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WoW Anyone? (Classic & Current discussion)

So, as your all probably sick about hearing. Classic is out, and it's the greatest thing since it first came out, or something.
I've been starting to get the MMO itch, so I did a dangerous thing. I did some thinking. Here's what I thought of.

Wouldn't it be fun if a bunch of us got on the same server, made Gnomes, of whatever class, called Nisovin(Nisovin No *Insert # here* for example) and just all roamed around Azeroth confusing and/or ganking the hell out of people? Or you know, just do some quests/raids in a guild or something.

So then I thought "Yeah, that would be funny, but why limit it to classic? / what if peeps here just aren't that interested in classic?"
Maybe this sounds like fun, but more people are interested in doing this in current BFA than on Classic?

Maybe this sounds good but there is more interest in something like a bunch of Hunams named Jimmy instead of Nisovin?

Maybe people like the idea of just a URealms fan guild more? (Then again, maybe there already is one, but I didn't see anything before making this.) 

Any of this sound interesting to anyone? If I see enough interest, maybe I'll organize something. Or throw up a Discord server so other people can organize something. Whichever.

So yeah, who's all playing WoW? Both Current and Classic. Post down below. I'm curious.
And remember; DRINK YOUR JUICE!


  • I don't have a sub atm but if I did I'd be all about this. Good luck!
  • I have never played WoW before but I think this is probably as good a time as any to check it out
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