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Will the shop remain?

I always wanted to buy some merch of this show because I loved it and it shaped who I am as a person. I just didn't because I didn't have any disposable income (and still don't). 
So I'd like to know, how long will the teespring remain? I really want something more than just memories & VODs to remember this experience by. 


  • Do not worry. There is no plan to shut down the shop.
  • @Meganzoor There is a countdown at the shop saying "We reached our goal! You can keep buying until the campaign ends!" then for the shirts it says there is 4 days left to buy and posters will have 1 day left to buy? If there somthing up with that?
  • @erock1118

    welcome to teespring. i hate that stupid scam. they pretend like shirts are constantly gonna be sold out when its just a countdown to the next print. i'm ditching the platform when i have time.
  • oof, well thank you for the info.
  • @erock1118 every product has always said that, as long as we have used teespring it has said that, for many years, the "campaign" for each product just restarts after it ends 
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