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The 'Why didn't I think of that?' solution to quick, decent lookin' token icons

At least for humanoids.

So there's this program out there in the great big somethingnet- Not even a program, really, it's a website. Heroforge. It's one of those services where you use it to design a miniature with all sorts of customized gear, poses, and so on, then you send it off with a purchase request and bish bash bosh you'll get a decent miniature to muck around with for tabletop.

It's got a pretty huge array of what can be customized, and the user interface is pretty simple to get the hang of. Well recently, while mucking about with it to try and use as a way to mentally picture a character for an upcoming game - It hit me. Why not just use the miniature site image as a token?

And it worked even better when I found out you can take a screenshot of the model sans background. A cut-out! Perfect!

Now you could leave it at that, I'm sure, but with a little touching up in an imaging program, you can give 'em more personality too.

So yeah, anyone else do this? Did this occur to anyone else?

Here's some examples of ones I've made for my upcoming game.

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