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CHARMS!!! & Merch

I just got my Charms in today! Who else is happy theirs have come in?

Also, I'm curious to know what merch everyone has or doesn't have.

What's everyone's thoughts on it so far, and anything that you'd like to see out of it.


  • I have the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry shirt and the dragon aspects poster which is honestly one of the coolest things I own
    I wish we had some pins in the shop, we could have so many cool ones :3 (the order of chaos mark, the accolades from the forums, one for each dragon using the art from the poster so that you can complete the set...)
  • Charms? I'm probably blind but I don't see where to get those.
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    @Umlaut Sixelona was selling her URealms chibi charms, back in May, there were a couple people who posted threads here on the forums. She is doing them in limited batches so they aren't available right now until she decides to do them again, the 1st batch was shipped out and people have been getting them in the mail.
  • Ah, gotcha. Thanks @Meganzoor ;
  • @Weslid Pins would be an awesome idea! There's a lot of imagery in URealms and pins would be a good way to show that off. I think around Christmas time or Anniversary of Nuren it'd be nice to run an opening on all the shirts again. It really bummed me out when my 77 shirt order didn't go through on the limited offer.

    I think too what would be nice at some point is if we were able to get a basic bag of 1 design of the logo with URealms on it. I am not sure about the logistics or implications, but I would definitely bring a URealms satchel to work everyday.
  • I'm so happy you like the charms! :D
  • @Sixelona I am so happy they're of excellent craft!  :)
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    Just got mine 2 days ago!

    That little note is just as cute as the charm hehe :)

    Also, @Sixelona ; that little 'arrow' on the zip was very funny xD
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