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Good Example Campaign

Hey guys I've watched this show from the start but recently my fiance wanted to get into the show. Shes a long time DnD player that's had a very number based DM. I want to highlight for her the comedy/ roleplay/ non number side of the show. Anyone have a recommendation for a good campaign to highlight that?


  • Off the top of my head, Senate of Deadlantis is one of the best RP campaigns I can think of and you don't need tooooo much prior knowledge to enjoy it. Has a very story-based combat section as well that's super exciting
  • Woodcarvers is a good classic example because my god that was a good show, great rping and a nice mix of combat along with loveable characters that are of semi importance to the lore
  • I have two in mind.

    Murder Bros/Buckeroos: These two are quite silly when paired together, as they both have their fairshare of hilarious RP moments. Granted, some of the combat parts in Murder Bros can be awkward, but Buckeroos makes up for that. These two are a special highlight for me in S2, but don't compare to how much I love Unexpected Discovery/Den of Devils.

    The Purge: My favorite campaign of S3. Lots of RP moments that just show how even through hard times, all of the cast can still make sex jokes about Roamin's mom. Plus, the combat is extremely dramatic if you're engaged, especially with the ending. The only downside is that it reveals a certain spoilers that create a problem for someone who watches the previous campaigns.
  • Hmm. I'd recommend starting with Season 3s' first campaign. It's the closest thing for what they can expect for the bulk of Season 4.
  • @UnluckyBimi ;

    GPO has a lot of previous story in it, SoD or the purge would probably be better if you have no prior knowledge of the show.
  • @BlackWhiteCavias I agree with the previous story bit, but that's kinda why I think it'd be a good starter. It sets a proper tone for the future stuff coming up, and can probably give a new comer a bit of a different experience than a long-time watcher by having them miss out some bits (like the particulars of how Bopen killed Virgo) which could make for a different exciting watch.
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