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Murlin's Season 4 Canon campaigns

I am doing a long set of campaigns over on the Urealms United server that will all take place in the same canon and i will be putting the events of each campaign as well as the characters here in order for future players to be able to read up on whatever happened in campaigns they were not in.


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    Campaign 1:

    Name: The time of Birds
    Basic Premise: 
    Jirla Light, a Sun Dragon, has finished creating his world and has began to populate it with creatures of all shapes and sizes including the players, the first Beenu.
    Players: Nikki, Sondero, Silver and Phil.

    The snakes were the first living creatures created followed shortly by Wren Beneviour (Male), Gram (Female) played by Sondero,Emile (Male) played by Silver, Death (Female) played by Phil, 
    Alystasia (Female) played by Niki.

    The first 4 Beenu were created but felt lonely so Jirla created Wren to keep them safe and guide them. They spent a few weeks learning from him about the world and how to survive before he left the realm for what he described as "Important Business"

    4000 years later Beenu civilization has flourished and has technology nearly on par with our own.

    Death has been training day and night for 4000 years to be able to best her father using the new weapon she created.

    Gram has been playing the political game and doing very well but has replaced many of her body parts with robotic replacements due to not trusting others medicine. 

    After Jirla left Alystasia became a carer and helped out anyone she could, she became known as "Mother Bird" she has a pet monkeyfish that she saved from a snake.

    Emile has been the mediator of the Beenu race and has stopped many wars that would have set the Beenu race back in their advancement, in his spare time he fishes, looks after animals and other such hobbies and animal husbandry mainly focusing on evolution.

    Dr Wren's Infinite power machine released a signal that brought Phanto and Kallisto to the planet, Jirla returned just in time to stop Them committing a genocide of the beenu in order to make space for Elves and Highbears. An unknown character attacked Jirla gravely injuring him, allowing Phanto and Kallisto to attempt to finish him off. Alystasia managed to completely heal him and he used most of his life force to steal Phanto's Divinity allowing for Gram to peirce her back with his robotic wing, killing the once divine Elf. 

    The resulting magical fallout killed Dr Wren Beneviour and Alystia. Striken with grief after the loss of his most innocent daughter Jirla gave into the old gods becoming a simple black mask in exchange for his Alystasia's life.

    The campaign ends with the Beenu discussing what to do with Phanto's body and the mask. And leaving Kallisto to create the Elves and Highbears, imprinting them with false memories of a "Birth of Magic" and events before it that never truly happened.
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    Campaign 2:

    Name: The Beast of the Moor
    Basic Premise: a group of adventurers who have been employed by the the Whiteherd family to capture or kill the bandits who raided a trade caravan sent into Yil Moor, a swamp where a group of radicals have been exiled to after they attempted to assasinate Rohbear Leomaris.

    Players, Sondeo, Ceanox, Wattah, Niki.

    Derrick Micheals (Male, Dwelf) Played by Ceanox is a gambler from the 'Fun' mercenary group he lost everything including his soul in a bet and now is just working to get more money.

    Siven Maracus (Male, Keen) Played by Sondero. His elephelk was killed by the bandits who raided the caravan so hes here to avenge Franklin.

    Shelly (Porc) Played by Wattah was raised on a farm as a prize pig and tried to make a stew in a turtle shell, she escaped and fell into a porc pit growing really big and the shell got stuck on her, she was raised by turtles in a swamp and left after accidentally crushing some turtle eggs and is trying to stop the bandits eating turtles.

    Amessa (Female ,Elf) Played by Niki is an elf who body hops and stores the souls of her victims in her armour, the souls started escaping and tore her mind apart, shes nearly insane and has a donkey husband called Doorman.

    Bandits jumped the group and were swiftly dealt with. They interrogated the Blackboar and when he was about to say something important he and all the other bandit's head blew up. 

    Shelly got scared and accidentally knocked Siven into the bog where he was cut to pieces by Persicutters and destroyed the crunchodile bridge.

    The Donkey, Dorman was lured into the water and drowned by Allures.

    The remaining group got to the house and Derrick walked inside and found a small child called, Juilus MCcar and his dead parent who had small hole wounds on their necks. Derrick attempted to save them but ended up doing something that caused the bodies to explode. Killing Amessa but only her soul leaving someone or something else in control. Julius panicked and opened a fissure that. swallowed the house and the bodies.

    The group continued without Julius who ran away and came to a house where a Nisovin greeted them.
    He gave Amessa the book of equilbriums, a book that teaches people legendary spells, cleaned Shelly's spear revealing it to be a powerful weapon.

    He then made a cure for Derrick's curse which worked but caused him to double over in pain. This led to Shelly to use the power of the spear to kill nisovin who is later revealed to be a ytt.

    the now Aldevion shapeshifter, Amessa had become backed them into a corner. And picked up a lamp she found, releasing the Divine known as Xeros from his prison.

    They talk about making deals and trades but in the end Xeros made Derrick his servant and spared Shelly, using a powerful spell to wipe the last 2 days from their memories. 

    The Campaign ends with Shelly helping her newly created fake family and feeling sad after naming one Derrick.

  • Doorman is best boi
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    I see my name and I like that :D also Dart, noone  can beat Death herself!

    Edit: Also you missed the best line of the Whole Campaign: "Death came to the babies birth."
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