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My thoughts on donating

I do not condone any harassment done by anyone on this forum, no matter who it is. I don't think it's cool for anyone to insult other people online just because they have an opinion, and whether you donate to Rob or not, I don't think you should be judged for it.

So I've been reading the forums lately and a lot of people seem to either refuse to donate to Rob or want to donate their entire bank account to Rob, but honestly, I'm somewhere in the middle albeit leaning towards not donating.

I'm personally both a Rob fan and a URealms fan, as I love Rob's personality, and I also love URealms. The reason I personally can't/won't donate, besides being a poor highschool student, is simply because I don't enjoy Rob's other content. Part of it is simply that I don't really have time to watch much of his content, but the other part is simply that I personally just don't have much fun watching his non-urealms content. I can see the appeal for some people, Rob is a great YouTuber and personality overall and he can make a lot of things enjoyable, but I feel Rob is at his best when he GMs URealms. The excitement and emotions feel genuine, and Rob does a wonderful job as the creator of URealms, better than any of us could do for certain. In the end, I can understand you guys donating to Rob and his amazing content, but I want to donate to Rob and URealms, not Rob and something that I don't enjoy much anymore.

I'm still going to occasionally watch Rob's videos that I find interesting and fun, but if I donate to Rob I want to do it because I want to donate feeling that I'm supporting someone who I enjoy, and not that I have to donate to them because if I don't I'm not a true fan. Again, I'm not saying you should or shouldn't donate your money to Rob, and I am against all harassment towards anyone on the forums, whether it is Rob, Me, or anyone else on the forums. Just like us, Rob is a human and won't always make the choices we want him to, and it's up to us to understand where he is coming from. And if by some chance Rob reads this, I want him to know that I still support him as a person and content creator even if I'm don't donate any money to him. I think in the end, true fans aren't the ones who donate lots of money, but the ones who stick with the creator through the good times and the bad and support the creator as a person, even if they don't enjoy the content they make anymore.


  • I like your response and I think it is really well thought out. I am in the same boat as you but I'm donating the small amount I can (College student here). I donate because of the chance that URealms Live can come back better than ever if we do donate. I don't watch a lot of Rob's other content but I watch it when I have time. I totally respect your view but I'm just trying to persuade to maybe drop a couple bucks for the hope that URealms can return in the future. Don't donate if you can't though. 
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