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I'm dissapointed

so like I was watching the new stream, and I was totally prepare to forgive Rob if he gave valid reason, then he kept pushing off talking about the vid and just talked about random stuff, I got annoyed because I and several other people wanted to hear him talk about Friday's video and when I brought it up I was called out and told I wasn't a real fan, and I didn't say anything mean or hurtful, I just wanted Rob to get to the point of talking about the video.  And being singled out and no longer considered a fan made me upset I guess the over $500 in donations towards Urealms doesn't make me a fan anymore?  Like I came in with an open mind and was given nothing for an hour only to be called out for being annoyed that the topic of the stream wasn't being talked about, good job.  Like I don't care if this thing gets deleted and I'm banned from this site cause I'm not a true fan anymore, and that hurt, I love Urealms but seeing that behavior when I didn't even be that toxic, well I can't support that, not in good conscious, not when I feel attacked for complaining about stuff that was supposed to be talked about.   and here's the thing, I make over $200 each week and have no bills, I could easily see myself donating my entire paycheck to keep the show afloat, but like I don't feel like I can anymore, I feel saddened by this and I hope at least some of you can see where I'm coming from


  • That might be fair, but just try to be nice and let him do his thing. Just watch the VOD if your time is to important to waste an hour. Hes talking about it now if your still around
  • @timmy1291 it took him 2hrs to get to this point and I was under the impression that he would start talking about it right away, it's still rather annoying
  • @timmy1291 Naw dude, that calling out of Whightknight16 and saying he's not a true fan cause he (like everyone else) wanted some answers is completely unacceptable.
    You don't treat other people, especially your fans, like that.
  • At the moment I think Rob really needs to think before he acts on anything now. He is losing more and more people each video he makes. The donations will probably never be reached at this rate unless more of his crew leaves the project that is.
  • Ya I get it. I wasn't really paying attention when the stuff happened with your comment, so maybe rawb took it the wrong way. Its probably hard to express what you were trying to say. I usually just lurk during stream, so I can't really give any advice on how to say things better. Communications hard. 

    Don't really know what the solution to this is, but the way it seems to me is he is trying to get better at talking to his chat. So if you really want to stick with it, just be patient I guess. Or watch the VODs
  • @SMS00 ya probably. I think its probably just rawb reading it the wrong way too. But your right, he shouldn't call people out
  • Dude chill out, this is a super difficult topic for him. He had answered questions like yours at least three times before you got banned, and said he would talk about it eventually. He has expressed that he is pretty much at his lowest of lows. It takes a lot to openly talk about some of the worst days of your life. you are pretty much acting as an example of the toxic fans that rob talked about, even if it isn't intentional.
  • @Darkotter109 ;
    So heres my thought. I think for now Im on rawbs side. Ill support him. So I want to defend him. But criticism is important. Its just hard to express it in a "constructive" and "non-toxic" way. 

    I think if he wants to do the wholesome thing, his comment earlier doesn't fit. But neither does WhitKnights for what rawb wants. Do I have a solution? no. Everyone just needs to be carfull with how they say things
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    ( @Darkotter109 )
    Look dude, Rob has done some shady shit and has been pretty bad at explaining what is happening. To say the least and to use one of Timmy's words from up top, "patient" I think a lot of people here have been too patient with rob. But that is their choice, but rob also needs to be patient at the moment as well. If he can't do this calm it's a bad look and causes a problem like this one
  • @Darkotter109 Mmmm if that's what you consider toxic, I have some bad news for ya~
  • I think I just got to that point in the VOD. At least I think.

    The point of the stream was just Rawb getting on and interacting with his fans for the first time on Twitch since he dropped that video. Not to talk specifically about the video and just that. Things are changing. He was just having fun talking to chat and talking about whatever. 

    You're fine. Nothing wrong with wanting to get just to the video discussion, but as he said. Just wait for the VOD whenever he does it. I'm doing that now with the VOD. You say you were given nothing for an hour, but your a URealms fan. You're used to all day streams. I'm enjoying the hell out of this first hour. I wouldn't say Rawb was giving us nothing.
  • @Kalazar321 the point of the stream was to talk about the video and address it but he spent 2hrs deciding to talk to chat instead and giving a sense of "pushing it off"
  • @Kalazar321 as a Urealms fan who watches all day streams the streams are usually focused on ONE THING

  • Its important to note that multiple times before he actually talked about it he started to before immediately changing to a completely different topic. And then when he said he'd finally get to it he took a "break" that was just him doing exactly the same thing he was doing for the last hour and a half.
  • Sure you guys are right. The title was digital bard breakdown. And it didn't happen right away. So I think further discussion is unnecessary. If you guys have something specific about how he should have handled it then say that. But arguing about this anymore is pointless I think.
    Also @blockington99 your right. But he also mentioned a few times that he might not get to it either.
  • I think this is sort of also what he is trying to say overall. He wants his streams to be him interacting with his fans. Not just some specific thing, but more relaxed and stuff
  • And in the end we broke down the entire video. You guys act like all I did was goof off and not talk about serious shit the whole stream. Don't forgive me and leave me dudes, I have said my peace and now explained it, if you don't wanna support me then say whatever you like and leave because I can't really spend any more energy reexplaining myself.
  • @Rob Many were anxious, and while I get you needed time to prepare yourself, but other people too had strong feelings about it all. He worded himself slightly rudely, but he wasn't toxic of what I saw.  
  • At least for me it's not upsetting to see the reasoning. That's fine because everyone has their sides of their story. But it seems manipulative and disheartening to silence some of the more respectful dissenters. I know when someone goes down a bit some people pile on to just shit one someone. Those people can be banned, but for the most part from what I have seen the more civil people are banned too for bringing up different views. It's gotten a tad better, but I'd rather be purposefully ignored than be purposefully silenced for stating my concerns on an issue.
  • @Whightknight16

    It wasn't a easy thing to talk about. He needed to ease the tension and just goof off for a bit. It took him forever to address the video partly because explaining you art isn't something artist usually like to do and it was really emotional for him. He's not a robot. 

    The point was all the stuff before the video as well. Understanding Rawb has no reason or should push himself that hard anymore so he eased himself into just finally addressing it. He said multiple times. He was tired. He should have gone to bed instead, but because he knew fans needed more clarification he stayed up and still did this. For fans like you who really needed that which is ok. Fans like you are fine, I needed it to. He's a fucking badass. A self proclaimed bad role model by staying up still, but a badass for doing this at all tonight. To see a fan tell him to get to the point (Idk the exact wording you or others did) probably hurt him. 

    He looks fine, happy, and energetic on stream. He is, but he also isn't. A charade he pulls out on camera so no one worries and he can make it worthwhile for anyone even bothering to watch him. I don't know specifically what you said, but it probably struck a cord with him since he was not actually fully awake and coming off from an emotional week about to address the heart of those emotions. He wanted to goof around and just get people excited for the future first. 
  • @Kalazar321 It's not badass to discuss issues on a stream. Sometimes things need to be taken seriously and for some people it can and will be frustrating if people didn't take things seriously in such and environment. I think after stream would have been a better time to goof when things are finished being addressed.

    I know for me in my work place (Let's face it that this is a work environment of sorts) the meetings I have with my fellow management away from others is more laid back mostly. BUT if shit has hit the fan in one way or another we address the issues before we wind down a bit with what's going on. Understandably some people can be upset and others can be okay with it. That's just my view on it.

    The only issue was the handling of dissent or concerns. The stuff with Lily was awkward and not handled well, but in front of so many people and not having gotten as much to the point with an action plan the questions were warranted. Though I can understand in front of a large audience with someone who was closer to him would definitely not be ideal.
  • @CaptainDeston

    Maybe badass wasn't the best word; I just follow a lot of artist and internet creators online. Talking and explaining their art, especially something this emotional isn't something artist usually want to do. So I thought the fact he did it at all is pretty badass. He had no obligation to, but did it because he cares enough about his fans to clarify and go into more detail. 

    I just see the obvious. Rawb was tired and had to build up to it. People tend to view Rawb as someone who can't make mistakes or let his emotions flare up. Such as shutting down someone trying to rush him to the emotional hard stuff when he was just having a good time in the moment. 

    I follow a lot of people online. What Rawb is doing is leagues more respectful and community driven then others I've followed who have suffered from burnout or going through major changes. He's allowed some leeway and I have no reason not to give that to him during this time. 
  • @CaptainDeston

    I'm also not saying anyone needs to stay or get over anything. If the OP was hurt and leaves then that's his choice and he should do it. Don't force yourself to stay in a unhappy situation.

    I really respect Rawb and he's been a big force in my life since early high school. I'm not going to judge him all that much for acting out in a bad manner when he's emotional and tired. 
  • @Kalazar321

    I can't agree that it's been entirely respectful considering this type of stuff has been happening for years on smaller scales. But I can agree that I think he's going through hard times and a lot of shitty stuff has been going/building on with the burn out. I see him wanting the funds as reasonable, but it's the just how he's handled the situations which has been off putting. I can say I was thankful for some sort of statement at all, but that was dragged down by other things.

    He has his good and his bad. He's an amazing creator and I will always believe that. But he's always cannibalizing his fan base (Mostly) unintentionally from my experiences. It''s fine to have a fan base he wants. It's just now a lot of strain on the already small community and the way he communicated this last week has not been fond as a long time fan. I don't want to be told I'm not generous enough when I have been willing the last year to try and drop $250+ Dollars a show outside of Deadrealms when I can show up from working 80+ hour weeks to where I am now. I understand he's looking for more money, but there needs to be more of us and when those of us that were still around can't fully support what he wants and get demeaned a bit for it it feels rather bad even when I did have regular money (granted patreon and  flowing to him outside of the URealms shows bucks I donated.

    Too, I have a different set of morals and for me at least being told what is empathetic, kind, or shitty and what isn't through my own difficulties in life isn't cool and it gets dicey when it involves money. I don't want to get much into bts stuff as it simply isn't my problem. But it's felt condescending at times is all. I don't want to be disingenuous about how I feel. I don't talk too much, but that's my piece and I will try to not delve too deeply into things and leave a view from me at that. I just wish godspeed to everyone involved.
  • @Kalazar321

    Also, I don't meant to come off bad/ a dick at all if I do. I'm more blunt with words than I mean to be and have had problems with it in the past. Thank you though for a more positive perception of things going on too. I don't find much enjoyment in bringing anything down.
  • I feel like you guys should see another side of whats been going on: 
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