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Murlin's Season 4 Canon campaigns

I am doing a long set of campaigns over on the Urealms United server that will all take place in the same canon and i will be putting the events of each campaign as well as the characters here in order for future players to be able to read up on whatever happened in campaigns they were not in.


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    Campaign 1:

    Name: The time of Birds
    Basic Premise: 
    Jirla Light, a Sun Dragon, has finished creating his world and has began to populate it with creatures of all shapes and sizes including the players, the first Beenu.
    Players: Nikki, Sondero, Silver and Phil.

    The snakes were the first living creatures created followed shortly by Wren Beneviour (Male), Gram (Female) played by Sondero,Emile (Male) played by Silver, Death (Female) played by Phil, 
    Alystasia (Female) played by Niki.

    The first 4 Beenu were created but felt lonely so Jirla created Wren to keep them safe and guide them. They spent a few weeks learning from him about the world and how to survive before he left the realm for what he described as "Important Business"

    4000 years later Beenu civilization has flourished and has technology nearly on par with our own.

    Death has been training day and night for 4000 years to be able to best her father using the new weapon she created.

    Gram has been playing the political game and doing very well but has replaced many of her body parts with robotic replacements due to not trusting others medicine. 

    After Jirla left Alystasia became a carer and helped out anyone she could, she became known as "Mother Bird" she has a pet monkeyfish that she saved from a snake.

    Emile has been the mediator of the Beenu race and has stopped many wars that would have set the Beenu race back in their advancement, in his spare time he fishes, looks after animals and other such hobbies and animal husbandry mainly focusing on evolution.

    Dr Wren's Infinite power machine released a signal that brought Phanto and Kallisto to the planet, Jirla returned just in time to stop Them committing a genocide of the beenu in order to make space for Elves and Highbears. An unknown character attacked Jirla gravely injuring him, allowing Phanto and Kallisto to attempt to finish him off. Alystasia managed to completely heal him and he used most of his life force to steal Phanto's Divinity allowing for Gram to peirce her back with his robotic wing, killing the once divine Elf. 

    The resulting magical fallout killed Dr Wren Beneviour and Alystia. Striken with grief after the loss of his most innocent daughter Jirla gave into the old gods becoming a simple black mask in exchange for his Alystasia's life.

    The campaign ends with the Beenu discussing what to do with Phanto's body and the mask. And leaving Kallisto to create the Elves and Highbears, imprinting them with false memories of a "Birth of Magic" and events before it that never truly happened.
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    Campaign 2:

    Name: The Beast of the Moor
    Basic Premise: a group of adventurers who have been employed by the the Whiteherd family to capture or kill the bandits who raided a trade caravan sent into Yil Moor, a swamp where a group of radicals have been exiled to after they attempted to assasinate Rohbear Leomaris.

    Players, Sondeo, Ceanox, Wattah, Niki.

    Derrick Micheals (Male, Dwelf) Played by Ceanox is a gambler from the 'Fun' mercenary group he lost everything including his soul in a bet and now is just working to get more money.

    Siven Maracus (Male, Keen) Played by Sondero. His elephelk was killed by the bandits who raided the caravan so hes here to avenge Franklin.

    Shelly (Porc) Played by Wattah was raised on a farm as a prize pig and tried to make a stew in a turtle shell, she escaped and fell into a porc pit growing really big and the shell got stuck on her, she was raised by turtles in a swamp and left after accidentally crushing some turtle eggs and is trying to stop the bandits eating turtles.

    Amessa (Female ,Elf) Played by Niki is an elf who body hops and stores the souls of her victims in her armour, the souls started escaping and tore her mind apart, shes nearly insane and has a donkey husband called Doorman.

    Bandits jumped the group and were swiftly dealt with. They interrogated the Blackboar and when he was about to say something important he and all the other bandit's head blew up. 

    Shelly got scared and accidentally knocked Siven into the bog where he was cut to pieces by Persicutters and destroyed the crunchodile bridge.

    The Donkey, Dorman was lured into the water and drowned by Allures.

    The remaining group got to the house and Derrick walked inside and found a small child called, Juilus MCcar and his dead parent who had small hole wounds on their necks. Derrick attempted to save them but ended up doing something that caused the bodies to explode. Killing Amessa but only her soul leaving someone or something else in control. Julius panicked and opened a fissure that. swallowed the house and the bodies.

    The group continued without Julius who ran away and came to a house where a Nisovin greeted them.
    He gave Amessa the book of equilbriums, a book that teaches people legendary spells, cleaned Shelly's spear revealing it to be a powerful weapon.

    He then made a cure for Derrick's curse which worked but caused him to double over in pain. This led to Shelly to use the power of the spear to kill nisovin who is later revealed to be a ytt.

    the now Aldevion shapeshifter, Amessa had become backed them into a corner. And picked up a lamp she found, releasing the Divine known as Xeros from his prison.

    They talk about making deals and trades but in the end Xeros made Derrick his servant and spared Shelly, using a powerful spell to wipe the last 2 days from their memories. 

    The Campaign ends with Shelly helping her newly created fake family and feeling sad after naming one Derrick.

  • Doorman is best boi
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    I see my name and I like that :D also Dart, noone  can beat Death herself!

    Edit: Also you missed the best line of the Whole Campaign: "Death came to the babies birth."
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    Campaign 3: 
    Name: Error 404
    Basic Premise: Page Mills, a lady of the night has been reported missing, she is the latest in a long line of missing women in the city of Throhelt, several people have been sent letters telling them that if you can figure out whats going on and provide evidence to the Mayor, Mr Sil, they will be paid handsomely.

    Players. Fez, Sondero, Obi, Rein

    Clint Strumfork (Male Kobold) played by Sondero. A jungle Kobold comes from a tribe that live in trees, he is a detective that uses flora to gather information.

    Leroy Helgen (Male Beenu) played by Obi. A Beenu who is devoted to Jirla that pretends not to be a Beenu so he can live in regular civilisation, he crated his own armour to help disguise him and a pair of Harpy boots that let him fly without needing to use his wings. He specialises in enchantments.

    Thbanos Darkside (Male Dwarf) played by Fez. A bandit who keeps crime down in the city so that the law never gets too gung ho about arresting people.

    Jahire Sufile (Male Elf) Played by Rein. The local kook that is here to help everyone out for some reason known only to him.

    The group entered the rough part of the city and started investigating, finding out from the plants that the missing woman is with the other missing ladies confirming the suspicion that they were all connected. Then talking to Rodger Cane and his assistant Alyssa Messa but didnt want to hear his pitch about becoming the mayor.

    Leroy talked to the Gun seller kobold and found out he was with Page 2 night prior.

    Thbanos attempted to take over the mind of a bespectacled Blonde dwelf but instead became a vegetable after he was counterspelled.

    When Klint spoke to the kobold he found out his real name was Johnny Feo and they exchanged raven address.

    Leroy spoke with Gwenyth and found out she is also looking for missing people.

    Klint found out that the mayor is often at the local brothel and starts walking there. Jahire and Leroy returned the body of Darkside to his family.

    Klint found the mayor at the brothel and the mayor claimed not to know about any missing girls

    Jahire found ticket 404 that says "Thank you for your purchase of miss Page"

    The group entered the casino and asked around. Jahire and Leroy showed Mr King, the Owner of the casino and leader of the cities mafia. the ticket they had found. He immeditaly set off an alarm and escaped the building via a pitfall. The Murder Bros, who were hired by Mr King managed to subdue Klint and Leroy whilst Jahire escaped into he tunnel after Mr King.

    It is pressumed that Klint and Leroy joined the murder bros whilst Jahire was either killed or silenced by Mr King.
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    Campaign 4:
    Name: King's Men
    Basic Premise: members of the Throhelt mafia who are loyal to Mr King, are asked by Mr King to preform several tasks around the city.

    Players. Sondero, Niki, Wooks, Code

    Hagis Stabsalot (Male, Dwelf) played by Nikki, is a money collector who specialises in being discreet, before the mafia he was a hunter who lived alone, he met an injured momma lacerator called Stella and took her home and healed her and they became friends.

    Noria winkelfarr (Male, Kobold) played by Code, a kobold who's father trained him to be a hunter magician, when he died Noria was forced to go into town and tried to rob a bar, she was stopped by some mafia folks and was "convinced" to join the mafia

    Big Vin (Male, Kobold) played by Wooks, he was enslaved as a child and had horrible things done to him making him unable to grow. The mafia freed him and he joined them.

    Clint Strumfork (Male Kobold) played by Sondero. A jungle Kobold comes from a tribe that live in trees, he is a detective that uses flora to gather information. Since last time he has been getting along well with the murder bros, hes undergoing marksman practice from Johnny.
    Mr King asked them to collect his Slyvan Cigars, collect money from the shopkeeps, make sure everything is as it should be, then report back.

    they spent a couple minutes talking to the barkeep and then moved on after drinking a bit.

    The group collected the cigars swiftly and split up, Hagis, Nori and Stella went and collected money, as well as a loot box from Molly Moore and saw that Rodger Cane's stall was empty but found it suspicious. 

    Meanwhile Big Vin casted a haywire Mana shield on the box containing the box containing the Slyvain Cigars.

    They brought the cigars to Mr King without fault and he dispelled he magic on the box. Vin and Klint then returned to the rest of the group.

    The group met up, found a shotgun in the loot box and Noria went on break.

    They went to the stall and found Amessa behind it, they shot at her after she tried to cast a spell and she vanished into a wall.

    They returned to Mr King who had been speaking to Mr Cane, he gave them the task to kill the mayor to Cane can become mayor.

    Mr King tested Klint's loyalty and he failed, not wanting to kill his own plant, luckily Mr King ( and the old gods ) were willing to forgive him and Noria returned to the group to head to kill the mayor.

    The group entered the shack where the mayor spends alot of time, the group pyroblasted him killing him instantly revealing him to be a book person, a Believer, the book he left was a legendary spell book.

    Noria Winkelfar picked up the book and they went to head back to the mayor. However they were stopped by a strange samurai.

    Panicking for some reason Noria cast a Legendary Spell at Random summoning Kallisto. Kalisto turned Noria into a highbear before turning to face the samurai.

    The samurai drew his wooden blade and sliced her, cutting through her and breaking her ankh, she proceeded to curb stomp him and nearly kill him, he disappeared as Kalisto left taking the spell book with her. 

    The campaign ends with Klint walking out of the mafia, he died a few weeks later from too much magic in his body. The mafia gained even more power over the city with a highbear in its ranks. And finally Rodger Cane became mayor of the city.
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    Campaign 5:
    Name: Entity
    Basic Premise: The town of Midren has often been overlooked by most of the realm due to its poor economy and lack of excitement that is about to change, a sentient Ytt has entered the forest and the forest is reacting with hostility towards everyone.

    PT1 Players: Sondero, Niki, KJ

    Rorak Flint (Male, Kobold) played by Sondero, he grew up as a prankster, he wrote a LEWD book about Quintara Lotus, she found the book and she jokingly commented that everything in the book was true. As such people keep comming looking for him to ask him question he doesnt know the answer too, he nearby town, Samantha Fallow his sister and Yilma Fallow his nephew live in the town.

    Altra Pincushion (Keen, Female) played by Niki, she grew up in another town where she looked after her father's farm as he was old and her mother died young, she was accused of burning down a food cellar and was exiled she settled down in Midren, her cousin Alexandra Pincushion and her nephew Timmothy Pincushion eventually moved in with her.

    Sena Petra (Dwarf, Female) played by KJ, she grew up in the Blacksteel city of Florberg, her father was an expert enchanter, he had his own alchemical lab, there was an accident as her mother entered the lab to bring him food and they both perished in a massive explosion. She sells enchanted items cheaply becuase she doesnt really understand the value of her items. She left the city to come live in Midren with Altra ( and adventured with her ) 

    Rorak has the birds and the bees talk with Yilma, Sena and Altra saw Alexanadra being abuseive to her son, and talked about Sena getting a proper job.

    Rorak and Yilma went flower picking, agrovating some lacerators, which Sena, Altra and Rorak all killed.

    A Funguy entered the village was creepy for a bit and got decapitate but Altra.

    the villagers entered the forest to find the root of the disturbance they had been told about by the Funguy and ran into a group of beenu led by Molly Beneviour they were told about the ytt, then a group of paladins rushed into the clearing.

    Maylene (Female, Dwarf) played by Dart and ex noble and now member of the paladin order

    Parisa Mariel (Male, Elf) Played by played by Chris, one of the best healers in the paladin order.

    They managed to not get into combat with the beenu immediately, the Beenu went ahead to look for the ytt,

    the villagers were then asked a ton of question to them to try to make sure they were not ytts.

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    After asking the three villagers Captchar questions, a scientific process designed to capture Ytts, One of them decided to lie, thinking that the Captcher questions didn't prove that soemone was a Ytt. Instantly detecting the lie, Maylene, Inqusitor of the paladins, instantly aimed her Gun at Rorak and fired. After commotion about the shot, Maylene informed the villagers that their village is secondary to the capture of Reynold, the Ytt. While the other paladins were uncomfortble with this, none spoke out, and Rorak answered the Captchar correctly.

    Following these events, the paladins decided to try and rendezvous with the beenu to share ifnromation and resources. On the way, they encountered an Ogre guarding the bridge. While the paladins searched their documents for their bridge corssing warrants, Rorak made his way to the Ogre and tried to sell his book for passage. Upon seeing the book, the Ogre immediately jumped off the bridge and started drowning himself. His essence was later claimed in a Tattoo by one of Murlin's NPCs. 

    We then ran into Maylene's 20 year dead husband, Dan, fighting a tentacle monster. The party, empowered by a swiftness charm, rushed forward and dealt heavy blows to the surrounding tentacles, before a druggie ended up charming the creature. Maylene still wanted to deal a deathblow to the creature, but was shot down. Maylene then turned to Dan and punched him the face.

    Maylene was a Princess to the Dwarven Kingdom of Dragonswidth, and Dan was a detective who found out dark dealings within the kingdom, leading to Maylene Exiling herself in protest. Following this, she became a part of the Paladin Order, while Dan found a Documents between Mr King and the Elven King. Mr King found out however, and burned Dan alive in front of Maylene, to stop her rising against him. 

    Maylene was understandably suspicious, and after baiting Dan into revealing information he couldn't possibly know, the Ytt admitted he was caught, revealing himself as Reynauld. Reynauld was offered to go back peacefully, talk to the Grand Paladin, and be safe. However, Renauld refused, citing he would never go back. 

    Reynauld then slipped away from the oncoming spellfire, and copied Sena, before being bombarded with bullets and abilities. Reynauld tried to transform into other people, but he kept having trouble under all the attacks, until finally he tried to transform into Maylene, but something about Maylene caused him to stop, as Maylene then tackled him to the ground and in a joint effort with Parisa, had him magic handcuffed and complacent. The paladins then left, Reynauld in tow. 

    Sometime later, while the villagers were throwing a feast, Maylene came back to the village to help pay for the damage caused by the investigation onto the village, when she encountered Kallistos Claw, a master wizard, aiming 7 greater pyroblasts onto the village. Maylene questioned the orders, as the village was throuougly investigated and the Ytt captured, but was told to stand down. 

    Maylene, resigned to her orders, opened fire and almost stopped Rorak opening a portal to a meeting spot between him and Quintara, before a hero shellbug leapt out from his breast pocket. The portal wasn't enough to stop the Pyroblast, nor the bullets, as Rorak hismelf perished in his lover, Samantha's arms. 
  • @Dart that's like just from the paladins perspective but alright
  • @Dart @nikiduke
    I will accept this as the continuation due to the fact that I myself have had a hard time trying to word the rest of it. However as Niki said this is a Paladin Perspective instead of an impartial summary.
  • @Murlin22 ; Let's atleast mention the Ytts coming into town and Amessa
  • Ah yes, during the interval between the capture of the sentient Ytt the town was visited by a woman named Amessa, offering magic artefacts in exchange for the villagers pledging their allegiance to Xeros, a divine they had never heard of. A few villagers agreed but many more did not, most of those who did perished in the firestorm that came a few weeks later.
  • Murlin how dare you not talk about jahire punching a Hobo for his Bagel
  • Well, I wasn't there for the interval, and nor was my character
  • Masane dad the baddie? 
  • @Rein that run wasn't canon, right?
  • @Dart No look up at campaign 3 although its not stated my guy punched a hobo for his bagel
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