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My experience with Urealms, and why I'll miss it

This show meant a lot to me. I remember so many moments of my life related to this. My first campaign (BotB), my first live experience (Final encounter of Woodcarvers), (Since I live in Asia) the first time I'd actually wake up at 3/4 or something like that, in the morning, just to watch a campaign live.

And what the community that came with it? Oh boy, who could forget the first days of the forums being public. The first threads, the community challenges by rawn (#Notricks), the interactions between artists/cast members and forum goers, the rp threads that had no plot, but had thousands of stories to tell, the time we were invaded by bots (Though, isn't really a good thing if you think about it?), but the way the community tried to think of it as a sort of dvz style invasion, the forums personalities that people grew to know and love, the discord groups, the ogd cults, the amazing fan art and creations, The memes! And so much more!

Urealms as a show, and as a community, definitely shaped a portion of my life, and helped me grow to be the person that I am. Lessons taught by rawb, megan, lily, six, the cast members, the forums, even the roleplay community. The love and support that this community brought, though not at all perfect, is definitely something I'll miss.

I don't know what will happen to whats left of the community on the forums. How long people will stay, how active the forums will be after today, how many people come back. No body knows. But at least the forums, as it was, definitely affected each and everyone of us. I just hope it affected you the same way it wholesomely affected me, or hopefully, in an even more wholesome way.


  • Though I'm sad, I definitely understand and respect rawb's decision. I can't wait to see what crazy adventures he'll share with us next
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