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The Origin of Gnomes (Canon) (Maybe)

Gather 'round boys, girls, and everything else, for I am now going to tell you about the true origins of the Gnomes. 

Once upon a time, Gnomes used to be statues which were used to protect gardens by warding off evil creatures. Thor was at a party one day and came stumbling out of the house drunk and proceeded to barf all over a few garden gnomes, bringing them to life. Thor then proceeded to do this about 5 more times as he waddled his way home, eventually creating a small population.

This is totally now the canon answer to the gnome's origin. Believe me. Don't tell rob I said that, he will disagree.


  • Cant wait for the Urealms version of Gnomeo and Juliet
  • I made My own The Origin of Gnomes Theory thread long ago, it got many comments and likes But in the end it was all in vain. Becose Rob and DB thinks it is fun That they don’t Have a Origin! So now thats the case, No Origin No past, ”sniff sniff” makes Me cry evry time, such a waist. 
  • That might be the thing we could use to make characters realize they are in a show. We don't know the gnomes origin, not because it's hidden but because they don't have one. Easy for an Old God because you can just have them be there, but if any one looks into it too much it will just not make sense.

    Much how like in a (non canon) lore stream, rawb said that (non canon) super intelligent walruses would figure out their life is a lie because they would notice the discrepancies over the universe.
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