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Best way to learn the game's "rules"?

A bit of background. I used to watch URealms Live in S1-S2, but it's been a while since I've interacted with the game or the show. (I'm sad to see that the show had such a controversial end, but that's neither here nor there.) Due to the Coronavirus, I thought back to URealms as a good way to play a tabletop RPG long-distance through TTS. But being so far removed, I don't remember much of the flow of the game; I briefly watched a combat encounter from S3E1, since I figured that some things may have changed from the earlier seasons, but I'm curious if anyone has some advice for how to refamiliarize myself with the rules (or really tendencies) of the game. Specifically, there are minor details (such as "roll for speed", general movement distances, death roll mechanics, combat flow, and more) that I want to try and remember exist, whether or not I choose to implement them. Do you all have any suggestions (campaigns to watch encounters from, external resources) for a place to start? I'm specifically thinking about combat here, since roleplay is a more DM-driven affair whereas combat has some fixed rules (or at least expectations - obviously everything is up to judgment :P). Similar ideas for lore tidbits (e.g. how Ageless generally work, everything about Porcs, etc.) would be useful as well. Side note - I have Unexpected Recovery Redux saved to TTS, but it seems completely broken by the change post-S2. Any suggestions for an easy-to-setup campaign for a test run? I've vaguely looked around the forums here but I don't remember enough about the game to be able to evaluate how difficult a campaign would be to run. Any assistance would be appreciated if you have advice or expertise! Thanks!


  • Their honestly isn't really a set of rules atm Typo. The game was in a lot of changes between S3 and S4 and I felt I had to rush into the next Season so I really never even finished the changes or really get to do some write ups yet.
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