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Unforgotten: A tribute to URealms

Hey, it's me, KaeawynShifter.
like many of you, I'm super sad to see URealms go.
But uh... We don't have to let it go. Sure Rob is moving onto other, better projects.
But we can still hold it in our hearts, and in our minds.
With that in mind I, uh...
I made a thingy in a whirlwind of emotion and energy and I'm pretty sure it won't work but...

Because I'm horrible at interneting, I'm leaving the links to get the .jar and associated .bat file to run it via dropbox.
I know this is a bad way of doing it, but I just want to get this done and so people can see it.

I forgive any of you who don't want to risk downloading something from an internet stranger, and I forgive everyone who tries to get it to work but can't because I'm an idiot. I also would really appreciate help making this... actually able to be downloaded easily.

Regardless, I uh... I also have a question for Rob himself, if he happens to stop by:
I'm planning on making a local LARP group (Live Action RolePlay) and was wondering if I, or really, if any of us are allowed to use your amazing characters and realm you've created here in our own endeavors. I understand you likely won't respond, especially because I didn't @ you, but I don't want to put more pressure on you at this time while you're shedding away toxicity again, so... thank you so much for everything.

And for everyone else, I'll still be checking in here occasionally, but I'm going to be moving on to my own things, and also hanging out in Hive's streams a lot! I hope to see you guys on the rest of the rollercoaster Rawb is taking us on.
May the Realm Never be Forgotten!
Hail Cachecol the Woven One!
and lets get a big 77 to say goodbye to our most beloved series yet.


  • And yes, I know this is a sad game, because it was an emotional endeavor, and sad is my current emotion. I’ve cried more in the past 24 hours than I have in the last 10 years. I just needed to make something, anything, it didn’t have to be good, I just had to make it. And damn if I didn’t make this thing...
  • edited October 2019
    This was a little sad but also very beautiful. Thank you for making it!

    edit: i got ending 5, I'll be trying later to get any other ones
  • @magnetised
    Thank you so much for taking the time to play my shitty internet game, heh...
    There's 7 endings, btw, in case anyone wants to make all those horrible choices again...
  • A brave send off for a program, a show, a game, and a lifetime of memories that have each touched our hearts.
  • I feel the big sad
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