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List of Mod issues

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Does anyone have a list of all the current known issues? Or rather if you know obvious problems with the cards could you point them out in this thread. I wanna try fixing everything up in my spare time and then just rolling out a quality of life patch to fix the cards. Pointing out my typos are fine too!

After that I wanna see if I can get the missing classes in as my next goal.


  • @Megalomaniac don't be down my man. I'm grieving for URealms Live too and I know it sucks. But this is a really cool mod and I'd like to keep working on it in my spare time and getting it really cleaned up.

    Then I can make a proper set of rules and then write some cool campaigns and stuff hopefully one day. I really tried my best with this show and I'm sorry I broke down last year, now I'm just trying to find a nice path forward cause I miss this work already.
  • These were the ones I could find by searching through the board.There is a tile on the 4th player's inventory.

    And the rest are really just typos.

    It should be noted that I'm not an English Major, so I may have gotten a few wrong or missed a few. Also, I haven't gone through the cards yet, but I do plan on doing that when I have the time to manually go  through each card. I hope this helps even if it isn't much.
  • much appreciated my man. the screenshots make this way easier to fix thanks. I made notes for these changes to happen.

    Do you use ShareX? ShareX is FANTASTIC for doing these types of photos on the fly. 
  • i don't know if this is an issue or not but the "Urealms - 100 Tiles+ Map with grid" thing has s3 cards instead of s4 cards
  • Really? Thanks Revoltman I'll see how to fix that!
  • @Rob I actually used print screen, which depending on your computer will either save it to a file or copy your screen as an image. Some computers let you do both with fn print screen, but mine only lets me copy the image.
  • Got a few more cards, went through the races, classes, and some of the cornerstones. Here are the typos that I found.

    * Edits with ? mean I'm unsure if they are wrong or not.

    Note: I'm not sure if it's supposed to be called rogue or it was meant to be rouge, but I put the definitions for both underneath the card.

  • To explain this one a bit further, they are the same thing but are just worded differently.
  • check out my man you can take pictures on the fly and edit them like so

    that picture was as easy as pushing a button, drawing some arrows, and then it auto uploads the result to imgur to copy here to save you time!
  • Nice! I'll be sure to look into it. It seems like a very useful tool that will make going through the cards a lot easier.
  • @IronLegionSoldier the rouge is intentional because of the many time people misspell rogue... at least that is why I remember it being rouge and not rogue. 
  • That's exactly correct @iggyjeckel ;
  • I updated the mod today so that the links were moved from the old BuffaloWizards to URealms so it should be downloadable and working again.
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    Sorry, I might be late to the party and unable to see if you fixed these already. Trying to redownload the mod with mod caching off comes up with this error;

    But anyway, if they're not fixed yet, (sorry if you did fix them already) The Basic Ability deck seems to have the most cards with red interrupt gems that need updated.

  • Yeah I have not fixed the red gem issue. That involves something much more complicated that will take me awhile to wrap my head around it. It looks like most things loaded for you besides the table background so i'll try to look into that. Thanks cloud!
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    For future readers, I have a temporary fix for the basic abilities deck. I just recreated the cards and replaced their red gems with their rainbow gem equivalents and uploaded them to imgur. Rob needs to fix these from the source, but for now, this should make playing the base game a bit smoother.
  • If I remeber correctly you said that the Porc race card is supposed to be negative stamina. Currently it still gives stamina. Not sure if you've changed your mind on this choice, just thought I would mention it, just in case.
  • I believe I got the links and red gems fixed! Thanks you guys!
  • Porc Race change too! Thanks for reminding me kyle!
  • With mod caching set to off, the card backs for Races and Classes don't load. Everything else seems to be working fine!

  • Should be all fixed! Missed an image.
  • Yup! Works like a charm now. :heart: 
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    Whenever I hit start Character creation, an extra class and/or race pops up in the second player's classes.

    And random cards fall down like that whenever I move classes over into the player inventories.

  • I was messing with it recently, and is Porc supposed to have -60 stamina? I figured that maybe this was a bug, otherwise most of the porc characters I make die in character creastion
  • They are supposed to have -60 stamina. They gain stamina from the companion abilities they get.
  • This is less of a specific mod issue and more of an suggestion to solve a convinence issue, but would it be a good idea to create a digital rulebook for the game?

    As Rob has said that he doesn't plan to continue making URealms Live videos, the current best way for people to understand the full mechanics of the game (such as the Porc stamina system) is to scan through videos of older versions and the production note videos.

    I believe that a simple easy to understand digital rulebook can solve this. The book would only really need to explain the different races, classes, and character creation. With mabye an extra page or two for the main game mechanics that arn't already mentioned via notes on the board. (Character Movement, Unnarmd Basic Attack Damage, ect.)
    I understand none of this information would really be unknown to hardcore URealms fans (AKA, the people who watched every campaign and every production note video.) but for new players this might make the game a bit less threatening to them.

    Thank you for your time listening to this idea. Sorry it was a bit long-winded.
  • @kylemoores That is actually a pretty fun idea. A players handbook of sorts. With lots of the mechanics explained and maybe we could even fill it with some already established lore about certain races and classes.
    My first thought though is maybe this could be a community project? rawb is pretty busy with stuff and this would be a really big project for anyone person. If we could put that together that would make this game that much more shareable and all rawb would have to do is proof read it instead of write the whole thing.
  • I have been having trouble making the tiles work. I think the issue is the Buffalo Wizards website doesn't exist so those tile's models aren't working.  I know the tiles aren't really part of the mod but they are pretty essential to the game.
  • Never mind, I found the fix.
    If anyone else needs it, just right click the tile, go to custom, and replace the URL for model to: instead of the buffalo wizards one.
    You'll need to do this for every status effect.
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