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Urealms Discord

I want to get access to the Urealms discord but Rob said to donate on the website instead of the Patreon. What do?


  • No I understand where to donate but the site donation doesn't come with the patreon reward of access to the discord.
  • The discord is no longer pay only. Rawb put out tweet for anyone to send him a picture of a rat over Twitter and he would let them in. Due to the sheer amount of people responding to it though, I don’t think he himself is doing it now. He passed that job onto someone else in the discord and you might need to wait until he gets set up on Twitter to get in.
  • oh ok, i sent an image so ill just wait i guess

  • @Umlaut Can you post the new guy here once he gets set up on twitter? 
  • Ya right now the discord requires you to give money to a company that takes some of your power before giving it to me or patiently waiting for me to have the free time to add you. I mean if you want I could go through the 200 tweets I gotta do still or I could just personally throw you an invite in front of everyone.

    Waittttt a secondddddd is Rob doing one of those tricks here in his post? Whats going on.
  • I... I don't know what's going on? I'm really confused.  :(
    I'm just going to wait, sorry to rush you
  • @Umlaut Sorry for the confusion dude! Please check out the pinned tweet on rawb's twitter (@urealms) for more info! He's being sneaky!
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