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To Rawb

I’m sorry in advance if my thoughts are a mess. 
  You are a bigger part of my life than words can display. You are someone who I learned what true kindness looked like, a role model, to put on a happy and roaring to go attitude after working yourself over all of the numbers and preparations for a game. You have been apart of my life since as long as I can remember. I found you through dvz in Minecraft’s prime. I love all of your content now and forever because it’s yours. 
  I  was sad but understanding about your decision during the first live stream. I knew how much you overworked yourself when you talked about it before. But to what extent I didn’t know fully ( I knew you did too much work for one person but you worked even more). I understand you want a break from just work because that spark isn’t their anymore. You also don’t want those who you made URealms a part of their work to suffer because you burned out. 

I originally thought that hey once rawb has enough money to help his coworkers out while they look for a new job he can just reuse maps and just not update the game or hat puppets. Then he just needs himself to run a smaller scale version. We would still love it even without its flashiness. But then I thought that would still make Rawb feel overpressured doing the story and the health and everything else (as well as his feelings of letting down six, haunter and everyone else) 
So Rawb I am probably insane but please don’t do URealms anymore. Just leave it and whatever abstract thoughts and ideas you have to them (the fan groups who play URealms ) 
I think that if you made old buffalo wizard style videos with Hive, Jill, and anyone else who you think is worthy to be a digital bard. You could play tabletop games or anything else to help introduce us to them better so we have a higher chance of us loving them. As it is I don’t think we have a good chance of sticking to hive. I don’t mean you made a bad choice she is incredibly wholesome and doesn’t make bad content. it is just we don’t know her to well. 
If you let us watch and enjoy her content while allowing us to keep the familiarity of your content making us love them as much as we do you. 
Money. Rawb you know we all know that we can’t give that much money. One stream every 2 months can probably generate that much but once a month it is unlikely, highly unlikely. Even if we do we will be strapped for cash and will give a even weaker hug than we did to hive. But when we don’t generate enough money we will disperse slowly but our hugs will be meaningless. 

I think that is why I am sad about it. The twitch stream we hugged hive I went to go watch her stream. then going to sleep I thought about how in decades the wholesomeness that you started will probably be close to a hundred and that some of them won’t know they are somehow related to another streamer and that would make me the happiest person knowing you created a anti toxicity force. 
But then on the YouTube stream you set a target that is improbable for us to hit you would stop producing content I would never be able to donate to you with my own money because I am to young but more importantly you wouldn’t be able to hug as well and Hive would be your only real successor. That made me really sad that the toxicity that infects the children won’t have a counter balance.

Rawb if I misinterpreted anything you said or made you think in any way negatively about you decisions I am so so sorry I support you unconditionally 100%. 
Rawb if it is late then please please go to sleep you deserve it.


  • Hey! Idk if you watched the stream tonight but I would watch the vod, it adresses a lot of the issues you had! Thanks for your compassion to Rob, have a good night!
  • Thanks, I will watch the vod as soon as I have the time. 
    Have a good day.
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