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ULARP - For those who won't let the Realm die.

I know everything is in a tumultous state right now, and I for sure don't know how anything is going to turn out, which is why I want to make something that I'm in charge of how it turns out. I want to fuse two of my passions together to create some unholy monstrosity that will turn out to just be an adorable 3x3 tile flesh golem.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm taking this wonderful amazing world and I'm giving it the Earth to Aeyor treatment. I'm making the Unforgotten LARP.
For those of you unsure of what this is, LARPing stands for Live Action RolePlaying, and it's generally where a bunch of people meet up in some field somewhere, roleplay, and hit each other with foam weapons. Doesn't that just sound lovely?

So I did bite off more than I could chew with this one, at least... a bit more than I could chew in a timely manner. I've realized that for what I'm making, I will need to convert over all 40 classes that URealms has had (going by the wiki list). And that for each of those classes I will need 33 different abilities. I simply don't have the creative brainpower to make all of that in a timely manner, especially because I want to run a launch event on december 1st for my college's LARP league.

So I will ask for a Donation of my own, from all of you who would like to. Give me your creative energy. If you have any ideas on abilities for a class, doesn't matter how powerful, please post them in a comment on this thread, I will be looking through here every couple of days to scoop up the latest of your kind kind offerings, and put them into this, now communal, masterpiece. I'll be updating this main post as I finish off classes, but please do give me whatever ideas you can acquire. I would suggest avoiding the cards, however, as I already plan on using all of the card abilities listed on the wiki.

I know I'm rarely on the forums, and that whenever I come back it's always for some crazy shit like this, but that's just how it be, and I promise I will bring in a link to the finished google doc once I make it.


  • A whole class based around hitting people with dodgeballs. Each color dodge ball is a different element of magic
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