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Some fan and original art

Wasnt sure it it was Jacque or Jacques...I had drawn him back 7 years ago on Deviant Art. Lately been drawing in a different style, allowing me to do human looking characters easier, as well as change the look of my own characters.

Been going around and drawing some more fan art of various characters Also, wasnt sure how Schmoopy's beard was to be like...think should went curvy and round, like an afro beard.



  • A comic I did,,,just being silly:)

  • Thank you kindly. :)
  • Xenoblade 2 Guy

    Peter Griffin as Zeke. Got idea when playing game, and after a fight, Rex will sometimes say somethng about doing it blindfolded...every time I would say to myself, Shut up Rex, no you couldn't" Then thought of Family Guy where Peter would just say "Shut up Meg!" So drew Rex in style of Meg Griffin.

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    DeviantArt has this badge event called Stupid Powers Headlines...this was I did.

    Friend suggested the name of the cafe.

  • How do they know he has a man bun if they can't see his head tho?
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    @nikiduke easy, they watched him do so, so they saw it before he used his powers,..that's why they are amazed. :D well...amazed over the power, not so much the man bun :)
  • I see
    Thank you
  • Cannah wait for Series 12 of Doctor much,had Sierra dress up as the 13th Doctor.

  • Only watched the 1st season. Strange show
  • yes, very much so...lots of weird and strange places and beings...even the previous seasons that took place before the 1st season and movie. I liked the oddity of the show.
  • Finally got my Christmas cards...were late ordering them cause had no money....and with $1000 for a crown and 450+ for glasses...well...I still glad I got them for friend and family...may not been able to afford good gifts, but hope they like the card, definitely better then last years card (cause the picture wasnt right size and was a pain to fit into place and centered.) Though got those expensesI ordered the cards long before the dentist office called me up and told me the lovely news....duno why they would drop a bombshell like that around this time. I told them i could never affoerd computer was cheaper then that. lol, She laughed, cause they are all cool down there. Just need to be careful not to mess my tooth up before pay it off.

    Anyway, am happy, nay, please they turned out better then I expected. This time I emailed about what dimensions the pictures need to be to be on the card...and the inside was different so had to monkey with the size to get it to fit without it being cropped/trimmed off. 

    Since got extra, DeviantArt is doing this card thing, mail in christmas cards, bought or made, and they give them out to people in the hospital for the holidays....thought since I now have extras, mail out what have left to them for that program.

  • I used a site called VistaPrint...just love the results, plus in November and December, they have a code to get 50% off the price.
  • That's more then 49%
    what a great deal  :D
  • @nikiduke Yeah, is great. Did it last year with an old pic that was a Christmas card idea, just to test it out, sliced image in half and tried to fit and center it on both sides, inside and cover. This time I emailed them and asked for the recommended dimensions for the card I was gonna use. Made it much easier and looks much better then the one I did last year..least to me it does.
  • Some comic centered on The Miz and his wife Maryse from the WWE

    Comic - Miz-take by TheRealSneakers
  • Roamin, the crime solving rank 11 paladin

  • 10 2 Life cereal

    10 2 Life Cereal by TheRealSneakers
  • I prefer the Razor blade version
  • A New Year's Pic

  • Bit late, but I love your art style! :smilebold: 
  • @Maris ;

    Thank you very much. :)
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    Thought you edit posts, but cant older ones,. so here was the ones I deleted off Imgur, I thoought I used the Deviant 

    Christmas cards 2019 display by TheRealSneakersUnforgotten - Roamin by TheRealSneakers
    Happy 2020 by TheRealSneakers
  • I love those characters in the happy 2020 sneaks. Iv seen your art a few times but that one squirrel with the blaster looks really awesome.
  • @Rob
    Thanks, just selected a few of my characters, ones I liked a lot. Glad you loved them and the art. The squirrel character, named Tank Squirrel, is one of my faves that really evolved over time. Looking at the k, I just now realized I didnt finish her....I forgot her long hair. lol
  • New comic.....with some bears....or as I call them... Bahrs :dank: 

    Comic - Barefoot by TheRealSneakers
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