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Feeling lost

I'm feeling lost on what is happening. Ive watched the videos, but i still dont quite understand what is happening.


  • What don'y you understand my man?
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    @Rob It's sad that the show of my teens has to go. Though I do think that's, this was a passion project for you and your team after all.

    What I am wondering is what you will be doing after this if you do quit making internet things? From the video it sounds like you want to become a producer of sorts, it's a bit confusing.

    Edit: sorry for making a fuss about tshirts not arriving a couple years back. They were just late by a week.
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    It's been a good while since I watched URealms, but I was a big fan when I was younger for many years. I'm sort of lost too but here's what I gathered from watching the video. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    • Rawb is retiring(?) and wants us all to go follow his apprentice, Hivequeen. That's fair enough, I understand working on this show has to be stressful.
    • He wants to be a producer for other streamers, and try and make the internet more wholesome by putting time and effort into others he has faith in. Working on projects with them, etc.
    • There was also alot of emotional and history stuff that I'd need to go back and watch again because I forgot it all from shock at the end.
    • Here's what I don't understand: He needs $20000 dollars to keep Urealms going, but if he doesn't get $20000 in a year month it's done? Not sure if that's right.
    Honestly @Rob, I do and don't understand why you're taking this direction. But I hope wherever life takes you, it's good to you. Your creations have been a good chunk of my childhood and you deserve to do well. Please just don't disappear on us forever. I'll still keep checking in.

    EDIT: Hey, while I'm at it, is there any way to change my username here? I don't go by Yellowdash anymore.

  • @Yellowdash34 ;                 
    20000 in a month actually
  • @Rob I don't quite understand the big picture. First you talked about digital bards and stepping down from content creation. Then you whack out the wholesome skam, which seems to imply that you wont step down? But only if we can fund the show. Otherwise we'll get a single edning season of Urealms? I'm just confused.

    Could you lay up a simple small text with all the what ifs and such. It would help me a lot. :)
  • @Darnokthemage
    Rawb is overworked and underpaid for that work by a lot. He's tired. Rawb does what he always does. Puts on a big song and dance. Entertains. Hence the 55 well edited and emotionally video. 

    What that all was is a creative way for Rawb to express that he needs to get the money situation covered and get that dedicated fanbase. Dedicated to him, not Urealms or any other individual show. Dedicated and able to keep him and his team financially secure.

    Rawb has put out so much free shit and it's damn good. He's one of the most hardworking internet creators I know of, and I know of a lot. He can't keep working on passion alone. He can't pay the bills by taking breaks. If fans what Rawb to continue then he needs a monthly salary so he doesn't have to worry about if he can pay his team what they deserve each month. So he has some security. 

    If Rawb can't get that. If after 12 years of working his ass off he can't manage what he needs financially from dedicated fans then it's time to retire. He will quit forever. He can only sing and dance so much.
  • @Darnokthemage URealms is over, for now. It has been too stressful for Rob to juggle the work that making a URealms show, it's pretty much the amount of work for 10 people, not 1 and we dont have the same cast and crew , or passion that we started with to carry it much further. Instead of making the show and making it bad, Rob is taking a break and will come back to URealms when the time is right. URealms is not "dead", Rob has that sweet tattoo after all, he loves URealms.

    Rob will still be needing support ($) from those who can and still want to keep funding our other projects.

    He still wants to finish making the URealms TableTop mod, he still wants to do many streams of all the games he likes to play, he still wants to do DeadRealms and Pokemon and our Harry Potter show.

    This is not about funding URealms, that's on break, this is about funding the creator you like so that making stuff isn't a grind and a burden, he wants it to feel like a hobby again, he needs to relax. Which is why he set monthly goals to get funded, that goal was lowered yesterday when two of our artists parted ways with the team but we are still carrying on. That money will still be supporting Rob and myself and Haunter and our new programmer (who is going to make Sneaky Mouse again, better than before, with all the hats and many new features.)

    If Rob doesn't make the money that can support the team we have now, he will retire, he will look for someone to hire him and streaming and creating will then will take a backseat and much less frequent. Rob is finally taking care of himself by making these choices, he can't keep up with all the different things he's been doing over the years and some changes have to be made.

    Either way, things will be ok.

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