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Looking for Players, Long-Term Group (not at the moment)

We found players, feel free to check back.

Hi! I GM for a small group of players from time to time. We often have trouble getting a full party due to schedule differences, so we'd like to find more people who want to join us.

About our group
We focus more on the roleplay and less on the combat. For us, it's about telling the story and developing the characters. Combat is just here to facilitate roleplay because in URealms, nobody dies a natural death.

We also focus on expanding the base game with our own ideas and creations: races, classes, maps, lore. It keeps the game fresh and the story ours. This does mean there can be some waiting between campaigns, but if you're willing to help, we can cut this time down.

  • Goes with the flow
  • Have Discord
  • Have a microphone
  • Willing to use Babble Buds, the puppet software
  • New or new-ish to URealms
  • Interested in creating new lore, introducing new ideas, and helping with campaign preparation
  • Can draw. I'm okay at drawing, but I appreciate help
What's next
If you would like to join our group, please contact me on Discord (camomatt#3165). Soon after, we'll play a short, impromptu Campaign (no planning, just on-the-spot campaign) to see if we work well together.

As said above, you can contact me on Discord (camomatt#3165). I will rarely be looking at the forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, even if you won't be joining us. URealms is a game that I think is very important: it's D&D with training wheels. It holds a small place in my heart, so I would like to share that with others. I hope you will be joining us!


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