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I want to share something

Hi, my name is Carline, you may know of me, or you may not. If you don't that is okay, I'm pretty obscure, but sometimes I will show up in chats on twitch, sometimes I will be more active in some chats than others, that's not a down-sight to the streamer though, I just feel more comfortable talking in smaller streams most of the time, mostly because I am shy.

Things have been happening, on twitch, on youtube, and here in the forums and I want to talk about those things, and provide some background for a little better understanding.

In the first: I have been watching Rob's content for YEARS, I want to say ever since 2013 with Dwarves versus Zombies, though it honestly feels like it has been even longer than that, Remember the video saying he has quiet reserved fans? Yea, that's me, am I also generous? That is a hard question to answer, I try to be, I've even given money to Rob on a number of occasions, the problem is I'm unemployed, have been for a really long time, so money and finances are hard for me.

In the second: At first I was skeptical of Urealms, I didn't know anything about it and so I skipped Season 1, then a goofy non canon show called "Drunks and Dragons" was posted and I was like "I know D&D, lets see it turned into a drinking game!" and watched, and while it was just a really silly show I came to realize that they were doing this in Urealms, okay so minus the drinking part but still, this convinced me to go back and watch Season 1. I fell in love with it, why? Well I've always had a soft spot for stories, especially those steeped in "mystical" lore, elves, dwarves, dragons and other things that for all intents and purposes don't actually exist, it was an escape for me, because I have a bad life in the real world.

So does this now make me just a Urealms fan and not a Rob fan? Even though I've enjoyed his other content as much as or sometimes even more than Urealms? I don't have the answer to this question. Suffice it to say that when Rob announced that Urealms was ending I had a range of emotions, but I've taken time and analyzed more and I want to say I'm approaching this with a more level head.

So why am I making this post? Well Rob has asked us, his fans to essentially give him and others who have worked on Urealms a salary, one that is consistent so that they don't have to worry about money, this is something that is very understandable for me, I'm not a kid, I'm 33 years old, I've lived life, my life may be shitty but I know how the world works. I am also someone who is creative, remember Rob saying he has been a content creator for 12 years? I've been trying to create various things since I was 10 years old, remember how I said I'm 33, yea... that's right, I've been trying to do what I love doing for 23 years and failing and I'm still not even close to giving up, but this gives me a deep understanding for what Rob is saying, because I feel that too.

So to the heart of my message: In the first when Rob live streamed the announcement that Urealms was ending, the video felt off for me, not just because of the message of Urealms ending but also because shortly after Rob tried to push his fans off onto HiveQueen and told them to donate to her, this is a pretty tall order. Personally I rather get to know a streamer and what they stream before I donate money to them, so while I followed the raid over to HiveQueen and watched her stream, I did not give any money.

However, many others who followed over to the stream did donate, they gave around $2,000 to this person they didn't even know. Meanwhile back on youtube Rob posts a video, its a video of the same announcement focused on HiveQueen's reaction to the stream, then he's like "Is $2,000 really the best you could do?" like as if it was nothing, okay yea Urealms got more money than that but this wasn't Urealms, this wasn't even donating to Rob, this was donating to someone who was merely aspiring to become a full-time streamer, to someone most of the Urealms fan base knew nothing of.

I don't think Rob understands how big that actually is, or if he does then he shows no gratitude for it, which honestly
makes me glad I did not donate. But that's not all the video says, the video also says he needs money to pay those who have been involved with Urealms, but the message feels manipulative, and even called it a scam with the #WholesomeScam.

A scam is not wholesome, by any stretch of the imagination, have you or anyone you know ever fallen for those scams where you get a pop up on your computer and call a number and the person who answers it tells you that you have a virus/hackers and that to fix it you need to pay them anywhere from $200~ $500 and even more? Or the scams where they call you telling you that you owe tax to the IRS? How did you feel when you found out it was a scam? Probably not very good.

What's even more is Rob specifically name drops people who have been working on Urealms and says how much he wants to pay them, this is a BIG no no. Especially since at least one person I know of DID NOT give consent to be name dropped as someone who would continue to work on Urealms and DID NOT give consent to have any kind of salary aired. This is because 1: privacy and  2: if someone else finds out how much someone else thinks you are worth, they could then use that information against you.

I have also heard stories of people posting criticism here on the Urealms forums and on Rob's discord are having their messages deleted, and even being banned, while being labelled as "toxic" or "trolls" even when the criticism is justified. I am not here to be toxic, I am not here to be a troll, I am not here to hate on Rob, I am not here to be an anti-fan. There is a difference between people being toxic or trolls and people posting legitimate criticism, we critic the things we
love because we want to see those things improve, grow and become something substantial. But I guess some people don't understand this concept, or take criticism too personally, this is something I have run into before and it always ends

But I am honestly expecting to have this message deleted, or to have my forum account banned after I post this message. I am okay with this, I never used the forum that much anyway. I just hope that as you delete this message and/or ban my account that you have a good long think about what I have said here. Is this really the kind of legacy you want to leave behind? Are you really okay with treating your fans this way? Are you really okay with treating your fellow content creators this way? Okay.

Well here is my final thought then: I've also learnt some other things which I'm not going to repeat, its not really my place, but they have opened up a whole new perspective on this and all I am going to say is while Rob is right in that we aren't entitled to his content, he is also not entitled to our money. If you want to give him your money you can, personally I can't in all conscience support someone like this.

I'm not saying I want Rob to fail, nor do I really hate him, but if he wanted my support this was not the way to get it.
Sorry friend.


  • Agreed.
    Although I think I might get banned for being a toxic troll for agreeing with you. But it's important for you to know that there's people who agree with your opinion. Who have been fans for years yet cannot support this. The most I can do is buy a shirt or a poster, since that way I'll at least know I'll get something for my money. Because at the moment this feels like a Kickstarter project that's doomed to fail.
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    I agree with most of what you said. When he got angry because we didn't donate enough to another streamer it just felt.... wrong.

    I don't hate him and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I understand that the stress of this show was to much, and the money he and the rest of the team got wasn't enough. 

    If he said that he needed more money for the show, I would gladly give a monthly donation to keep this ship afloat... But instead the video was a confused mess. It might be all the stress his under, idk. I think he should just sit down and talk to us on a stream, or make another video clarifying things.

    This is my first post on this forum and I just wanna say: If this is the end thanks for all the countless hours of entertainment. 
  • @lord1agames we aren't banning people unless they are actually toxic. Disagreeing with Rob doesn't make you toxic, the people that we had to banned did much worse. Please try to understand the difference here. The admin team isn't swinging their ban hammers at fans. Even if people who are no longer with us would like to say so.
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