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Graspers From The Depths Season 4

Third season running, Graspers From The Depths are back.
This release will not have any lore cards just yet, as I hope to do more streaming this Season to shape it out naturally. But cards I will provide. The expansion currently got 199 cards for the game itself, and 3 cards to explain the two new gems (more on that later.). If you don't care to read and just want the link, here you go!
 I also bring with me some drawing help. While I will keep being the main "artist" of the expansion, I got two friendly people from Urealms Unified that giving me help with their talent.

First we got @nikiduke ; who mainly done Class art for me. This art in itself made me split the (maybe unreleased) Woodland Elf into two Elves; one high-class and one that actually guard this Woodland.

Next we got @Nicksternick , who I streamed URealms campaigns with in the past. This is another case of race art changing what I wanted to do with the race. Cavern Harpies used to be monstrous Big Bird-looking creatures with stone feathers, but this more colorful kobold/"harpy" makes them look more of party people (in my eyes).

The expansion right now got 19 races and 14 Classes. Most were in (or planned to be in) Season 3, but there are some that are changed, added or lost. Such as the Porc Slave. But do not fret, it is merely changed.

To come clean; I didn't understand the gold system had 10 as the lowest when I did the S3 version. But since I will miss people complaining about the 5, I added it to this Cornerstone.
But now for the big additions, the Gems. As the game got far less decks, it felt perfect to add gems I had been thinking about, along with decks to them.

This is the Summoning Gem. Cards with this Gem have an effect which makes you add one or more Companions under the card, that you later put into one of your Companion Slots. If not stated otherwise, if your Companion dies, you can still summon it again in the future. So yeah, this is basically the Pokéball Gem. Mark that you cannot spam those cards to get several copies of the same Companion, as the rule of the gem is one Companion per Card, unless stating otherwise of course. Most treasures added in the expansion currently got this gem, and are important to the Mist Writer Class.

This is the Grasper Gem. This is a bit more complicated. This gem signifies you taking Grasper Corruption, 1 to 3 per card. This makes you look more monstrous and causes you to have to roll each time you take damage from a Critical. If you don't beat your Grasper Corruption's number, you are Charmed(even if Immune against Charm) and gain two new Grasper Cards.
The Grasper Cards are all from abilities, to weapons and armor, to passives. Each card gives you a feature of an aquatic animal, if not stating something specific you may be creative. But the long and short of it; If you get Grasper cards, you will slowly transform into a monster and possibly give up your mind to Qu-Ti-Li-Quel, the Grasper from the Depths himself.
If you like it, take any class adding Grasper Cards to your shop. If you prefer to skip the corrupting, stand away from any card even mentioning Grasper or have the gem above. And you will be safe.. For now.

I will not be able to go through every class and ability as I did with the S3 release, but so I show some class off;

Tricksters are back once more. They will be less of CC trolls and are instead able to let people trade cards, as long the cards goes into the same slots for both parties. These new card still have the same use as the original one, so a Porc can 
trade their boring Pig to a any other Companion anyone in the Party is willing to trade it for. 
All their stealing will happen within the campaign itself. But do mark that a Trickster can during CC draw three Legendary Spell Scrolls as long another class drew any. That might however be wasteful. Choose the decks with care.

I cannot think of a fancy way to show this, so just some changes I had in mind;
Since the launch of the Season 3 version, I listened to some of the feedback, along with realizing some of my errors back then. 
*Most cards got far less text in them. This cannot be helped for all cards, but the vast majority of cards that are semi-textblocks are stand-alone.
*Classes doesn't have crazy gold anymore. They are more along the lines of the gold of the official classes, and with the same reasoning in pricing.
*There is no Legendary Classes, and probably won't be any. We'll see.
*Like S4 was changed from S3, several effects are more RP-leaning than actually having a direct focus in mechanics. Keep in mind, these things also means it can vary from GM to GM about ruling and how it works. If you want to justify this in your head, an example; similar situations are not always the exact same. As a hot day is not always like the other. One might be dry, another humid, another too hot for a jacket, another too hot to even be out in the sun.

Thank you for reading through, and I hope you find joy with my cards. If any questions or feedback, leave them here. 
Link to the mod:

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
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