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Dead Realms: The Mountain Kings Hall

One of my favorite campaigns to play in. The RP practice 


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    Petition to bring back alliteration campaign names: Mountain Man Mystery

    PS: very fun campaign!
  • That ending got so off-the-wall, I love it.
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    i was REALLY hoping that Rock Skeleton thing would work :P

    bit of an "i have no mouth and i must scream" Scenario at the end there though.
  • Was definitely a fate worse than death :3
  • @Maris what's the relationship between you and the "I wish that ________ was me" thing?
  • @Jimmy_the_4th i say it a lot :smilebold: 
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    @Rob hey I love the show I just turned 18 and my parents said I could not donate to you before, but I was allowed to get a tattoo and guess what I got... The fate worse then death emblem, does that mean I can be in the order of chaos now. I know that I am not suppose to be a burden I am very sorry, I am fully aware that it is a long shot for you to see this but all I can do is hope, I am also sorrry about the email and tweet I sent you.

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