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Is it still going?

So I have not been on here for quite awhile nor seen any or robs live streams and seen that there hasn't been another urealms stream for 7 months. So I was wondering is the story still going or are they finished with the campaign?


  • Urealms is dead, sorry buddy. Rob ended it.
  • Was there a reason why?
  • Yeah, dunno if i can explain it well to you. It happened quite a while ago.
    But from what i understand its due to monetary issues
  • Is there a stream or video where he talks about it.
  • Oh wow you're really behind. The video called Digital Bards on his channel is where it was announced. In short it was to big a project to continue and he needed to focus on other things. 
  • @bebop562 ;

    He still plans to continue updating the TTS mod, and would like to do more Dead Realms in the future. Who knows, maybe URealms Live will come back five-ten years down the road. Who can say, man. The world is a crazy place.
  • I believe Rob did say that he doesn't intend to leave Urealms unfinished. He intends to someday do one final season to provide some closure to the story. Just not the 12 or however many seasons he talked about having plans for in the past.

    Of course maybe that changed or even I'm remembering it wrong.
  • Rob
    edited April 2020
    I plan on finishing the TTS mod, but the story of URealm Live has fallen away. There was so much story that's not on paper that at this point it hurts to try to think about what I was trying to do. This project got way to big for me to manage and I couldn't find a way to fund it's growth without these giant stressful shows every few months where I had to gamemaster a campaign while also raising thousands of dollars or else the show would fall apart.

    Now that I am away from this project, I can't even really bring myself to do even Dead Realms atm. The idea of doing this show now just utterly scares me. Imagine working for a month or two and then needing to make $10,000 to pay your team  and cover your bills over and over in a single day. It was too much pressure. 
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