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Waifu Battle

Which waifu is best? Give reasons why your waifu is better than any other.


  • Neena Brando. Because MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!
    Also I like the idea of interesting characters with the Vampire Locket. It's something that could really become interesting later on in the story. Like another Tambok Special Friend Show thing.
  • Umm I mean it's clearly Sonya, she's a very sad story and if you can get past her appearance (which really isn't bad at all) and well mr talkative arm she would be a very good friend/girlfriend/lover/wife whatever your thing is :)
  • Kinney Boots, my waifu kills your waifu and is the only female influence for phinneas on coes quest. 
  • @Doggod100 You dirty Gemlicker. :wtfbold: 
  • best waifu is Porbo come on
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    Raynel will kill all y'all motherfuckers

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  • I'll stick with quality husbandos, thank you very much
  • Anyone who doesn't say Raynel clearly doesn't have good taste.
  • Anyone who doesn't say Gwyneth has shit taste in waifus 
    Best girl, strongest girl, cutest girl, you name it
  • @Junkhipster most caring girl?
  • See, I just physically can't not say Jessabelle Marie, because of the whole lovestruck thing and all. It's also pretty hard to argue against it, since nothing anyone says will make a difference in my mind. So it's kind of winning?
  • Raynel definitely has my favorite art out of the current URealms waifus, but Jeanie Jaredson might have been one of my favorite female characters, and no not just because she loved fire :wtf: 
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    Heathera stonemason, Because daddy issues.  ;)
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    lol at all these fools saying Raynel. She is definitely a size queen and only lusts for the biggest of them all.

    Nose size, that is.
  • Waifu Wars is back motherfuckers
    Time to start making a shit ton of cards
  • Jessabelle Marie, also if anyone has fan art, let me know! For research purposes... 
  • Kinney and Raynel are best girls
  • I love how most of the waifu-qualifying characters are Deadbones' making. As for me I'd actually have to say Jessabelle or Coe's cowgirl witch whose name I cant remember. Oh and clean-shaven Thea Mazing.
  • @Gloryddd
    Wahfu Wars Campaign HYPE!

    Plz Rawb, make this happen. PLZZZZZ

    (It would make for excellent "plot")
  • My waifu/husbando is Jameson Blant because it is a two for one deal!
  • Tie of Gwenyth, Ca-Rell, and Raynell. Saving to get Gwenyth first.
  • @Astora What's wrong with that huh? Kinny is obviously the best Waifu. 
  • @GemLicker Just hope the Great Purge happens soon. smh :frownneena: 
  • Sonya for the best waifu of urealms
  • Rob really needs to do a Waifu Wars campaign for the live show. So the audience can get on the waifu clashing goodness. XD
  • @Astora I'm sure the elves would rather purge some other race first. Remember Kobolds were just an example. @Doggod100 He will never understand the love a dwarf can feel for a Kobold. 
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