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MasterDJV's S4 "CLASSic" Expansion Vol. 1 (25 Classes, 10 Races)

edited August 2019 in Custom Expansions
Hello! I have finally gotten all of my classes in a comfortable Season 4 state and am ready to share them ALL here with you! I created many of these in early S3 and have added, updated, and created more as it progressed and even after S4 began! I like to think that I keep most of these simple with the Vanilla feel so anyone can easily understand and play any of these classes. I will, however, note that many of these were not originally created by me. However, I do feel that I have made enough changes to them (as well as at least updating them to S4 period) that I can share them here. I will be linking the original creator and their post by their respective Class though as they do deserve as much or likely more credit than I. I have also made a Tabletop Mod with all of these cards available in-game for your convenience (linked at the bottom).
Without further ado, we'll begin with the Classes:


Astrologian - A mage who studies and specializes in utilizing the celestial bodies. (By @macd4066 ;

Bruiser - A unique fighter who wields multiple Shields for defense and offense.

Channeler - A utility mage who summons Totems onto the Battlefield

Clown - A fun silly class similar to Bandito with Anytime shenanigans

Crossblade - The melee archer. Wielding their weapon, the mix between a sword and a crossbow!

Cyborg - The mechanical being. Enhanced with gnomish technology, you too can be a cyborg! (By @pitpatgoblin ;

Eclipsed - An Assassin for a secret organization.

EleMancer - The meta wizard. They cast Spells on Spells to warp their magic to their desire! (By @Razer ;

Explodier - The insane bomb wielding member of your party... just be careful around him.

Fashionista - A clothes visionary, Fashionistas work with their Scrooge companion at Right on the Bill™ to sell quality clothes to all!

Fate Sifter - These oracles seek to change their destiny through ritual and practice

Geminite - A Gemling Minion master. Summon swarms of gems and bounce your Spells around!

Hatezen - A Dragon Ball inspired Class where you power up and fuel your anger into your attacks

Hexxer - A Curse/Blessing class where you apply affects to Characters during and out of combat

Legion - A flaming warrior. Set yourself on fire and prepare to deal massive damage! (by @Kadriaz ;

Marauder - The seafaring, tentacle-armed, Basic Attacking pirate! (by @rat ; who was inspired by @JackOfTheFlames ;

Mathemancer - Yeah, Urealms was made to take math out of D&D, so we decided to add it back in! (Its not as bad as it sounds lol, trust me) (by @macd4066 ;

Pastiche - an OG Bard on steroids. This copy-cat steal/make your class is the playwright's dream!

Peasant - An underpowered class for a lower-powered campaign (hopefully). You normally wouldn't put this in the class deck, you would just pick it for your players for a specific campaign.

Its just 6 of these lol /\
Primentalist - The Avatar of Fire, Ice, and Earth. This elementalist specializes in an element and talent of their own choosing. (by @JaxOh1 ;

Ravager - You become a beastly Goro and absolutely PUMMEL anyone in your path with each and every arm. Or just rip them limb from limb...

Rock Master - Yup, that simple. You have rocks... and you throw them. Its fun though! You can bounce them and stuff! (by @Razz ;

Scorcher - A Classic wizard harnessing the power of steam. Like a locomotive you use steam for a variety of purposes from Burning Foes to purging Allies.

Smuggler - A common crook, stealing from both the Shopkeep and other characters. Call in the Gang if you can afford it! (by @kunaiknife452 ;

(Hitman will be updated once Rob reintroduces Mercenary Companions to Urealms)

And Finally Webweaver - A Spider/Web themed class. Coat the Battlefield in Webs and Poison to weaker your Foes and hatch your 8-legged friends!


Now it is time for the races! I'll be sure to also share the inspiration for these cards as several are pretty much straight rips from other creators. Those I really just want to share here so they get more attention as I feel they deserve it!

Azveltarian - Exactly as Rob created it for S4. (Just imported into TTS to be played.)

Beenu - How are they alive? IDK, but they love to tinker! (by @rat ;

Fluffbold - They fluffy, and they got Double Dice! What more could you want? (by @Gloryddd ;

Gnoll - They were originally just skilled Ice mages. However, I made them more Elemental/Natural so their Racial is more accessible. 

Goblin - The Greenskin pair is back and ready for more confusing 2 character business! (by @rat ;

Gobolf - The bony creatures of the realm are great for a lil' theiv'n! (by @rat

Hobgoblin - Masters of Chaos, Hobgoblins could lead to a great game or a miserable few hours. You down to gamble?

Shzaite - Masters of Melee, these strong women are handy with a sword, axe, or anything really. (by @pitpatgoblin ;

Snowbold - These Icy Kobolds have been by Yvander so long they're Immune to practically everything short of Death!

Talladillo - These unique Humanoid Armadillos are rolling around at the speed of sound.


And that is all the Classes and Races! You can find them imported in-game in the mod linked below if you are interested! (Or in the Imgur Album in the spoiler below if you are curious)
In the future, I will be updating this with custom Legendaries, Treasures, ETC as I update the rest of my S3 CC to S4. But only time will tell. (Also including any new Classes/Races I may make)

If you have any suggestions/feedback for these Classes/Races, or want to suggest Classes that you/others have made for S3 that you'd like to see updated to S4, feel free to share here!
(If I missed crediting any Classes/Races please let me know. I've been using some of them so long I may have forgotten that I didn't originally create them.)

Here is the Tabletop Mod with all the cards imported and scripted for your convenience. I would love to see them played in others' games! (They do 

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"

Enjoy! (I hope to everything that there aren't any typos lol)


  • I feel like with the racial buffs tarnadillo falls a bit short - Every Race was buffed/compenstated except tarnadillo, i'd buff the gold a bit personally
  • @Dart it t'was buffed. A small but significant buff. It used to say double your spaces with your Move Actions. Now its just whenever you move.
    That means Raskum Claws, Burning Blaze Slice, Speed of Light, etc are all moving double now.
  • Oh hey, I forgot I made that class! Glad to see it will be getting some use! Good job keeping the spirit of the rock master with your changes!
  • ill need to check out the new version of my class, see how it stacks up...but i sitll need tyour help finsihing the s3 version! ;P

  • @JaxOh1 Hey DJ went and finished it for you! V2, just for you! And for the people he made it for, it's quite strong! Hope you enjoy it
  • Lots of cool stuff you have here. Nice to see some of my old stuff being used as inspiration for fun ideas.
  • but @dart that was his revamp w/o my approval or imput, so doesnt count, exspecially when i had other ideas for some of it

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