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So small most likely insignficant announcement

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Yesterday my cat mighty,  who i loved very much and was with me for many years,  died of old age,  i was laying down with her when she crawled up to my stomach and i started petting her
After about a half hour of petting she sneezed about 5 times the slightly clawed my stomach,  then went completely limp,  i was abaolutely devastated i think i cried for about 4 or 5 hours, she wasnt a pet to me,  she was my heart and my child, my guardian, came to comfort me *im 20 almost 21* and she went out and found a small black kitten online for me, mighty was both my anxiety animal  and a friend and i just pray she was happy to be in my arms when she died, i dont really expect this post to get seen by anyone but i thought i would put it out since it wouldnt hurt


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