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Theory Time: Possible Bopen Origin?

Alright, so I'm writing this as the premiere of season 4 is happening, and well I don'g know if anyone's proposed this idea before, and if someone has sorry for the inadvertent plagiarism. Spoilers for season 4 premiere!!!!

Okay so we know Bopen loves gold, and he seemingly has some need for it, or so he's claiming. Of course when he stopped time he seems fine, but what if he actually isn't. What if his powers really are waning due to lack of gold.

If we assume this to be true, then we have to ask why? My answer, Bopen is gold. Specifically he is that weird gold monster golem thing from Fall of Dundinborough. Basically I'm guessing that when that creature absorbed enough gold, it gained gold like powers.

But why look like a skeleton and name itself Bopen? The story book. The prince was a massive fan of the story. What if the golem kept hearing that story, and decided to take that form. It would have the magic to do so. Gold is magic, and look at that vault. Presumably if it gained the ability to convert that gold into pure magic, it could theoretically abandon its corporeal form and posses whatever it wants in a form akin to what happened with Ladrian Cobbler. Now I'm not calling Bopen a wraith, just establishing that things like this can happen.

So assuming that all of this could happen, I would guess that all of this magic would need something to latch onto. That's where the prince's, and latter Bopen's, golden sword comes in. The golden golem's magic attached to the sword, possessing it and using it as a focal point for his existence. 

He then used some of the magic that makes up his being, to posses the bones of the royal family, and bases his existence off the story he heard read in that castle a million times.

I feel like this theory makes sense, and it explains a lot. Like how Bopen can completely control his sword, how he can survive his skull getting crushed, why he can just absorb gold, why nobody knows which god created him, and why he doesn't seem like a regular ageless.

So I'm probably wrong about this, but I thought it was a neat idea, and if anyone has thoughts on this I'd love to hear them.
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