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A map of the world?

Are there any official world maps out there for the lands of Urealms? I feel like I've seen one at some point in time but I can't remember where or when.


  • That would be very cool. I have an idea of how it looks, but a map would be nice.
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    There is an official unofficial one, or at least a glimpse in one of Rob's old streams. It may have been in the most recent christmas special 2019 but I can't remember. It had the map of Unforgotten Realms cartoon adjacent to the map of the whole world of URealms altogether.

    It was unfininished though, but gives you something to work with imagination wise.
  • Nah we never got that far. We had a lot of design docs, but nothing even close to a finished idea yet. We were still at the "new stuff could be added still" part of world building.
  • Well if that's the case, guess I can start working out some stuff for my own campaigns - Gonna need it to sort out this stuff. Thinkin' most of what happened in the official shows took place on a single large asia-sized continent....
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    Using this Inkarnate program to make a world map of what i'm working with for my campaigns. Got some space to expand, and I've pushed the idea that these two continents are in the southern hemisphere, so there's possibly more in the north.

    Collected pretty much everything from the main canon on the first continent, and my stuff is happening on the second continent.
  • I like this map a lot! I'm planning on doing campaigns myself, is it OK for me to use it?
  • Go for it - I'll update it more as time goes on.
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