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Response from a fan

When you go see a movie you’re looking for it to touch you, make you scared, cry, laugh, think, but not leave you the same as you went in. You effect me Rawb, more than any movie, and I’m grateful.

im going to write a wall of text as a mirror just as what I think of what you’ve said over the last week, maybe it’ll help you formulate it.

I've had 40 12 hour shifts in a row because I'm self employed l, make costumes and my clients have a convention coming up and once never missed a convention deadline yet. Your message resonates with me. After these are done I'm not letting it happen like this again. I miss my family and fiance too much, I've missed out on too much for customers who might not even value the sacrifice Your pokemon streams on repeat get me through the day a lot of the time, along with GTA and urealms and anything else you do. Though I rarely catch anything live as I’m in the UK I’ve followed since pkmnRob days and only enjoyed you more as you made different projects, and can’t believe my luck when you make more content.

I'm struggling to pay my apprentice and myself minimum wage at the moment so it's not really responsible to donate, though I do donate between $1-10 when I can r buy mercy. I just want you to know that the kinds of people you reach might not be the big spenders but I value you so much, don't let money become your map for how much value you provide to people. You're about the only thing that can keep my brain entertained for a long stretch of time. If I were you I'd take a leaf from podcasters books, and take audible, honey, hover, squarespace etc money, because fans might actually need those services and can happen to use your code and support you indirectly just like with twitch prime. I also recommend moving somewhere cheaper where in the next year you could buy a house. I moved away from my mum and it was painful but I'm only a 4 hour drive away and the price of a mortgage on 2 bed house is the same as renting a single room where I was born. Don't get stuck on the hedonic treadmill, happiness isn't the goal, you'll be just as happy or miserable if you have nothing or win the lottery. Strive for what is meaningful to you, which may be more casual streaming, letting some staff go their own way and just be friends. You don't need to 'make it'. 

To me you made it when you made pokemon so much fun that it can keep me extremely content for a long time. I'm grateful for everything you've done and have yet to do You have a loyal fan in me. Love to yourself and Megan. You can have a family one day, that might be something worth thinking about how to make space for. Child minders and school are things if you need to keep being creative. Your fans aren't worth skipping out on life for. The best of us want the best for you and are grateful for what you've given us already

I must also mention the two times you mentioned me in a stream you were telling me off, first for correcting a spelling and then for donating with twitch not direct. I agree with your corrections, but it made me embarrassed because I’m getting scolded when I want you to like me, and while I take that and try to be the kind of fan you want, others maybe might just shrug and leave. It seems along the same lines of the self hate thing, if you’re biting the hand that feeds you by hating on chat sometimes, even for the joke, you and chat internalise it.

I recommend the cortex podcast for two guys talking about the business of making content online. And I recommend Jordan Peterson and Jim Rohn as general good life advice for men, all you can find on YouTube.
final pondering a on what power I can share with you.
If you and Megan ever need somewhere in the north west of England to crash just ask, and I make fursuits, if you want danger mice or anything else, my business is Furry Tailor. Apologies for the self promo. For you I can offer 20% off and free shipping to Canada.  I usually only offer 10% off to close friends and previous customers, and I can offer 5% off for any fan of yours who has donated $50 or more to you in some way over the years.

Sorry for the wall, again you have touched me, I have been one of the silent introverts. I’ll try to speak up more. I am grateful, thank you. Thank you to the whole team. I’ll never judge you for taking corporate money or asking for donations more.


  • Very well written, and greatly thought out.
    I am not gonna lie, I am not sure if I find the Danger Mouse Fursuit idea hilarious, awesome, or both.
  • I think that would be quite funny.
  • Rob
    edited October 2019
    I'm sorry Mipsy. I have struggled with the community aspect of this job. In the early internet, in order to get any fans it was all about being SHOWY. I made SHOWS. I didn't play games, but made fancy shows.

    I had an edge to me and so my audience had an edge that got to the point where there was so much hate in my life and I just snap at people who annoy me. I hope that doesn't happen anymore and if it does I hope I can apologize right away and point out my mistake to improve because you were just trying to help me and I slapped you down for no good reason. Correcting my spelling has always upset me because I suck at it and people often know what I said so it breaks my rhythm when someone wants to correct spelling which doesn't matter if you understood what I said, at least that's how i thought. I hope instead I can just be like "ah thanks bud" when someone points out an error because mistakes are the most important lessons to my personal growth so im at the point where im trying to pay very close attention to the ones I make.
  • It's cool! I think it was on a urealms card or similar and I had no idea whether the spelling had to be perfect or not. I'm sorry for bringing it up way into the future, it doesn't matter at all and I get where you were coming from.  You are 1000% forgiven, thanks for your reply. Hopefully you absorb the love too  <3 Sorry you've had hateful vibes, you don't deserve that and never did.  Here's to to a more wholesome and trusting future between all of us, imma bring some positivity
  • And thanks Mulligan and Jack , it would xD only problem would be finding a big enough hat!
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