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In-Game Tile Creator (Mod)

edited September 2019 in Custom Miscellaneous
This mod is a variant on the tile creator mod uploaded to the workshop by Stuart. It allows any player to create custom Urealms Tiles that have all the states all in Tabletop Simulator (minus the Template editing). You can find a tutorial on the Workshop page and in the tile description.

Any feedback is welcome!


  • It would be interesting to see if you could create a version of this mod that made them all states by default but I'm not sure how you would implement that into tabletop simulator :/

    I appreciate the mod anyway, nice to have something to make the process of mass tile production faster. I'll check it out tonight.
  • @Umlaut
    The problem is that states aren't properly loaded in TTS meaning a tilestate is its own object. That means there is no function,to my knowledge, that allows you to create states in TTS itself. 

    I did however create a new version with a bunch of extra features that works around that. It's in the same mod just called Version 2
  • I can't seem to get it to work, the tile keeps loading in as the full image rather than just the part in the circle. I know this is user error but I can't quite figure it out. Is there anyway you could make a video tutorial for my dumb ass?
  • Sure why not, I will to one later

  • @Umlaut Sorry this took a while, but I didn't find the time :/

    Here's the Tutorial for both versions, it's quite in depth so it should answer most questions. It also guest starres my post nap voice so sorry about hat :dank: 

    Skip to 4:48 for version 2, not 5:15

  • What a legend, thanks man. I'll let you know how it goes

  • edited October 2019
    Truthfully, Phil IS - the legend
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