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Custom Cards Made from this Sitte

How can I edit decks and upload/delete cards? And is there a way to save changes?


  • There isn't exactly an easy way to get them into TTS, you kinda need to know TTS pretty well and add card either 1 by 1 or make card sheets. It's a lot of work!
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    Its actually quite simple in reality. The way suggested by Rob is the vanilla Tabletop Simulator way, and it's honestly not that time intensive or even hard to get into, unless you want to rename the cards like they are in the Official Mod, then that is what is going to take you the most time. It's the easiest way if you want to import cards in bulk, in my experience it's only worth it if you the number of cards you want to import exceeds like 20.

    Here's a link to Berserk Games offical Tutorial on how to use it:

    and here is the offical link to the cardback:

    There are other ways to import cards quickly that are great for small amounts of cards.

    No 1 (my preferred way, if I want to upload single cards or custom Legionaries for Players)

    This is a mod made by Space, that allows you to import cards by just uploading them to your preferred image hosting site and then putting the direct link in the description. Then just pick up the card and your card will be automatically created, cardback and all.

    Link 1 (to the mod)
    Link 2 (A custom CC that has the mod included)

    No 2 (No mods required)

    You can also import cards individually inside of TTS without using any other software. To do that, you open a game in TTS then go to "Objects" then click "Custom" and choose "Card" then a window pops open that requires you to put the "Face" of the card, which is the direct link of the card (for example on imgur) and the the "Back" (

    Importing custom cards is easy really and greatly improves the player and gm experience, in my experience. I hope this helped

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  • Thanks Acas! Keep in mind that things that are easy for you to do are not easy for people who have barely touched TTS!
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