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Your URealms Tarot Card Reps

If there were to be a URealms themed tarot card deck, who or what would you pick for the major arcana? My list is by no means perfect, the question marked ones are the ones I am most unsure about, but there could be a better character or concept for every slot. So I would love to see people's own lists.

The Fool - Phineas
The Magician - Nisovin
The High Priestess -  Daedric?
The Empress - Quintara?
The Emperor - Virgo GP
The Hierophant - GPO Symbol
The Lovers - Gwyneth and Kallark
The Chariot - Kohai Chan?
Strength - Bruce
The Hermit - Lance (or Vitali)
Wheel of Fortune - Maelstrom
Justice - Galen?
The Hanged Man - GP Transformations 
Death - Golestandt or Bopen
Temperance - Percy Bast?
The Devil - Order of Chaos 
The Tower - ToUW
The Star - The people nearby while Gwyneth is casting final gift
The Moon - Phanto
The Sun - Kallisto
Judgement - Divine Decision
The World - Dragon Aspects Mural

Gotta say Phanto as The Moon is probably my favourite (Lance as The Hermit a close second), the fact Phanto is the actual moon and also the secret of the Old Gods being the cause of their death.
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