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Rest this weekend, everyone

A lot of us are feeling upset, restless, or a bit lost after the announcement on Monday, along with the new video that dropped earlier. But Rob is taking a chill weekend, and I think we all should.
If you got anything you wish to tell him, be it your fears, hopes, or just your opinions, write them down on a paper or a file on your computer. Then use this weekend look back at it and work on it more, so on Monday you got something thought-through to send. The mind gets clearer with calm and rest.
Update! I will make a thread on Monday to post my thoughts, feel free to do the same or post in my thread.


  • that's a good idea.  I need some time to organize my thoughts
  • Bump for update, read above
  • Monday's here. If anyone else took their time to write during the weekend, make sure to post your messages.
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    @JackOfTheFlames ;
     I read your message, and am replying here because I think that post and thread is important enough to remain on topic.

    But you expressed something I hadn't even really remembered until reading your post. I personally don't like Rob's non-URealms twitch stuff. It isn't for me. I went into this announcement stream thinking it would most likely be the end of Urealms and that I wanted to be there to throw a little support his way for his stated career announcement. I did give out a small random sub gift to both Rob before the announcement and to Hive after... but that was in no way the same level of support of some people. And I was sitting there with a large pool of savings and refusing to donate more. I knew I could and I actually felt bad that I was not willing to spend more because I am getting married this month and will be going on my honeymoon. 

      I am not mad at Rob, he was intentionally using emotional tactics to market. I made my choice to set a hard limit on my support. I legitimately felt bad in the moment... But now, I can kind of see where Rob's comments about lack of support have kind of spoiled that. I still plan to donate, but  not until after my honeymoon at the end of this month. Call me crazy, but I prioritized the woman that has known, supported, and loved me personally for many years over some random streamer I had never even heard of until that day nor seen since. And I, nor anyone else, should feel bad for not supporting more than they are responsibly or willing to give. 
  • @Totenalle I agree. It is your choice, and you shouldn't feel bad about your choice, no matter what it is. I hope you have a lovely honeymoon!
  • Maybe I'm missing something, but was Patreon not cutting it for donations from the fans?
    There are a ton of creators online who've been using Patreon for years now, including Rob. So the whole new approach to donations seems rather odd to me, at least how it's being pitched.
  • @SMS00 it's since Patreon take a much higher cut that paypal, I would suspect.
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