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Cedric's Lore for the new Lore

I've only made this here so people can have a general Idea of the lore of whats going on in my world.

So the world was as it is before in Urealms but as the 10 Olden Gods of renewal came they Restarted the world bringing all the Races back to light, This Time Kallisto Dies as Phanto Lives on. Some of the Prominent things are the Creation of 2 new Subraces, Sunbolds: Kobolds who where blessed with what light was left in Kallisto and there General Ability to Read Emotions. Then Poltergeists: Gnomes who's Physical Form is Hard for them to Keep as they Naturally are Ethereal and Translucent. Then Okagnoma Turn out to Be the Size of Elves although There Gnomes. Soon A Huge elven Empire is Made, Then a Kingdom that accepts all But is ruled by Sunbolds. Beenu loose there Capability to fly since there wings weakened, But there Ability to Create things has Improved to the Point they Created Golems To the Likeness of Tall Dwarves.


  • Also Walruses are the Children of Phanto, Highbears are in Grief. And The Ageless Now are a Nomadic Group. Scrooges are Gang Members still, and Gnolls are Secluded Nomads Aswell.
  • Don't forget glow in the dark tusks, Walruses became the tech race over gnomes, and that Walruses work in conjunction with the Elven Empire.
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