favorite campaign is The Purge, I liked the drama in it, the characters and the way everything played out.
  • Can we get more info on Goblins preferably? I know you had some more lore hidden about them. And also Gnomes. I mean I know obviously, the most important thing is that nobody knows where they came from, but what were their cities like, their rulers, that kind of stuff.
  • Best Campaigns were Skeleton King, Den of Devils, Light Beards, but one of the best Zarlin. 2nd Season had best systems though.
  • Oh shit a blast from the past, good to see more coming from all this lore and Rob. The only idea I have is maybe have more campaigns following a certain group of characters. Like how the tower of wizardry was going to be. Following a group of adventures for a few streams, maybe having them fight other familiar characters more. Like the Murder Brothes vs the Law, maybe player v player, choosing a side and all.

    That is all I got to add, hope its useful.
  • @bl1ndn3rd

    With New Realms I'll probly sprinkle all my ideas throughout the project since it's much easier to just add lore in that type of storytelling form. The biggest thing about Goblins is that Goldstandts daughter, Divine Child something or other, is the queen of Goblins basically. Shes called the veiled Queen and the idea is that after the birth of magic, some elves had began getting a disease that would turn them into those half elf/goblins i forget what they were called and whenever they died, they would become reincarnated as a goblin. Goblins would retain some of their old memories, but be born again as new people.

    This is why I avoided goblins after Season 1 because introducing this lore would take multiple campaigns, and there were simply other stories I wanted to go through first.
  • @Rob So if Goblins are reincarnated Gobolfs, are Hobgoblins reincarnated Goblins?

    Also, Goblins reproduce in literal litters according to Murder Bros. Are there just a whole bunch of Gobolfs in the world? Or are the massive amounts of Goblin Babies literally all reincarnated off of 1 dead Gobolf?
  • i like to think hobgoblins would be like, stronger elves affected by the gobolf disease. Like if Galen were to become a Gobolf, he would be reborn as a Hobgoblin due to just being a stronger magic user. 
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    Weren't goblins telepathic between twins once? What if an elf being reincarnated was split in two, resulting in the lost memory...
  • @friskyBrisky

    The reverse Gobolfs are the transition to Goblins.
  • So...
    I'm gonna shoot for a big lore reveal cause I can.
    Tambok. The Special Friend's Show.
    I'm assuming that this couldn't really be put into Newrealms.
    Or...I guess it could be but not in the same way. Have like 20 characters scattered across the map with tickets, and if the players gather them all, they unlock the Tambok map. Idk.

    I wanna know what the show would've been though if possible. Maybe this was answered somewhere.
  • Pretty good idea. Might also be fun to just make it so you need a ticket to get into the show and so in order to go as a group you just need X amount of tickets.
  • A return of the story of KING SCRADAMANTALUS
  • I really want the "Sins of the Unforgotten" to be a thing. Also I'm really sorry if this was brought up somewhere, but I'd really like to know what "A Fate Worse Than Death" I'm not sure if it was revealed or not. If it's still secret then nvm.
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    Any chance music assets may be shared? Seeing as a future for the show itself is gone, but to me the music was half the memories. The URealms tracks on Sound Cloud are gone now too. Never got to backing them up.
  • I really liked the bag of holding from deadbones side quest. So a few maps in a void realm would be amazing without it relating to the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.
    Maybe have different biomes islands with small treasure bubbles.  
  • @Rob ;
    I’m guessing going into the NewRealms Project, Divine Decisions are still canon right? Like those decisions we as a community made will still exist in this realm right?
    Are there any effects of divine decisions that we aren’t aware of at the moment? 
  • @CaptainDeston I was wondering the same thing! I've started to run my own urealm campaigns again with my friends and back in the day I would always use the music from Robs soundcloud, but with them being down I'm unable to do so. Obviously if they need to stay down I'm ok with that, but if there's the chance they could be reuploaded that would be so so awesome! 
  • @Spacewalker I believe these maps have already been made so it will be included.

    @Cloud it's not really a secret, i've talked about it on stream a few times and I mean my Christmas special last year basically ended with a bunch of confusing lore about it all. It's a lot to talk about, but the core idea is it forced a character to become a painting which allows Sallazhar to open a portal to the Old God realm and is how I was going to introduce the OGD characters.
  • Here's a thought for ya' rob.

    Maybe something to be explored in New Realms, is where EXP comes from - Be it secret brewing labs to a magical factory or however you pictured its produced
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    I just hope we get more exploration with the High Bears and Dragons. Specifically on the Dragons. If only we knew more about how the Dragons acted with their personalities. Like how Quintara Lotus is aligned with Arcane she is supposed to be chaotic.
  • @crazygamer642

    on Meganzoor's patreon this months she is working on the old High Bear city before it was taken over by Yvander so don't you worry it's in there!
  • *Just starts throwing money at Meg* YES.
  • This is some unbelievable amounts of hype 
  • I've been pretty out of the loop with urealms lore lately, but reading through all of your stuff Rob has been super interesting. Thanks for entertaining our ideas and questions for this long. Really cool to come back here and see that ideas are still brewing in your mind, or at least they haven't been forgotten.
  • @Larry you might almost say they are....

    UNFORGOTTEN dana-nana -nanana -nanaaaaaa, naaaa nanana na naaaa nanana naaaa~
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