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First campaign to run! I have some questions


I'm sure others will pop up but I have some questions about mechanics that I'm not sure of.

1. Obviously it says anytimes are only 3 use per combat (not sure when it was changed but okay?) - can you spend an action to use one of your anytimes?

2. Random treasure deck has some non treasure cards in such as abilities - is this correct?

3. I've got 2 members of my party with super low stamina and 2 with super high - is this normal for people? I don't remember the urealms one being this unbalanced.



  • 1. By design no, but honestly as a game master I would allow it. Just remember Anytime Abilities can still only be used once per combat.

    2. Are you sure they aren't like treasure spells? Basically it has a Treasure Icon on it sp that's the item allowing you to do that ability.

    3. Stamina is not health, but yes. When you hit zero stamina all you have to do is death roll and another player can then help you back out of the defeated state or you use an ability to get out of it yourself. While defeated, any damage forces you to death roll again. 
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