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Quintara Lotus Poster & Pillow question

So, I really want to buy these. (You can see them here and here while they're still on teespring)

Though it says they're only available for a couple days. I think on the stream Rob mentioned they would be put on the URealms website shortly after. I can't buy them until my next paycheck. Is this a limited time buy-it-now or forever hold your wallet type deal? If anyone knows, give me a shout :) Thanks!


  • The items in the store always come back immediately, those deadlines are only for the batches really. It's not limited. :)
  • edited July 2019
    Thanks Megan :) awesome! Feel free to close this. P.S. this is Cloudlive from patreon. 10/10 gothic map and yes king maps!!
  • @Cloud Thank-you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying all the maps :smile: 
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