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Wholesome eh?

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I don't mean to be harsh with what I say here but the recent developments of this show and Rob's announcement have roused a lot of discontent in me. When Rob announced the end of the show I was fine. When he announced that he would become a more wholesome creator I accepted it with open arms. I was willing to follow Rob wherever he went and in whatever he did. But then the video was released on Youtube. And when I watched the end the mirage shattered. 

You claim you're wholesome but yet in the same breath are angered over us being able to muster "only 2,000" dollars for a streamer we didn't know. A streamer we didn't grow up with. 2,000 dollars is a lot for someone we haven't had time to love. To be angry over us not donating more isn't wholesome nor is it right to do. The only reason Urealms makes more is our desire to support the man we grew up with. The man we grew to believe cared about his audience.

Even after fuming and degrading us for not donating more to Hive you also request us to donate more to you personally. Asking for nearly $17,000 a month for a show you said you won't be actively working on. As much as I love Urealms I'm not sure I can continue to support someone masquerading as wholesome while asking for 17,000 monthly. A total we were never able to reach consistently in campaigns every TWO months. Manipulation is not the right thing to do. I know we aren't entitled to your content but you are also not entitled for us to throw our money at other streamers AND increase donations directly to you. 

I'm sorry Rob. I know making a show is stressful I understand that but the attitude you've portrayed in the video scares me. If that's the road you plan on continuing down I wish you luck but I don't know if I can support it anymore


  • The 17,000 is to support Rawb and his team itself. Not just specifically Urealms. Rawbs been doing this for over a decade. The money going to where its always been going for all other donations. Now the blanket has just been lifted. He needs to know that after 12 years he can pay what he and his team need. If he can't then he's done. He's tired. The song and dance will end. I fully understand where he's coming from.
  • Honestly, you took the words right out of my mouth, well put. I'm not buying into a literal clear scam.
  • I am honestly not sure where people are getting scam from? Maybe I am missing something but I don't see it. Rawb has come out and said this is how much money him and his team need to be paid a month to not have to stress and hate his art. If he can't get the money then he will be forced to retire and get money from somewhere else. If he see's he can get the money he needs to sustain myself and his crew then he knows he can keep going. It's not a scam. He gets X dollars you can keep getting X product.
  • @DungeonDavid

    It probably partly comes from 54:00 into the video.
  • @DungeonDavid
    It's probably from him literally calling it a scam over and over 
  • @DungeonDavid

    Yeah I agree with you. The wholesome scam thing is just a gimmick. One of many gimmicks online creators do. It's a gimmick in the same way all those donation events were gimmicks or tons of other ways creators convince people to essentially give them money for a free product. I don't know why this one is causing so much confusion with others. If he took the money and ran then ok yeah, that's a scam.

     Rawbs tired. He needs financial security and to be paid for what he feels owed. Everyone is free to not do that, but he's been at this for 12 years. If he can't make enough to support himself and his team then he has to stop. Rawb can't keep hoping people pay him enough each month forever with the insane level of work he puts in.
  • @JTHousek1 @Kingedyou Right I know he calls it a wholesome scam, but that's just a little name he has given it. Scams are, by definition, not wholesome so it's obviously just a little funny title. I would like to see someone who is calling it "literal clear scam" explain to me why they see it that way.

    To me it is what we have always been doing except now he is showing us the numbers. He is saying this is how much I have to make or I need to move on. A scam by definition is being dishonest and fraudulent. But it seems rawb is being more clear then ever about what he needs. I am not saying that there are no concerns or parts that make me feel uncomfortable during the video, but I feel like sometimes we are letting negative emotions get carried away and adding things into this that don't really fit.
  • @DungeonDavid Not all, but several who actually call it a scam point to the different donation goals that were hit, and the uncertainty of them now happening. 
    I wouldn't call it a scam, but I can understand it doesn't feel fair. Clearly he had planned to continue URealms, seeing all the prep that went down this year. But the announcement then makes it sound like he been planning to step down, which his next announcement speaks against... It just is a mess many people can get lost in. Best is to hope he make a clearer one soon.
  • @JackOfTheFlames Rawb did mention having a stream here (I think today) Where he goes through the video bit by bit to make it more clear.
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    @Kalazar321 @DungeonDavid I understand it's meant as a marketing term, but a good marketer would know that the negative connotations of the word scam are practically campaign killing when it comes to marketing. 

    I find this to be a scam because of a pattern of broken promises and unfinished projects Rob has left behind. UQuest was never completed, and with that Rob offered to refund backers money or give them a part of URealms to make their own. Now the backers that chose that path now lose out on that offer as well, and the refunds have completely ceased since February. 

    DvZ has a special place in my heart, but that also was left practically abandoned and the fan base that was there was utterly neglected and abused, something that apparently some of Rob's own team members have experienced. 

    Now URealms, with many of the goals people backed to get extra campaigns and such are now all also left behind unfinished.

    On top of all of this, the amount of people that think if Rob gets the money he is asking for every month he WILL do URealms now is absurd. In the goals themselves Rob states that reaching them means he will NOT do URealms for money which results in less campaigns overall for the approximately 10 years Rob believes it will take for his drive to work on the project to return. It's terrible that people are confused on this and no clarification is presented, making people think giving money will result in more URealms, not less.

    In all honesty, I haven't been interested in any of Rob's content outside of URealms for years and the parts I used to have been revived by others to be better than before. I find it hard to want to support someone when I don't know what the future may hold for that content, and the chance that the money could all just be taken and be left with no content at all, even if its promised.

    Some of the treatment of former team members from their own perspective is utterly appalling, and that alone makes me weary to support that kind of behavior. 

    All this is to just let you know why I find this to be a scam, if you don't that's fine, everyone can come to their own conclusions, just letting you know there is reasoning behind that mindset.
  • @JTHousek1 The reason some of us don't want to call it a scam is since it requires an intent. I will be honest, the UQuest kickstarter refund I had completely forgotten, and that would be a bad look if he doesn't give them a new option. But that, along with his other failed kickstarters I don't think goes under scams, even if they met their goal.
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    Rip cant delete comments. I forgot to tag you @JTHousek1 when I first posted it. 
  • @JTHousek1

    I would never make the argument Rawb was amazing at marketing, but my point still stands.

    With Uquest. From what I understand that was a joint project with his now ex wife. I don't blame anyone for wanting to move on from a project after that. Plus he was younger at the time and fully admits he bit off more then he could chew with that. I didn't donate so I don't know anything about the state of refunds. All I can say is yeah, that's the risk of kickstarters. 

    I don't know enough about the DvZ community to really comment on that one way or another.

    Who said it will be left unfinished? Rawb made the whole point in his video that he will retire December 2020. That's a whole year to get as much done with Urealms that he promised done. Will it be as good as it could be? No. He admits that to, but that's to be expected. He's not getting the money he deserves for the work he's putting in. 

    The money isn't for Urealms specifically. He's made that clear to. It's to support him and his team to do whatever passion projects they want. He's fully fine if you choose not to donate to that. He wants fans who have enough faith in him to do that and if he doesn't have enough after 12 years then it's time to call it quits. A man can only sing and dance so long.

    Rawb isn't some evil mastermind. He's just putting out the honest truth that has probably been festering inside him for this entire year at least. He needs this much money for financial security and a reason to keep putting in this much work. If he can't get that then that's fine. He's being honest and saying he will quit at the end of next year then. That's all there is to it. 

    I won't ever make the case Rawb is flawless. I've been following him since 2008 though.Essentially at no cost to me to. I'm not about to suddenly lose faith or assume the worst for someone who's been in my life for that long. 

    If you're only interested in Urealms that is fine. He's said that's fine. He needs fan who want to support him specifically. Him and his team to do more then just Urealms. I don't blame him. I've seen burnout happen to other online creators. The fact he went this long before finally being honest about it is honestly impressive. 
  • @Kalazar321 Rawb specifically said URealms will be done for now, UNLESS he don't get enough money and would need to bring it back, but it won't be as good as he wants it to be. Keep in mind that both Six and Lily have left, so that's.. 2 of the 3 artists gone? But yeah, people will pay to make him not do URealms streams.
    Just want to correct the misunderstanding right now. 
  • @JackOfTheFlames

    Exactly, for now. So he's admitting it will be done. Just not now if he gets fully funded. I'm ok with that. As I've pointed out, he wants fans of him. Not just fans of Urealms. So yeah that makes sense to me.

    I'd much rather a proper Urealms ending done right 5 years from now then a rushed one done by the end of next year. So I really hope he can get the funding he needs. 
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