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Brown's Megathread! (Recaps, musings, and thoughts! January 21st, White Meet recap part 2!)



  • Still working piece by piece on the recap, but, in the meantime, I've also finalized what I'm doing with the Phofirra plant-person race.

    In that I'm not.

    Instead I'm pulling up the little I know about the Forn in that they have some strong connection with forests to make the Forn into a dual-race - Generally nomadic plant-folk, with two seperate cards - One for a race that lives in the underground, one for a race that lives on the surface or in the sky.


    I recall hearing something about that in lorebuilding, I'm probably wrong. Whatever.

    And yes - I am FULLY AWARE that the Highbloom Forn look like they're just Starbound Florans. That was intentional. One of my players used to play a plant-person character in another game and they used a floran to represent the character, so I lifted the idea of the faceplates from Florans. Likewise, the Undercaste Forn are based heavily off of Myconids, the likes of which I played in the same game.

    My reasoning here is that it's technically the same race, a sort of plant-elemental manifestation of magic and the world made by Thor, but while some developed above ground, others lived in the underground facilities and caves made by the Beenu and the Groundbolds.

    In addition to both races being sort of opposing energies - Highbloom being offensive, Undercaste being defensive, they also both bear the curse of prophecy, but in different forms - And it has affected their cultural identity. But whereas Undercaste Forn are cursed with visions of the future, seeing potential ends and deaths and as a result sequestering themselves from the world, the Highbloom are consistently assaulted with visions of the past, seeing in great detail and clarity all the mistakes made by either themselves, or others, and so are constantly trying to move forwards and make up for the flaws of the past through reckless action.
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    Alright so it's like this, the recap is having issues because I'm slow, lazy, tired, and now my laptop is giving me hell for using it by crashing. That's going to be a major issue if it keeps it up. I'm just gonna upload a brief overview of the rest of the campaign, so I can get back to posting updates and stuff about ideas and the next steps.

    Following up from two posts ago,

     They get into a boat and head down the river and run into a cleverly named 'Hail Hydra' which is made up of three heads, one that's made of ice, one that uses healing and defensive spells, and one that greets people repeatedly. Aka, a hail head, a hale head, and a hailing head.

    Funny funny!

    It almost kills the team repeatedly and drives them onto land. Although they've gotten rid of two of the heads, each lost head just makes the remaining ones stronger, so all that's left is the hailing head, who is now charming them and threatening them over great distances, blasting away trees with his voice magic.

    This eventually drives the party deep enough into the forest, where an errant sonic blast sends Mr. Bellflower catapulting into the next area of the woods - Where upon he comes face to face with an 8 foot tall gnoll with heavy mechanical augmentations. Moments later, the entire party is surrounded by additional enemies that all have this same mechanical look to them - Some of which are summoning those totems they keep seeing - Apparently not actually being summoned, but placed - They're mechanical in nature, with little hidden away flamethrowers, turning about like turrets.

    Dragged to a medium-sized homestead in the next clearing, they can hear the Hailing Hydra dying behind them as a couple of these mechanical warriors blast it with molten lead. All four party members are bound by the wrists and set to kneel against a wall. They try to question these... Well, for lack of a better term, Cyborgs about their presence here - And why they're being detained.

    "Because any sane person would run for their lives when they saw us - And I need you to listen, first." A voice calls out from ahead of the group. Exiting the house is a hulking Snowbold woman - Every one of the cyborgs seems to give her an almost divine reverence, bowing their heads, some kneeling. She is not a very royal nor noble looking entity - Her gear is absurdly heavy, making her appear even bigger than her already significant stature made her. "Because I need people who value the greater good a bit more than they do their own lives. Because a black cloud is coming - And the only way to push it back, is with our own Iron Sky."

    Standing before them, is none other than Lokeeda, the mistress of the Iron Sky, and unbeknownst to the characters, the primary antagonist of all my old campaigns, as well as the one who tried and failed to possess Tasha at the end of Crimson Frost. She's carrying with her a massive shield, a greatsword, and a grin.

    "I need people who can help me save the world." She states plainly, looking down upon them. But before she can elaborate further, a window swings open above the players heads, and out pops a handcuffed elf, leaning over the sil casually, smiling, his old eyes framed by a pair of simple glasses, and a full gray beard.

    "Why yes, that's exactly what they mean to do - And it'd probably be for the best if you allowed them to do it without interruption, Lo-kee." He says with a chuckle. Lokeeda looks... Annoyed. Tells him to keep his opinions to himself. Another captive? Azatha's eyes go wide upon seeing the old man. She knows him.

    Managing to break free of his bindings, Bellflower rises up and attempts to slash at her with Aethilnian - But Lokeeda just grabs it out of the air by the blade and swings it to her right, lodging it in a tree on the other side of the clearing. "Now this one's got some fire!" She looks down to the others. "...He'll make a good example. Come on, pup." She pushes the diminutive O'bannar towards his blade, knocking him to the ground. "You want to fight properly, don't do it like some sneaky rat. Come at me head on, and we'll see who's more righteous." She prepares to enter a combat position as Bell nervously picks up his sword.

    Nykini can't hold in her curiosity any longer. She barrages a nearby cyborg with questions about his mechanical augmentations, how were they built, can they change ones stature, how extensive are they, are they difficult to install. But rather than the expected response by the rest of the party of the cyborg silencing her - He grins. Hefts her up, and drags her forwards between Lokeeda and Bell. "Boss!" He exclaims. "...Think we've got a convert here."

    IMMEDEATLY losing her interest in Bellflower, Lokeeda makes her way towards the gnome, who was now standing weakly atop her little boot stilts - But still smiling. Her heart was pounding - This was getting very interesting. A pair of guards flank Bell, keeping him from attacking.

    "Is that right-" Lokeeda asks, grinning down at Nykini. "You wanna know how all this happened, huh?" She waves a hand out towards her cyborg legionnaires. The gnome nods rapidly. Lokeeda chuckles and holds up her hand, conjuring up a glob of liquid metal much the same way that a wizard conjures fire. "They've got my -blessing-. It's what makes them closer to perfection... Doesn't that sound nice?"

    Nykini overshares her desire to be taller, wondering if this process could allow that.

    Lokeeda practically laughs. "All that and more." She extends a hand to shake. Nykini takes it, one shake, and then screams in pain collapsing to her knees as the metal works its way through her body. Her legs tear apart, her boots and pants shred, and slowly, she comes to stand once more... Far, far taller.

    Lokeeda wants her to prove she can handle the gift, which Nykini eagerly obliges to. Instead of Lokeeda fighting Bell - Nykini now will be his opponent. There's a moment when their eyes meet, and the party considers how to dispel what they believed to be charm magic... Only for it to hit Bell, deep in his heart - He could see it.

    She wasn't charmed. She wasn't brainwashed, or magicked in any way. She wanted this.

    Nykini Isokini was now Anti-Party...

    The pair clashed, with Aethilnian barely being able to keep up in parrying the gunshots, sword blows, and needle kicks coming from Bellflower's former ally. While there were moments where a turn might've been possible, Nykini controlled the fight, tearing apart armor and flesh with her deadly precision. But with the crowd of cyborgs all keeping watch on the fight, it was only the still bound Azatha and Grendel who took notice of the old man in the window continuously channeling some sort of healing spell to try and keep Bellflower from dying a gruesome death. A final blow was struck, sending Bellflower down to the ground, where he had the sense to play dead. A cheer went up from the crowd.

    Grendel managed to snap his bindings, and quickly undid Azatha's - ANd both of them quietly and quickly climbed up through the window into the room with the elf.

    Azatha immedeatly bowed low, on her knee. Grendel was... Confused to say the least. And even the old man was a little suprised.

    "Please, this isn't the time for such formalities." Said the one, the only - Nader Leomaris.

    The history lesson would have to wait for Grendel. He saw outside that they were now hoisting Nykini up, cheering for her. Always enjoying being the center of attention, the gnome conjured up a keg of magic ale and set it down, raising a mug and screaming 'To the IRON SKY!' It's a shame she wasn't distracting them intentionally.

    Finally unshackled, Nader pushed aside some furniture in what was once a stately bedroom. "I can get us out of here, back to my home, but I'm going to need a few minutes to do it. Please tell me you can keep our opposition distracted until then... And try to fetch your friend - He's rather injured, I'm afraid."

    Azatha took up a position by the window, and scoped in on Bellflower. Seeing him slowly stir, and grip his blade... She shook her head. "Too many of them." There were at least a dozen cyborgs in the clearing alone, and it was unclear how many more were nearby.

    Grendel was nervous. He wasn't sure how he could help... But a thought kept ringing in his mind.

    The door.

    The door...

    ....the door.

    ...I hear every door you open.

    Looking to the nearby bedroom door, he wandered over to it. Took a deep breath, and pushed it open.

    Simultaneously - All four of the adventurers felt a chill run down their spine. Grendel felt immedeate regret. Azatha looked over her shoulder, going pale. "...what was that?" Nykini paused and lowered the drink from her lips. And Bellflower managed to turn over, his armor clinking a bit. The raucous party died down, and the cyborgs all looked towards Bellflower... Gripping blades tighter - And grinning.

    It was only Bellflower who saw a shape moving in the forest. Jumpy, spindly, and tattered, as tall as the trees themselves.

    All at once, a massive battle was ignited. A gunshot rang out as Azatha planted a slug right into Lokeeda's shoulder, caving in the armored pauldron. The roars of the cyborgs were only outmatched by the sudden sound of cracking wood, as Ozvaldo burst into the clearing, his body reformed but blackened beyond recognition. Bellflower leapt up and brought down Aethilnian against one of the cyborgs, cutting him in half before dashing towards Nykini and having his blade parried by her jeweled sword.

    Lokeeda snarled, "FINISH HIM OFF!" she screamed to Nykini. Her men were engaging with Osvaldo, being tossed aside like so many toys, some of them going mad just from the sight of his dark visage, attacking one another. Meanwhile, Lokeeda saw the sniper in the window, and used a magnetic crush attack to lodge both her greatshield and her sword into the windowframe, nearly beheading the elf.

    Grendel faced off with a guard who pushed through the now open door, slashing at him vigorously, while Azatha climbed onto the bed and lined up another shot, trying to blast away one of the cyborgs that was coming up behind Bellflower. A flurry of slashes, the clangs of blade against blade rang out as the duel between former allies continued on the other side of the clearing. But time was running out.

    The glow from the bedroom window was intensifying as Nader's spell grew closer and closer to completion. Ozvaldo was rounding the corner, screaming a variety of nonsensical quotes that definitely did not remind the players of the fact that the basis of his concept was 'What if Baldi, but horrific haunted woods monster', which he totally was not, and truly screwing up any cyborg who tried to take him down. Lokeeda became momentarily distracted when Ozvaldo tried to reach out to grab her - And she promptly punched him in the face and sent him toppling back into a tree.

    Bellflower took advantage of the moment, and called on the power of Aethilnian, lashing out and using the chain dash attacks to escape from another strike from Nykini - Cutting down cyborgs as he ran, and finishing off by slicing against Lokeeda's back and leaping into the window.

    The cult mistress roared and got her bearings. Bell climbed up just in time to see her leap at the window - And reached out to try and grab her weapons that were still lodged in the stonework.

    Bit of an OOC moment here, I informed the player "You're an O'bannar, these things are -massive-, bigger than you are. There's no way you'll-" He rolls a 20.

    SO! Bellflower grabbed onto the greatsword in the stonework, and twisted it around just in time for Lokeeda to skewer herself on it, spewing out metallic blood and falling back onto the ground. But that just seemed to piss her off more - She jumped up, caught one last bullet in the arm before Bellflower pulled the greatshield in, and wedged it into the windowframe, followed a split second later by a loud THUNK as Lokeeda smashed into the makeshift barrier.

    Nader snapped his fingers and the ground lit up. "Time to go!"


    When at last Lokeeda dislodged the shield and saw inside... There was nothing but a burnt magical circle, an open door, a dead guard, and a smashed up bed.

    Re-appearing in a large room with huge floor to ceiling windows and rows and rows of books, detailing the history of the realm, Nader, Bellflower, Azatha and Grendel got to their feet and took stock of the situation... Azatha's eyes went wide as she looked out the window - And saw beyond it, the vast elven city of Than'Drellfal - And the realization that they were in one of the spires that rose out of the royal palace that the King of All Elves called home.

    Nader declared that this situation had gotten far worse than he had envisioned - And that they had to bring this to the king themselves. They headed down the stairs to tell their tale, and that was the end of the story - For now.

    1. God damn it was wierdly hard to write that recap, and I super apologize for it taking so long.

    2. This campaign absolutely proved to me a few things - That I need to have at least one backup player ready with a character in case someone can't make it, that I need to go through testing of encounters so I can properly scale enemies, and that sometimes the best villians are the ones we saw as heroes.

    3. Lugra-Lugra will be returning in a future campaign, and after some discussion with the player behind the scenes, I think the character might actually be connected to a planned Tower of Ultimate Wizardry storyline...

    4. Were there too many memes? Maybe.

    5. How did a campaign that I wanted to be silly and simple become so complex and intense? This was insane.

    Here are the legendaries you didn't get to see for the other two players. I'll be keeping Lugra's for future use.

    Azatha: Spellfire Missile

    Grendel: Triple Wield

    Going forwards, I've got a few new mechanics I'd like to try out, as well as some new things I'll be adding to the games card lists. Speaking of which...
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    I've redone all the previous custom race cards using Heroforges new color system, as well as a handful of new races being added. Here's a link to the full gallery of redone race cards (Some have their stats modded.) But, I'll still be posting each of the new ones here because I'm always eager to show stuff off.

    First up? Clawhoof Porcs!

    Immovable if they don't want to move, but highly mobile when they need to be, Clawhoofs will prove to be an interesting twist for characters who want to screw with my terrain without rolling 20's to do so.

    Gravehoofs, a variant of Black Boar, will not technically have the large tile square, but the idea I've got for them is that they're sort of like the tribal leaders of the porcs that live in Perif-Antodes, and can make another player into a thrall - Either an undead one like an ageless, or just as a servant or bodyguard.

    This one is gonna raise a few eyebrows. I know, I know, Ogres are a very unusual race to make playable, but I adore the appearance of ogres as depicted in Urealms. They're so ugly they're cute, and that's kinda my asthetic.

    So yeah, they still want to help Yvander cover the world in eternal winter, but they occasionally can be convinced to do other things - So long as their heads don't get into an argument.

    Wellforn Ruby. That's all I'm saying.

    (Also, cameo by S.K. Malone!)

    I've long wanted to give some love to the classic kobolds - So here we are with Triton Ground kobolds. A mixed race between the Thor-made talking kobolds and the tribals, who were generally used as workers in the Elven mines. Those that escape weren't terribly fond of the world, and fell into the world of crime rather quickly.

    Scarred Gnomes were born to go on adventures. They're less greedy, but more ambitious in some ways than other gnomes, and never let their deeds be quantified by some writing in a dusty tome - They're gonna be out there on the front lines fighting monsters and baddies as they will.

  • We've got our character listings for the next campaign; Through Jaws Vermillion.

    From left to right

    Kork - Male Black Boar Sharpsword
    A player from right here on the forums has graciously offered to play a character as a backup in case one of the other's can't make it - As such I'm not pushing too hard for his story, though if he has one and tells me of it, I'll update this here. General idea right now though? The man is a soldier of the Fjolren, and we need little more than that.

    Felix Dewshadow - Male A'talar Elf Swashbuckler/Sharpsword
    Returning from the events of Crimson Frost to lead this group of mishmash Fjolren militia. Once a guardsman of the A'talar military, now a renegade serving to protect Lady Tasha in her bid for revolution, Felix has gained some new skills, learning passively from a hero of the Fjolren, Krane, also known as the Godkin, a legendary swordsman and protector of the land. He's also still wearing the Golden Cowboy Hat of Divinity Slash - Aka the high councillor of war of A'talar, Tucker Bergan, caught in the enchantment of the Soulattire legendary spell.

    His hat hates him.

    Ga'Bella - Female Goblin Cabalist
    This rotund darkcaster bears plenty of secrets with her, the most notable of which is likely her skin - Rather than the crude green hues of most goblins, Ga'Bella's skin looks almost identical to gold. Though it shifts and pushes back like flesh, it has an unmistakable metallic sheen to it, which carries on into her teeth, and her bright, shining eyes. It's a secret she'll take to her grave. But one thing she does not keep secret is that she has two great loves in this world - Gold, and food. Most of the Fjolren admit to not having seen her often, as she seems to only show up in Fjolri posts every so often to buy  trinkets or have a home cooked meal. Why she's suddenly come to assist in this mission to the north is unknowable...

    Zehir the Charming - Male Black Boar Rouge (IT FINALLY HAPPENED, WE HAVE A ROUGE, OH GOD I'M SO EXCITED)
    Well-read and civil for a black boar, not to mention fairly handsome, Zehir was raised in the nation of A'talar, by a group of merchants in a travelling caravan, likely just after the group crossed the borders from Perif-Antodes. Living a fairly safe life has seen to Zehir being a well educated specimen of the porcs, a gentleman and - Yes - A charmer. But a desire to live out his romantic view of a hero has led him away from the merchants who taught him everything he knows - And now, he stands alongside the protectors of Fjolren - A noble duty, and one he hopes may draw him into the next chapter of his own story - One where love is present...

    (Seriously how awesome is it that the rouge got romantic as their attribute.)

    Rath Frostspike - Male Dwarf Berserker
    Presenting himself as a frostborn follower of Yvander, this sharp-toothed dwarf stands watch, often alone, at the northeastern reaches, and would be the last of the group to join the party before heading into the mountains. A lust for gold also rises in his heart, and there have been a few odd looks that he's been giving to Ga'Bella since they began to travel together. But as danger looms on the horizon, his shining blade will pierce through this darkness, to protect the southern reaches from its enemies...

    And that's the party. We'll see how they handle Through Jaws Vermillion at the end of the month!
  • Thanks for the recap! It was a great read and I loved the puns. A surprise appearance of Nadar, it looks like he's trying to keep the world alive which is good. Good luck with your next campaign, I hope your programs dont update again.
  • Seems like just yesterday I finished the recap to Machinations of Misfortune, and here we are again.

    First, however - Background. Following the events of Crimson Frost, Tasha and Felix travelled south in a private writing session between myself and their players.

    There, they discovered the inner workings of Fjolren society - Or at least, the last bastion of it - At an underground settlement known to the snowbolds as the Land that the Sky forgot. Here, the Fjolri, made up mostly of snowbolds, but also encompassing local tribes of goblins, one or two ogres, and various sympathizers from A'talar and Perif-Antodes, lived under the protection of a series of mystical and powerful Wild Gods - Beings of tremendous power from across Jadus that, due to the expansion of the territories of mortal races, had been pushed ever further south, until they made their home here in the frozen wastes.

    While there, Tasha discovered that her legendary item, The Ferrous Ward, was in fact a creature known as a Ma - An ever-shifting elemental spirit of incredible rarity.

    Supposedly, at some point in the past, this Ma had taken on the form of a glass sphere and only awoke when Tasha was in danger at the fort. However, it was damaged during the fighting and was at risk of fracturing altogether. A master elven metalworker known only as the Hammerlord offered to save the Ma by forging its body into a strong steel weapon, where it could more adequately protect Tasha. Rather than simply accept, Tasha began to plan for her eventual return to A'talar, as she now saw it in herself to fight back against the tyranny and corruption of the Talis-King and his council of four. Just because Tucker Bergan had been defeated didn't mean that the rest of the kingdom wasn't waging a war on dying peoples, or oppressing the citizenry and weaponizing their belief against others. No - She did not need a weapon. She needed a symbol.

    The Ferrous Ward would be reforged into a new shape. A long casting rod with an ornate, curving bladed head, taking on the ancient A'talar crest of the moon, and the more modern three rings of the kingdom, and incorporating them into the spear. But they would need a proper handle for such a weapon.

    The Hammerlord suggested that they travel through the old crawlways beneath Fjolren, and find the roots of an ancient ironwood, that had been sitting in the natural magics of the land for ages. A guide was assigned to them, and the pair dove deep into the darkness.

    While there, they discovered many things. The first - They found an entire chamber where the darkness was unnaturally thick, and almost tangable, able to block sound and light from beyond its threshold. Though it was new to the guide, Tasha could not help but feel a familiarity with its energies.

    Next - They found the root they needed. After communing with the great tree above, the roots themselves twisted and coiled and dropped right into Tasha's hands - A perfect haft for the weapon that would lead the charge.

    But last - And most dangerous to the pair of foreigners - Was Movlumba.

    Once, Movlumba was held in similar respect to the Wild Gods to the coastal gnolls who lived on the western reaches of what is now A'talar. But when the settlers from Behr arrived, they enroached on Movlumba's territory, and eventually slew him in a sickening act of deceit. Though the killing was many hundreds of years ago, Movlumba has re-appeared in the past twenty or so years as a vengeful spirit, inhabiting the crawlways of Fjolren, and filling the lungs of any who venture too far from the land that sky forgot with blackened waters.

    Movlumba ambushed the trio, and they were only able to narrowly escape - Due to Tasha recieving a strange vision, and a calling. She saw a beacon light itself in the sky, despite being underground - One that called out to those with knowledge of a coming doom. (Aka, the forming of the Blazing Spear of Destiny from The Crossing had just happened.)

    Returning their findings to the Fjolren, and to the Hammerlord, the pair took a day or two to rest and consider all that had happened. But so too did the Fjolren - Though they could not sense the meaning of the beacon, the beam that split the sky was so bright that many Fjolri had seen it. Shamans and gods alike saw it as a symbol - A good omen, that a great conjunction of fates was to take place in the near future.

    Soon, the city was packed with travellers from all across Fjolren, hoping to hear the words of the wild gods and their thoughts on this occurence. What was to be a meet became a grand festival, not only to celebrate a good omen, but to bask in the victory at the fort and the defeat of Tucker Bergan.

    At this, Tasha and Felix met with the wild gods, the Hammerlord, and a strange swordsman at the high circle, where the leaders gathered.

    Before them stood the wild gods - Garfoul the Vengeful, the many-beast chimera who led the assault on the border fortress.
    Herdamermadda, a small ugly creature with colorful robes and trinkets - Though he had no eyes, he saw the future, present, and past all at once - And it was he who saw into the true meaning of the beacon.
    And Rasagati, the Giant-God, eternal in his watch over Jadus.

    The Hammerlord was also there, with the finished weapon, inlaid with elemental stones, afixed to the ancient root staff.

    Presenting the Ascendant to Tasha, Garfoul announced the prophecy of Herdamermadda to the crowd - That the future held a reckoning for A'talar, but before that, the Fjolren would play a part in the destiny of Tasha, who would one day bring down the towers of the kingdom, and reclaim the Giant's Throne for the true people of Jadus. She would need to travel far, far to the north, to the convergence at the shining beacon of the Leap. Though Tasha was loathe to accept these prophecies, she put her distaste in prewritten fates aside, and accepted the help. The Wild Gods deemed that the champion of the Fjolri, the swordsman known as Krane, would accompany them north as a guardian.

    The Hammerlord objected to those. And Tasha soon learned why - Krane was a figment. A fiction. Though he himself did not know it, the Wild Gods were aware that this seemingly immortal swordsman was nothing more than a product of believer magic - From a story that only the Hammerlord seemed to know to be true.

    Tasha felt uneasy travelling with such a being, but they had little choice. The Wild gods were adamant in his involvement.

    So the trio gathered what supplies they could, and rode north, through outposts and checkpoints for the Fjolri, gathering followers as they went, to help them through the most dangerous part of their journey - The trip through the Jawbone mountains, on the edge of A'talar's territory....

    October 27th
  • Alright so first off I bit off more than I can chew, Jaws Vermillion will not be running until this friday. I just do not have the time to run stuff this quickly.

    But I didn't wanna just post that information and waste time so, I'm also gonna show off this... I have some plans for prequel campaigns that take place, canonically, before the rest of the ones I've been running rather than concurrently. Here's some hints at what they are.

    Going SUPER old school to do a pre-birth of magic campaign in which the players play as Beenu - Possibly even pre-arrival of the Sun Dragon Gods, exploring the origins of the Beast itself.

    And lord knows what's going on with these guys!
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    I don't actually have anything important to say here. Just that Heroforge just added quad and hex arms to the system.

    So here's prototype dalfgan pretending to be Heavy Weapons Guy.

    With his weapon.
    And his weapon.
    And his weapon.
    And his weapon.

    That acutally gives me a bit of a question - @Rob ;
    Was it ever determined if all ogres had 4 arms, or was that just for Dalfgan?
  • I've been intensely following this.
    I love all of this so much, and this thread inspired me to run my own campaigns for my friends.
  • Got some more goodies for everyone. As i've been going through the races, I've wanted to add exceptionally unique races that will only be added into the possible listings on a case by case basis. These races are very powerful, and are almost more based on the legacies of certain characters throughout the show, or highly unique backgrounds. So without further adieu, here's the first four...


    Mystical servants of Phanto, created in the form of Kobolds, and given the task of watching over the time streams to ensure no one done gone fudged 'em up, the Sandbolds have long since fallen to depravity and crime, enslaving others and using their divine mission as an excuse to act without consequence.

    Their temporal vision allows them to avoid unforseen consequences.

    Although not one of the prime bloodlines, the Barringster name has long been associated with both wealth and eccentric offspring. One would hope that the eons had diluted whatever madness slips through their genetics, but proof of such a tempering has yet to appear.

    In the chaos, they thrive - But it can just as easily mean their undoing.

    Wether you're the leader of a gang of displaced bandits, a master of an infamous pirate crew, or the leader of a pack of bloodthirsty savages, if you lead a group of Porcs, you are their Porbo.

    As a note; Yes, I realize that Porbo is a character, not a race, but the fact that he had horns that he shared with Papi Pombo, he was exceptionally large and aggressive, and honestly felt like an altogether different entity to the porcs he was surrounded by - It gave me the feeling that Porbo was akin to an Ork Warboss in Warhammer - The biggest, nastiest, meanest Porc becomes Porbo.

    This will be important in an upcoming campaign.

    (Also I -absolutely- think that Merci was secretly a Porbo)

    Hewn from the very rock that birthed Thor himself, and imbued with the light of Ouro'ras, the Willakers Clan dwarves were the high kings of Dvergr society. Though few remain today, they hold positions of leadership wherever they find themselves.

    Doom to the monster that foolishly attacks a city defended by a son of Bruce.

  • Alright - Tonight for real this time. Campaign Six: Through Jaws Vermillion, will be running tonight. I'm very nervous about this one - I recently started back to work for the first time since the world went insane, and it's cut back on my time to work on campaigns as well as my energy. I've had less of a chance to streamline this campaign, test it, and so forth - But I'm hopeful that I can still give a good time to my team.

    In addition to that being tonight, I also opened up sign ups for Campaign Seven - One that I'm very excited for. I'm pleased to report that within 8 hours, all four slots had been filled by rather eager volunteers from my roster of 16. Now, I'd like to be able to still do this once a month, and that's going to be my intent, but who knows how the stress of work is going to impact that.

    Now just what is that campaign, you might wonder?

    Porcs. Lots of porcs.

    Perif-Antodes, the great northern wildlands on the continent of Jadus, is home to a vast population of Porcs - Not the sort of Porcs that you'd find in Behr, the continent where the main canon took place - These Porcs exist out here seperate from the machinations of elves and dwarves. They've formed their own tribal culture, their own society, where various factions clash over hunting grounds, sources of water, or other things that non-Porcs would think 'Really? That's what you're after?'

    At least... That's how they used to be. About a hundred years ago, that was the case. But then something happened.

    Four tribal lords were summoned by a stranger, and given a chance to change the future of their people - And perhaps, even that of the realm itself - Forever...

    All players will be playing porcs - As the leaders of their own tribes in Perif-Antodes - As a stranger arrives to present them with an offer.

    Players will be able to choose from Porc, Black Boar, Clawhoof, Gravehoof, Porbo, or the final porcish race - Bonetusk.

  • Through jaws vermillion update: There were some snags. We got through one encounter, but we've had to pause the game due to internet issues, and will be continuing as soon as possible. Could be another week tho.
  • Great to read all of this as always! Good luck with continuing the campaign, internet issues suck. I love the legendary races as well, the abilities match really well especially the barrignster one.

    So to be honest I was a little disheartened last night. I had been looking forwards to the game and I feel like I kinda messed it up. I still wanted to play a proper encounter that folks could have a bit of fun with - And I had also wanted to get a bit more of a game in before the end of the month.

    ...So I'm sitting there. Looking at my notes. And it hits me.

    What's stopping me?





    (When asked what his name was, the player said 'His name is-' and then proceeded to belch into the mic. I love my gang.)


    So the idea is this. There is no idea. This is a one shot, with no real story. The setup is super basic - You three folks are at the ruins of this here halloween-decorated abandoned temple ruin...

    There isn't a lot to say. But - The characters wound up relying heavily on the random spells generated by the Aura of Chaos, as well as their wands of limited possibilities. But they also had a few special attacks in store, once they realized what they were fighting - A gigantic halloween themed beastie I referred to as the Halloween Queen. She used a variety of candy and spooky based attacks, which of course were technically dark magic so... Lay on Hands became a prime candidate for damage dealing.

    Three phases of combat later, our Barringster had gone through a half dozen attribute changes, eyes had been melted out of their sockets, explosive bombs had been set off, and in a strange turn of events the Porc wound up summoning, and subsequently declaring war on a tree, and in one swift motion cast seven spells at once due to the random nature of the wand, one of which 'Simultaneously exploded every pumpkin in a half mile radius, and set all nearby trees ablaze with shadowfire, as they were now considered foes'.

    All in all, it was a great deal of fun, I got some valuble testing data out of it on how well the new races worked, and I gained a new appreciate for coming up with my own abilities for bosses, rather than using card based skills.

    Still hoping to run the rest of Through Jaws Vermillion later this week, so keep an eye out for that - But for now?

    Happy Halloween everyone
  • God forgive me for what I have done.

    So I realized that I have a lot of ideas, and I don't necessarily want them to all be contained to the realms of Jadus and Behr. I have particular ideas that involve at least an entire other continent - And that's not even taking into account the fact that I need to make a continent on the north pole for Yvander to sit in...

    ...As such. I have come to the conclusion that my map isn't big enough. That it, in fact, only covers a fraction of what I need...  As such I have decided to draw in and utilize a piece of proto-lore that I never thought I would rely upon, to help divide the world properly.

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    The Eternal Cheese is now canonized in my campaigns.
  • Ah, the cheese wheel. One of the funniest additions in the lore streams.
  • edited November 2020
    Alright alright so in reference to the halloween thing, one of my players got real cross for me for not mentioning this, but

    The final blow was struck when Zeno *threw* Bast through the air towards a bomb-surrounded and weakened boss - Which in the impact, dealt the final bit of required damage.

    Still not sure who technically killed the damn thing.

    Also there was a turn where Urp cast seven random spells at once and charmed a tree.

  • Pours himself a mug of ale.

    ...Well shit I guess we're doin' this again aren't we.




    Starting tomorrow night when i'm not so pooped. Hold me to it.
  • So.

    As Tasha and Felix, now with the blessing of the Fjolren Wild Gods travel north, they've gained a lot of allies. Krane the Godkin, Ga'bella, Zehir, and Rath Frostpike being among them.

    They've been traveling for a while now, and the last time they saw anyone from the Fjolri was when they came across Rath's camp on the very border between A'talar and Fjolren land. Ever since, they've been trekking across a treacherous expanse of peaks known as the Jawbone Mountains, which if followed, will lead the party through A'talar land and into the kingdom of Balanar, home of the O'bannar, another people whom A'talar was encroaching upon.

    But just as they're about to pass the border into the rabbitfolk realm, they descend into a deep gorge - One dotted with large, imposing statues.

    Traveling up the winding path, we make note of a few things - One, that Zehir is constantly nose deep in a book, reading about... *Ahem* Exotic positions for certain acts.

    That's right. Zehir's got what amounts to a Urealms kama sutra. This is what happens when you get a Black Boar Rogue with the romantic attribute. Anyways.

    Travelling up the path, the group comes across their first challenge in the campaign - Rath spots it out of the corner of his eye, an incredibly sneaky Ogre woman is hiding just up the path on the other side of a ruined camp. Calling her out, there are some middling attempts to negotiate safe passage made, but the Ogre explains that the only way they get to pass is if they give her 'All your things'. The group ultimately declines as things are important.

    And so we have our first combat - The Ogre woman charges forwards and begins to attack with a variety of AOE slashes and wind spells, and is promptly joined by a second Ogre on the cliff to their north, who begins raining down earth and ice spells on the group.

    The combat with the female is pretty intense, and over the course of it, Tasha and Krane barely manage to land any of their numerous attacks - The guys are put in danger a few times as her attacks are tremendously powerful.

    Meanwhile, the battlefield is changing constantly, with both Ogres having access to abilities which create walled, and dangerous terrain, alongside one of the players having their own dangerous terrain ability. Combat however is also chaotic as hell due to Zehir's toy chest ability - Everyone having a totally un-expected end-of-turn attack transformed this from a strategic fight into a desperate struggle on both sides to not succumb to the crazy abilities.

    There are however definitely a few highlights. I couldn't resist giving Gabella's damage output a boost for the creative way in which she used a couple of her abilities - Levitate, and Honor Chains.

    She charged at the ogre on the cliff, firing off an honor chain - The tip of the bladed chain sinking into his throat, while the opposite end latched onto the top of the cliff .She then proceeded to use levitate to throw him off said cliff.

    This... Reallllllly hurt. I think I wound up awarding 100 damage or something for just the sheer impact of a 1000 lb ogre being tossed off a cliff with an embedded noose.

    Another player was continuously trying to cast some sort of charm ability with his attacks - I forget if it was a spell, a proc, or a passive, but whatever the case was, he was failing repeatedly - Until he finally managed to get the rather high amount needed to charm both heads of an ogre - Sending the cliff ogre charging at the female ogre, and knocking both of them off a cliff, ending the fight.

    Now that's where we had to end our first game - There were some technical difficulties and it was getting late, so we agreed to reconvene later the next week.

    Second session was a lot more intense. Between the first and second sessions, I had run my halloween mini-game and realized that I need to stop using class abilities to determine what bosses could use to attack with - So I threw all my old notes out and just put down the basic ideas I had for the future enemy encounters. Things were about to get wild.

    When we returned to the game, the group reconvened, watching the ogres that had fallen off the cliff. Now, as it turns out the charm had made the ogre not really *aggressive* so much as... Bold.

    Everyone in the group but Zehir stared, horrified at what they were witnessing, but unable to look away - Except for Zehir, who was eagerly taking notes in his Porca-Sutra, and lamenting his lack of ability to join in.

    Now eventually they were able to get their shit together enough to keep moving on, but no sooner had they started making their way up the mountain and into the next region than Tasha and Krane both stopped, sensing a tremendous amount of dark magic energy up ahead. It was familiar to Tasha, somehow - She had both sensed traces of this same magic in Talis City when she was growing up, but beyond that, she had just recently witnessed the same massing of dark energy in the caverns around the Land that the Sky Forgot before the campaign began - As a sea of solidifed darkness that drowned out sound and light within it.

    While Tasha was eager to charge forwards, Krane advised that if such an energy was connected to A'talar dealings, it would be best if she stayed back - And he would stay as well, just to be sure she was alright. Tasha begrudgingly agreed, and sent the group on ahead without her, to clear the area and report back.

    Off they go into the next area. What they find is another large canyon-like area, with tall cliffs all around and a wedge of stone seperating the passage in two - Long metallic spikes appear to be jutting out of the walls, and there's energy arcing between them - Huge bolts of electricity. They occasionally snap at the ground as well.

    Rath, fearless as he is, charges forth under the spikes, and is promptly zapped for a good bit of his health - But in the process of being zapped...

    Well imagine it like this. Your dwarf companion just ran into a death trap, gets zapped by lightning, the skin and flesh melts off his bones - Bones covered in GOLD... And he just casually fuggin walks back to you like 'Yeah that's not going to work.'

    ...Wait... Wha-


    Eventually he does realize why everyone's looking at him so oddly and he just... Explains himself a bit. He was assigned to be here by the Senate of Deadlantis probably about a hundred years ago, just to keep an eye on the dealings of surface-worlders. He didn't mention which faction, if any, he belongs to - Just that he's supposed to watch things around the world. The group isn't upset with this or anything, and honestly the point is brought up that they're all kind of wierdohs, but it's good that they're being honest with eachother now.

    During this, Felix is sitting atop his wolf, Bosco (Felix's player didn't know about Zanaria Vinisto's doggo before picking the name), and a shadowy tendril begins to rise up from a rupture in the ground behind him.

    His pupper backs away from it before it can reach out, but that draws everyones attention to a few things - Right in that central wedge, there's a dragon skeleton - A whelpling, possibly? - That's hanging hap-hazardly, buried under snow and rubble, out over the passage. The electricity arcing between the spikes seems to come from it - Bolts emit from the dead creatures surface, and sink into the spines.

    Next, there's a pit that is pitch black, darkness overtaking vision a few feet in.

    And lastly, flanking the pit, there are stones covered in carvings. Most of the group can not read the runic writing.

    Ga'bella can.

    A lot of it has been worn away by time, but the most recent and deepest carving appears to have been rather desperately overlaid on the other text. "The scions of Ranu call this place home now. It's become a danger to any who pass through - And a word to the wise would be to not linger."

    Ga'bella recognizes it as Beenu scriptography.

    Rath meanwhile is hovering over the edge of the pit. He kicks a rock into it - And laughs a bit. About to turn away, he ceases moving, as he swears he saw something moving in the blackness.

    There's a pause. The group's attention is drawn to the pit.

    ...They try to beckon out whatever is within. What they recieve instead is a voice.

    "You shouldn't be here."

    The longer they focus on the shadow, the more they can see a figure. Tall, elf-like, with pale eyes, its 'skin' formed of shadow and swirling blackness - And a pair of long appendages growing from its back.

    The group begin to question the entity. The entity explains that it's been here for a long time. That it's been a while since it's seen anyone come through this particular path in the mountains. And that it's afraid the journey is at an end  - The lightning corridor is too dangerous. Nobody that goes into it survives. He claims that the machines thrive on it, and maintain it.

    Said machines are up the opposing path, but they - These 'Scions of Ranu' - Are far too dangerous for mortals to hope to defeat. Theoretically however, the electric storm in the corridor would die down if they were deactivated...

    The group takes a bit of time to decide on wether they want to move forwards or head back - and they opt to check out these machines.

    Up, up, up the path they go - And are ambushed by Elemechs. Zaps of energy come down from some of the spikes above, electrifying rubble which the group later realizes are actually fallen mechanical humanoids, being filled with elemental lightning. More worrisome is that these 'Scions of Ranu' have a special ability - They can modify probability, forcing players to re-roll successful rolls, or allowing their allies to re-roll failed rolls - But they can only do it on the first successful attack made against them, or their first failed attack outwards.

    During the first set of these fights to get the group used to this mechanic, they're fighting against two elemechs - a caster and a fighter. Still, toy-chest does come out resulting in a very... Interesting change in the cast.

    You see, Ga'bella recieves the Goblin companion card from the toy chest. Which has the passive that when it gets added to your inventory, you get two of them...

    ...Now I dont know how exactly Toy Chest works, but, I'm also the DM, and I know things about Ga'bella that the group doesn't - So when her toy arrives, she grabs it, it disappears and she shrieks in pain as her body *tears into two perfect copies.* Ga'bella is now playing as two identical characters, each one with their own movement and regular action, but shared anytimes.

    An errant knockback attack sends one of the elemechs flying back into the next group of elemechs, made of two fighters and a caster - Activating them. The fight has gotten a lot more intense, and the group winds up doing a lot of moving around the area as they try to handle the probability-reconfiguration skills of the elemechs.

    But speaking of crazy possibilities - I don't even recall how this went down, but Rath managed to, by the end of this fight, manage to CHARM three of the Elemechs (2 casters and a fighter) to be his minions. It was... Crazy. He pretty much ended the fight with that, and I was just like "I have to give it to him, the rolls were on point." 

    And while the other toys fade away after combat, it doesn't for the Ga'Bellas. The pair of Ga'bellas realize that this is quite a boon - And are eager to move forwards and test out their newfound duality.


    Coming over the ridge to their final encounter with the Scions of Ranu, they discover a gigantic Elemech up ahead, with several other smaller elemechs attending to it. A huge bird-headed robotic titan, using a spear embedded in the skeleton of the dragon as a charging station, resulting in the zapping all over the place. As the groups clash, Elemech against Elemech, toys being distributed (Resulting in one of the Ga'bellas GROWING WINGS, and one of the characters being turned cowardly for a few turns while casting healing spells on the nearest enemy), the Titan Elemech reveals its advanced reality distortion power - It can re-roll two rolls of its choice every turn... As coin flips.

    This backfires spectacularily.

    In the closing moments of the fight, it tried to use this ability to interrupt Rath, who used a moonglow shield to get random spells, and the only decent spell he got was lascene. It went from a 16 to a critical hit when the Titan tried to stop him - So I gave Rath free reign to just go to town on where he was throwing these guys.

    One of the smaller elemehcs was rolled into the others that all got lined up, STRIKE, knocked down like bowling pins, he impaled the Titan on one of the giant electrified wall spikes, and then moved himself up on top of it to try and finish it off.

    But the Titan, upon coming out of the lascene, was quick to capitalize on the fact that the dwarf was now standing on a giant piece of conductive metal that the robot was attatched to - And he supercharged the spike.

    Rath was going to die... But as a beserker - Rath had taken the Death Wish passive - Allowing him to survive until the end of the combat, with a handful of actions to use.

    Rath came down on the robot with all of his strength, hacking away at him time and time again, dropping his weapons, reduced to using his fists as the massive amounts of electricity arced over his body, melting away his flesh, disintigrating his armor. He was able to get enough blows in to bisect the titan, killing it in its entirely... But after that - He had taken so much damage.... He just collapsed on the ground below - A pile of smoking, blackened bones.

    Everyone gathered around.

    Rath had failed his death roll. He was gone.

    The characters began to weep. Trying anything they could to fix him - Using mending magic, or stamina restoration spells to try and bring him back - But there was so little left. Nothing worked...

    Zehir told me he wanted to do something crazy. What's that, Zehir?

    Zehir is wearing a runecoat. The one that has the pockets where supposedly anything could be found...

    He begged me to let him search his pockets - To find ANYTHING that could save his friend...

    ...His roll gave him a small vial of white shimmering liquid.

    He could not identify what it was.

    Uncorking it, Zehir sprinkled the glowing water across the bones... But nothing happened.

    It was over.

    They began to walk away. They could no longer hear the strikes of lightning around the valley - And the Elemechs were all deactivated by now... They solemnly began making their way back towards Tasha and Krane...

    ....But who am I to kill off a great character that easily.

    The bones *twitched*. And began to clatter. Reforming. The magic of that white liquid - It started to draw the bones in, and re-assemble his skeleton. Rath returned to life...

    Not just ageless life - But True Life. As he had been before he was turned. He gasped deeply, feeling the cold on his bare skin, and was immedeatly tackled by the happy Zehir.

    Zehir himself meanwhile heard a whisper from the voice of none other than Quintara Lotus, saying 'Oh, so that's where I left that stuff...'

    In the voice chat, someone exclaimed 'THE DRAGON JIZZ WORKED!' Leading to more terrible implications in our various minds - Regardless of such, the group takes a bit of time to try and figure out poor Rath's new situation. All of his armor is gone, Zehir lends him a festive outfit from his toy chest, his shield is still intact (having dropped it before dealing the final blow) and he still has his abilities, but otherwise, Rath is relegated to using his fists.


    Rath's fists have more power than we initially thought. It appears that through this outpouring of divine fluids, Rath has obtained HIS PERSONAL LEGENDARY!

    Though the others are preparing to leave, Rath feels a power course through him - And he slams his fist into the chest of the shattered Elemech Titan. Steel, gold and magical implementation are drained from the fallen automaton, and twist themselves into a bladed gauntlet, a part of his arm now. Such delightful wild magics!

    The group doesn't get much of a chance to be impressed however - A war horn sounds on the other half of the gorge, to the west. The group picks up the pace, heading back for Tasha and Krane. Felix recognizes this as a horn of A'talar.

    They round the corner, and come face to face with a couple of A'talar skirmishers, wielding bows and spears - As well as a robed individual with a pair of punch daggers, each one burning with holy light.

    They clash before the black pit beneath the dragon skull, using their abilities in one of the more impressive fights I witnessed for its efficency. Skills were used in concert with one another, there were at least two occurences where enemies were thrown into the pit of darkness - Each time resulting in a bloodcurdling scream and the sound of tearing flesh.

    The robed individual seems capable of teleporting in and out of view, launching an attack, and then dissapearing again - The crew can only rely on their interrupts to deal any damage on him. While his cronies were simple to defeat, he is not.

    Near the end of the fight, Ga'bella uses a spell (which was gifted by Zehir's Toy Box) to teleport one of the archers right next to her - Then both at once, the two Ga'bellas use their midas touch spell on him - And succeed, turning him to gold. They give eachother a look...

    ...And then proceed to devour the solid gold statue of the terrified man - Gruesome, were he not so metallic. However, in doing so, they unlocked their personal legendary condition: This was a piece of backstory I had discussed with the player previously, that they broke down gold into raw magic by consuming it, but given that this was their first game, they did not know there was going to be a legendary tied to it.

    With the last of the grunts taken care of, Ga'bella's teleport skill activates again - Teleporting the final enemy, the robed assassin, right into the midst of the group. They find him there sitting on a stool, desperately sharpening his blades with a blessed whetstone. He slows his actions, looks up. Goes pale. "Oh son of a-"


    They throw the rest of the corpses into the blackness as a final insult to the warriors of A'talar, and the spirit promptly thanks them. There's a sudden realization that this might've been a bad idea - One that comes to pure dread when the sound of shifting flesh and cracking bone sounds out more frequently - And a figure emerges from the darkness. A tall, elven form made of the flesh of anyone who was thrown down there, with a pair of wings on his back formed of pure shadow.

    He explains that he's been down there for ever so long, but now that he's out, he has a lot of plans to make good on - So ta ta for now. Zoom, he's off into the sky.

    Accidentally revive a possibly very upset Beenu? Check. So that's going to be a thing now...

    The group heads back to map 1, charged up and ready by the second legendary unlock and prepared to defend Tasha and Krane from whoever else is on their way there - Only... They don't wind up getting there.

    Inside Rath's Mind:

    Ga'bella. She's made of gold. I'm conflicted on this. On one hand, she's a source of power - On the other, she's a rival, as her greed for the stuff is the only thing that outweighs my own. But is that really what I want anymore? I just died. Properly died. My life force left my body. There was nothing left... I'm no longer ageless. I can't go back to Deadlantis. And my desire for gold is... Tempered?

    And here she is - Something I still hunger for but no longer understand why- WAIT.


    Rath stops the group - Goes up to Ga'bella, and pulls a ring he found on a corpse out - And bloody proposes to the dual goblins. Who, at this point by the way, are carrying the remains of the gold-ified archer between them, still gnawing off chunks now and then.

    At least Zehir found it entertaining, but the whole group was kinda just flabbergasted by this sudden proposal - And not even me rolling in the background was enough to push the urgency of their return. Ga'bella did not accept, saying that they honestly had just met, and this was crazy, but if this goes beyond a oneshot, try again maybe?

    Hard to tell if Rath was crushed by this or not.

    That being said, this actually took a good bit of time, conversing this out, trying to figure out why all this happened, Rath pouring out his heart, Ga'bella trying to let him down easy... And as a result - Bad things happened.

    When the group made it back down to where Tasha and Krane had been, they were met with a massacre. There were dozens of dead A'talar soldiers strewn about, and Krane himself was sitting against a fallen statue, holding his hand over a grevious wound in his side. Blue-pink energy dripping from his gashes, which solidified as it seperated, and took on the appearance of smoldering bits of paper.

    In his last breaths, he explained what had transpired - A dwarf had appeared with a regiment of A'talar soldiers. Though the pair fought fiercly to push them back, this huntsman dwarf was just too skilled - And he was overpowered and outnumbered. The last thing he saw was a magister opening up a flash portal and taking the survivors - as well as the unconcious body of Lady Tasha - Through the gateway.

    But Krane reached out, grabbed onto Felix's jacket, pulled him in close. "You can't let them have her. She's got a duty to more than just A'talar, or Fjolren - She has a destiny." He coughed and sputtered, wheezing, parts of his body beginning to disintigrate. "They'll want to make an example of her for her acts - And she will not be allowed to live long..."

    "Promise me, soldier-"
    He wheezed. "Promise me you'll save her. Save the future of A'talar - And the world." 

    Felix gulped and nodded. Krane smiiled weakly, and leaned back - And resigned himself to oblivion.

    Before he faded entirely, he whispered. "Tell the Hammerlord... I'm sorry.... I couldn't be as good a man as he wrote me to be..." And with that - His body turned to ash - and drifted away on the winter winds.

    The group stood in silence. Staring down at the spot where the Hero of the Fjolren had perished.

    Felix steeled himself. "None of you are beholden to this quest - But I can't let them have her. I'm her Bodyguard, and I won't allow her to come to harm."

    The others, one by one, disagreed. Felix wouldn't be doing this alone.

    Though they could not see it from the canyon in the Jawbone Mountains, one could imagine that they already knew their destination - They were no longer heading for Stormhark.

    They were no longer going to the Beacon.

    Their course: Straight into the heart of the A'talar Empire itself - To the former seat of the Giant Kings of Jadus....

    ...They were going to infiltrate Talis City.

    And BOOM! We have our conclusion to Campaign 6: Through Jaws Vermillion

    As a reward for the honestly heroic thought of these folks going through, and also because I am way too stupidly generous with my legendaries, I decided to say that when this group next plays in the infiltration campaign (Tentative Name: The High Council) they would have access to their personals.

    As for what happens next and when, I might be a bit slow this month as life has gotten ahead of me in a few nasty ways, but, I'll keep on updating people with new ideas, mini-game runs, and other fun stuff out of our little alternate version of the world of Urealms.


  • Also I was procrastinating on writing hte recap and was feeling creative too so I made a campaign poster for the first of our campaigns, Zarlin Rewritten
  • Nothing quite coming down the pipe just yet for the next campaign, I'm trying to relax a bit due to a few RL events, but that hasn't stopped me from coming up with new ideas.

    Namely, more races. YES, YES I KNOW I have waaaaay too many but I'm also planning on adding in a new system of sorting them that'll both retain the spirit of randomness and yet allow people a bit more freedom.

    First off; I'm looking to work in a few self-described 'Analogs' of DnD 5e races into the mix. The first on my mind was how I was going to handle something reminiscent of the Genasi, the elemental genie people. What did I come up with?

    Blood Snake Queens - I love the idea that they only happen when a blood snake swallows up an elf. Why is it that a snake turns into a humanoid if it eats someone? Well, I note that it's not just anyone - It has to be an elf... And that says to me, they're doing something with the natural magic energy that elves possess.

    In a test campaign, that I occasionally run to introduce folks to the basic gameplay loop, one of the encounters involves a 'Tidesnake Maiden' and a group of small 'Tidesnakes' - Same general idea as blood snakes, just less gory, and using ranged water magic and emerging from the water rather than the forest. So the idea of elemental blood snakes has already been in my head.

    Move forwards a few steps, and I propose this idea; What if, when a blood snake swallows an elf, if they are particularly high in magical affinity, the blood snake queen itself gains the same affinity - Resulting in there being elemental serpent people. What if... Blood Snakes themselves were a bit more vicious than their elemental counterparts, who through the nature of spells, retain a bit of intelligence when they shift.

    I plan on introducing this as one of the rarer races.

    But I have an issue: I have no bloody idea what they should be called. I want to avoid the general snake-person names like Naga or Lamia because they really aren't that - These are another form of delightful magical mutant out of the Birth of Magic.

    Anyone got any ideas of what I should call these malformations?

    Next on the docket...

    It's been requested at several points that I find a way to involve some of the more beloved DnD races in Urealms - Now, this is... This isn't really going to happen. I mean I just described to you what my idea would be for a Genasi analog, and they are an entirely separate entity from what one would consider that to be. That being said - I have a scheme. A real nugget of fascinating whatsit to potentially bring into the game, in the form of a new Legendary race - The working title right now is 'Oldkin'.

    An Oldkin is an entity that was created specifically by the old gods to interact with this world on their behalf - Far more so than other characters would be. The race card is essentially permission to homebrew up a species. The passive of the race would be to choose any other non-legendary race card and lay it over the Oldkin race card, determining what their passive is (Possibly also determining the stamina and gold of the race), but with an important distinction; Your character does not necessarily need to be that race. So you could play with the Keen passive, but in-game be playing as a tree-person. You could have the kobold passive but play as a sentient talking spider. Or, as the idea was brought up to try and appease since I am all but spent on my possible ideas for creating a true demonic race for Urealms, you could play everyone's favorite horny horned hornblowers, Tieflings.

    The idea however is that these characters are few and far between - With only one Oldkin card being implanted into the race deck during character creation, amongst all the other cards present. Only one player will ever have the capability of playing an Oldkin at a time, and I will make it no secret that my job during a campaign will be to try and kill this thing before it can reproduce.

    There are even characters that have already been in my campaigns that I will be retroactively identifying as Oldkin - Remember Roxxa from Dead Weight?

    The player and I were at odds about her. They desperately wanted their character to have horns and tails, and weird skin, despite their race clearly being an elf, and them not having anything that would otherwise indicate they were deformed. I eventually relented, but as a result, Roxxa wound up as this pale-ashen skinned elf with horns and tails.

    Now the plan is that Roxxa will actually be returning very soon as we do a follow-up campaign that will have Roxxa, Tobi, and Bronk from Dead Weight meeting up with Pixie and Porcio from Crimson Frost - And when we do character creation for that, Roxxa will be able to choose a new race to keep the passive of for the future of her existence.

    She's an Oldkin.

    Oldkin can be just about anything you can think of, with one exception: An Oldkin can not, itself, be an Old God. That is impossible. They do have to be a newly created character. So no literal self-inserts.

    Should be interesting.

    And lastly - The earlier mentioned changes to how Races work:

    Likely to be implemented within the next two campaign periods, I will be changing how races are picked. Since the majority of races are not actually individual species, but rather sub-races of an over-arching species, I'll be replacing the main race deck with a deck full of these main species. Porc, Kobold, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, and Exotics.

    Upon choosing one of these over-arching races, players will then draw three random sub-races of the group - And be able to play as one they enjoy. From the races currently in rotation and soon to be implemented, this will mean...

    Porc: Porc, black boar, gravehoof, bonetusk, clawhoof, and porbo (low chance).
    Kobold: Kobold, snowbold, triton ground, stonequisitor, sandbold (low chance)
    Elf: Elf, spellblade, dwelf, azveltarian, and barringster (low chance)
    Dwarf: Dwarf, dvergr, dwelf, tall dwarf, willakers family dwarf (low chance)
    Gnome: Gnome, keen, pasback, scarred, Nisovin* (low chance)
    Exotic: O'bannar, unnamed snakey dudes, goblin, hobgob, shezaite, highbloom, undercaste, beenu (low chance), ogre (low chance)

    Now in this set up, you will notice that Oldkin are not present - That's because an Oldkin will actually be in the main race deck, with all the other prime race cards.

    I'm looking forwards to putting all of this down into my game file, and seeing if that pleases some of the folks who still love randomness, but are a bit less pleased about race selection.

    *lets face it, he's his own species at this point
  • Alright - So these will be the last planned races I have. Anything further will be spur of the moment - And probably isn't going to matter until we start hitting up the new continents.

    Ladies and gentlemen; The final set of races.

    Bringing back Azveltarians into the loop. They'll be in the deck, they'll just be rare.

    Found out that Tambok means 'Fat' in a certain dialect spoken in the Philippines. That same language translates Snake into 'Bitin'. So - Here we have it. The advanced blood snakes - That have elemental affinities.

    The gnomish legendary race - Nisovins! Yes, they are INCREDIBLY overpowered! That's because it's a legendary race. And yes - All their refreshments will be apple juice. Explosive apple juice.

    I don't feel like we got to hear much about what a Stonequisitor was - But from my experiences in Urealms and watching the videos, I've gotten the sense that while the Kobolds are kinda looked down upon by most, plenty of Kobolds do want to prove that they can be just as naturally good as other servants of the light. Maybe they're a bit competitive with the Dwarves...

    Whatever the case is - Stonequisitors are kobolds that have taken an oath to the light, and crusade with its power at their back.

    And last but not least;

    I was just struggling to come up with a better name than 'oldkin' for these guys. Well, I thought hey, these guys gotta have an interesting story made by an old god to get here - So who's to say they don't come from the city where you can be alive or dead - Just so long as you've got a good story?

    Tambokin are separate from believers in that they don't have the same weaknesses, because when they're created, they have their fully fleshed out ideas already set out - That of their creators. Us, the players.

    Not sure if I'll ever outright state they have a connection to Tambok himself, moreso they just use the city as an... Entrance. As a transfer point.

    Anyways, as for other news, I've been cooped up for a week because I thought I had the virus - I got the test, I'm fine, still staying inside for a week or so to finish off my quarentine time. But in that time, I'm finally gonna get around to working on the next campaign, as I have done *nothing* since our last game. I've been exhausted and sick. So here's hoping fun stuff is in the future.
  • Didja think ya got rid of me that early in the night?

    Hell naw. I just went through and made the race-family cards for the new creation tweak.

    See this is what happens when you wind up bringing the total number of races in a game from 9 to 36.
  • Recently recieved a request to upload a public sub-mod for my race and subrace system - So here you go.
  • So in order to make up for the fact that The White Meet is going to be delayed by a bit while I sort out my life, I didn't want to leave my crew without ANYTHING to do...

    So I whipped up a little festive miniboss fight that I'll be running this friday.

    We have an azveltaran sharpsword, a kobold rouge, a shezaite bandito, and an ogre.bard. With a minigun.

    Listen character creation got real out of hand and every last one of these characters is absurdly overpowered.
  • So the crew fought a giant turkey, killed it with a legendary spell, got to hang out on my new Arena of Ages map, NIsovin revealed that it was all non-canon... And then someone used a wish to *make* it canon.

    There is now a new divine running around my urealms universe and they dress in black leather.
  • I like the enthusiasm you put towards your game, any party would be lucky to have you as a GM. Sounds like a lot of fun
  • edited December 2020
    hey remember when i said i wasnt adding more races ha ha


    haaaaaaaa... those were good times.

    Adding the seventh race family soon; Fiends
  • @brownhair798 ;
    any reason for the addition? 
    Or just felt like it cause fiends are cool? Lol
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