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A word to the wind

Whilst these forums are largely inactive now, I felt like it was only appropriate to write a "word to the wind" on my experience with URealms, due to the amount of time I've spent watching the show. This show stuck with me through most of my time in highschool, starting back with the end of season one where I was only just able to catch up on the backlog before The Silvermine mountains stream. I remember the weekend mornings where I'd wake up at 3am (Timezones are a bitch) just so I could watch the show live, with my parents always asking me if it was worth staying up or not, which it always was. I remember the little moments on stream that never made it into the videos, the moments that always made them worth watching. Even thought most of my activiy was lurking on the forums, URealms helped me have a sense of belonging in a small community when I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere else. I'm now on my last year of highschool, and I'm graduating in a few months, but even though there's no real chance of this show coming back, or any chance of the people that worked on it seeing this, I'd like to thank everyone involved in making URealms for helping an awkward teen feel like he belonged to something. This show and it's memories will stick with me through life, and so will all the art, theories, memes, and discussions that helped build this small community. Thank you and I hope you all have great lives :)

Still holding out hope for a reunion show though :)


  • Somewhere out there, a few legendary heroes remain collecting their daily gold. <3
  • @Cloud Just refreshed the page to get my midnight gold roll!
  • @MasterDJV Same here! Can't let that gold go to waste. 
  • I still get my gold to, usually at random times when I remember to during the night. Feels good.
  • Thanks for sharing! And you're not alone, I can see there are other lurkers here.
  • *lurker noises*
  • Yeah I still collect and recite the song of dragons to myself every night. 
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    Sweet and heart warming
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    @YoshiB738 that’s actually really close to how I was, I had just moved to a new state two years prior and still had only one good friend (who to this day is fucking awesome) and I see my favorite internet funny man rob uploads this crazy new thing called unforgotten realms live, I watched it and laughed my ass of and was so enthralled that I watched the next 8 streams live and then on and off live or the day after depending on my schedule. Now as someone in their final year of high school Ive been thinking of how wonderful this show was and how it will always remain as my favorite show ( not just internet show) ever.
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