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Getting my friend started in URealms

Hey guys, I was talking to my friend and he said he'd be interested in watching some campaigns to get into the series. What are some important/really good ones that you think would be a good idea to tell him to watch? I think my first one was Den of Devils and that one really got me interested the series cause I personally thought it was a really good one. I was also thinking maybe the Fall of Dundinborough? Feel free to send me which ones you guys think would be really good for him to watch! I'll probably compile a couple to send to him


  • Woodcarvers, Tower of Ultimate Wizardry 2, Sandbolds, Sunswords, Silvermine Mountain. Those are 5 that are jump to my head right away.
  • I'd start him off with The Band of Thieves or The Sunswords.
  • the sandbolds is probably a good one because
    1. doesn't spoil anything important to my knowledge
    2. was a really good in role play
    3. gives a little bit in lore
    4. its very funny
  • Just hit them with that recap video and set them off into season 4. Unless they are really into watching a billion hours worth of content it's really not worth it.
  • @Grimdrome he wants to get his friend INTO urealms so he should probably see a good introductory campaign before watching the recap
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    @Revoltman Sandbolds also had child slavery which can be a turn off to a lot of people
  • @Grimdrome because what’s the point of watching a recap if your not even going to be into the series? 
  • @Revoltman Because the recap lets you know if it's something you will be interested in instead of wasting 8 hours of your life watching a campaign you ended up not liking. Then after the recap you watch the new season
  • @Grimdrome i assume if your getting someone into urealms you would tell them its a tabletop roleplay show right?
  • as far as previous campaigns, i'd say either murder bros or unexpected discovery because those two campaigns have direct sequel campaigns so if they enjoyed the first, they can see what happened afterward and the fact that it's all one big connected story is something I really enjoy in urealms so that would explain that side of the show pretty well.
    In all honesty though, i'd say the absloute best would be to have them come out to a live show since even if they don't understand all the lore, every campaign is kinda self-contained in its own way so that if it's your first time seeing the show, while you may not understand certain parts, you will be able to enjoy it nonetheless and things like the viewer participation through divine decisions really give the show a feel that you can't get through the YT videos
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